Monday, January 30, 2012


1. Bruno Mars (Last Year: 1)
2011 has been a very big year with Bruno with successful singles one after the other (The Lazy Song and It Will Rain), he even stepped it up with a collaboration with Eminem (Bad Meets Evil) entitled "Lighters" which was a huge hit worldwide. And this popstar made his presence felt even more in the Philippines where he traces his roots with endorsements for local clothing line Bench.

2. Justin Bieber (Last Year: 3)
Justin continues to conquer the pop world much with his moves and his catchy tunes. He upped the soul vibe a bit with his collab with Chris Brown (Next To You). His relationship with Selena Gomez is constantly one of the hottest items in the news. Later in 2011, he released a Christmas album from which his hit "Mistletoe" came from.

3. Chris Brown (New Entry)
After a downwards 2010 much with the controversial break-up with Rihanna, Chris has found a rebound in 2011. With the success of his new album specially his collaboration with Justin Bieber for Next 2 You, he sure is back in the limelights.

4. Eminem (Last Year: 2)
The Real Slim Shady keeps on doing great music and 2011 was no exception. His reunion with Royce to once again rebuild Bad Meets Evil was equally a success. They released a single, "Lighters" from which they were joined by popstar Bruno Mars.

5. Pitbull (New Entry)
Pitbull did several collaborations this year but 2 stood out among the rest - "Give Me Everything" and the highly infectious and danceable track "On The Floor" with Jennifer Lopez. He has performed several shows with J.Lo much to the delight of fans.

6. Usher (Last Year: 5)
Usher was also busy in 2011 much with his collaborations with some of the great artists in the music industry. His best in 2011 was "Without You' with David Guetta.

7. Kanye West (New Entry)
Controversial singer song-writer Kanye made a big gamble in 2011 and it did paid off in some ways. He released a new album but this time it's a co-album with another music giant Jay-Z. Their song "Otis" was well received by critics although the song did not really hit it big with the fans.

8. Scotty McCreery (New Entry)
American Idol Season 10 winner Scotty landed in our top 10 not for being the best selling Idol of all time. But even with that, his debut album "Clear As Day" managed to top the Billboard album charts at the time it was released making him in the company of Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Carrie Underwood and Daughtry as the only Idols to have a No.1 album.

9. David Archuleta (Last Year: 6)
David Archuleta is venturing into new places and by places I mean country. Yes, you bet, David is now in the Philippines and has been eagerly anticipating his TV project with TV5 which is up for release in 2012.

10. Lil' Wayne (New Entry)
With a monster hit "How To Love" on his sleeve in 2011, no one seems to be stopping Lil' Wayne from making big hits again. His album "The Carter IV" topped the albums chart when it was released.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


One of the best things to do in this world is eat and with a very fast paced world we are in, fast food chains have been a big hit to the working class. Here are the food chains that I so love in 2011.

1. Bon Chon Chicken
This fast food chain just hit the Philippines shore in 2011 and man I was mesmerized and quickly got hooked. The chicken were just tasty and oh so great. And you can choose their 2 flavors of spicy and garlic. And they have some other nice food on their menu from their burgers, chapchae, fries, calamari and a whole lot more. But for meat loving dudes and dudettes, you can choose from their wings, chops, drumsticks and thighs. Truly delectable.

2. KFC
KFC has been a consistent favorite on my list. Moreso with their evolving menu in the past year. Their chicken remains to be one of the best may it be Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy. And 2011 saw some great food additions to their entree. The twister family just became bigger with California Maki and their Fish  flavors. Their BBQ Rods was back and instantly became hit again. One sterling addition to their menu is the Double Down which has Original Recipe and Hot And Crispy as well. Truly a mouth-watering feast.

3. Jollibee
Truly Pinoy! That's what makes Jollibee close to my heart. And aside from that their food is really nice as well. Their Chicken Joy is still among the best in town. I liked several innovations on their menu as well like the flavored fries - Sour Cream specifically and their sulit 39ers. Kids and adults alike love Jollibee and so am I.

