Thursday, August 9, 2012


Recent torrential rains have caused a lot of damage and difficulties to a lot of people. While most automatically, students and government employees get their classes and offices suspended due to heavy rains and floodings, employees in the private sector are then left at the mercy of their employers. Moreso the BPO  and call centers which were even quoted as not to follow the Malacanang Order of suspension.

The big question we want to post is that are people working from the private sectors waterproof? I guess not. I did not recall any questions during pre-employment interviews about being waterproof or being able to swim. The difficulty the past few days was there was no explicit announcements. It always lies down to one's perspective - one's decision. Employees of course are wary that if they don't show up to work, sanctions or penalties might be incurred moreso in the BPOs and call centers front. But isn't it the safety of the employees that is first? Come to think of it, will they be held accountable if anything bad happens to the people while trying to go to the office?

Never mind the hazard pay or the overtime incentive. That should be automatic in times of these but the real concern here is safety. While some houses may not be flooded, it is however the streets on the way to the office that is impassable. Man, we are not waterproof.

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