4. Greenwich
Of all the fast food chains that really cater on pizza and pasta, Greenwich is perhaps the most pocket-friendly. And that does not make them lesser in taste. I practically love their lasagna among any others. I also love their meat overload and hawaiian variants.

5. World Chicken
It was only in 2010 that I got to first taste World Chicken and since then I just keep on loving them. Their menu of chicken with your choice of sauce and 2 sidings was really a delight to hungry people just like me. I personally like their cheese or mushroom sauce. As for the sidings, all their rice were wonderful and for the pasta, the best for me is their pesto.

6. McDonald's
McDo is one of the fast food chains that have been in my list for the past few years. There's a certain difference in the way their burger tastes in compared to the others. Also I certainly love their chicken nuggets which is so wonderful with their barbeque sauce. Another great thing about McDonald's is their wonderful collection of toys with their Happy Meals.

7. Chowking
Chinese food at a reasonable price. Chowking is one of the alternative fast food chains out there. While all the rest focus on burgers, pastas and fries, Chowking goes Oriental. Their mix of soups, lauriat plates and dimsums are sure hits in my belly. I specifically like their Orange Chicken and Beef Broccoli.

8. Kenny Roger's
When it comes to roasted chicken, one of the best out there is Kenny Roger's. Their meal is a great set to start with. Aside from their roasted chicken which now comes with Honey Roasted flavor, the most enjoyable parts are the sidings. Personally I am so much in love with Mac & Cheese and Potatoes in Chives. Plus their sandwiches are also good to try.

9. Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut is just a place to have wonderful pizza experience, may it be thin crust or thick crust. Here are some of the flavors that truly stand out - Premium All Meat, Bacon Cheeseburger, Meat Lovers and Super Supreme. Wow, and if it isn't enough, you can stuff crust your pizza. Choose between stuffed cheese or stuffed sausage and you've got a treat.

10. Burger King
BK Mushroom Swiss is one of the things that keep me coming back to Burger King. And aside from that their seemingly huge serving of fries and drinks would put you into full status. And their Whopper and Whopper Jr. is just as tasty. And they have free wi-fi on most of their stores and charging stations. Now that would come handy.

Monday, January 23, 2012


2011 have been a year of good teleseryes and it is evident by my list as the top 4 in my list were all teleseryes and all are Kapamilyas.

1. 100 Days to Heaven
Perhaps no one did not know who Anna Manalastas is thanks largely to a wonderful show that imparts great values to everyone. "100 Days to Heaven" was simply a cut above the rest. It separates itself from others in a way that there were several guest appearances from big names in the biz and the story was just wonderfully woven into the main plot. Aside from that, the acting side was just tremendous from Jodi Sta. Maria up to Coney Reyes who was believable both as an evil one and a kind one. Xyriel Manabat again showed she is the cream of the crop in the kids category. Effortless.

2. Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin
A powerhouse cast and a strong storyline is what made viewers love MLKI. And no one could deny the fact that Coco Martin was simply great in his portrayal of his role. The girls were also good with Andi Eigenmann and Maja Salvador. But one of the best performances from this series is that of Amy Austria who shined above the rest of the veterans.

3. Mara Clara (Last Year: 6)
Mara Clara was in the charts a year ago for putting 2 unfamiliar teen stars into greatness and fame. And after that story we have loved became even more endearing to all of us. A wonderful story base and a great cast was what it boasts of. No one could forget the performances of Gina Pareno and more so Jhong Hilario. No one could beat them out in their timeslot.

4. Budoy
Many thought that after his love team separation with Kim Chiu, his career would flounder but he proved everybody else wrong. Gerald Anderson was so wonderful in his performance as a retard in the touching series "Budoy". Many have been engaged with the series plot and you could hear almost everyone say "Ako, Budoy!"

5.  Gandang Gabi Vice
Vice Ganda truly revolutionized locel TV viewing with his wit and comic timing. After Showtime and his blockbuster films, Vice conquered Sunday evenings with his own show "Gandang Gabi Vice". Truly hilarious and witty.

6. Eat Bulaga (Last Year: 7)
The longest running noon-time show has really something to it. Up to now, it still packs with fun and goodness. Eat Bulaga has been a part of the regular routine of Filipinos giving laughter, hope and assistance. The trio of Tito, Vic and Joey still reigns supreme. Truly the royalties of Philippine television.

7. Amaya
GMA 7 released what they call as an epic serye in the form of Amaya. Starring GMA's primetime queen Marian Rivera, it has been touted as one of the few shows being advised by DePed to be watched by students. It is packed with historical presence combined with some mysteries and fictional characters.

8. Talentadong Pinoy (Last Year: 8)
TV5 has had some challenges in the past few months and yet "Talentadong Pinoy" remains to be on top of the game. With host Ryan Agoncillo at the helm, it continues to showcase different Filipino talents, not just singing and dancing. The format remains to be consistent and not dragging for the audiences.

9. Showtime (Last Year: 2)
ABS-CBN's long running pre-lunch time show has been on the air for quite some time but there are no signs of slowing down. Now packed with additional hosts Billy Crawford and Karylle, the Showtime family just became stronger, funnier and better. The deluge of talent shows in the country just goes to show that Filipinos are really talented individuals.

10. The Bottomline with Boy Abunda
With accolades not just in the country but overseas as well, Boy's show has been part of late night viewing of some Filipinos. Spicy, feisty and yet with brains and wit. The show pushes envelopes to some unchartered territories but does it with taste and intellect.

Friday, January 20, 2012


My foreign TV viewing have been changed for the past year but there were 3 shows from last year that still keeps me glued on the TV screens. Here are the Top 10 TV shows/series that made my viewing pleasure one of the best ever.

1. The Kitchen Musical (New Entry)
Although this is largely seen on Asia only, I applaud this series for becoming a very well-conceptualized kitchen musical. The story has brevity and depth and the characterization was well played. Another good thing is the obvious presence of Filipino talent in this show with the leads Karylle and Christian Bautista showing the world that they can sing very well. A magnificent plate of wonderful servings for TV. Genuine!

2. The Voice (New Entry)
Reality talent searches are abound in 2011 but I was only hooked with "The Voice". The idea of having to audition while the judges were looking back is tantamount that this is real a vocal competition from the get-go. And with vibrant and talented judges CeeLo Green. Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5's Adam Levine, the show was truly one of the best of 2011.

3. Criminal Minds (New Entry)
I sort of got tired in 2010 of crime-related series but for 2011 I simply got hooked with 2 and the first one is Criminal Minds. Solving cases was never this great. The series lets one go into what is really inside a criminal's head and from there try to outwit and outdo him to get the culprit.

4. Supernatural (Last Year: 2)
Supernatural remains to attract me with their intense fight scenes and good stories. Although 2011 has seen some ho-hums episodes, still who can resist the idea of two hunks Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in your boob tubes?

5. Two and a Half Men (New Entry)
Comedy 2 1/2 Men was all abuzz in 2011 with the renegade Charlie Sheen being booted out and Ashton Kutcher pitching in for the series. The comedy is still as high and it just got more controversial.

6. Terranova (New Entry)
Never mind if critics consistently pan Terranova. For me, I truly enjoy the ride. The idea of getting into a different world of extraordinary proportions seems to interest me. Maybe because there are things in the current world that is so cruel.

7. America's Next Top Model (Last Year: 10)
This year saw the lowest ratings for ANTM but I got hooked at some point to this new season. Seeing Filipino fashion icon Michael Cinco dress some of the models was just surreal. That makes me proud to be a Filipino. The challenges were also upped a level this time around. Some of the contestants bore me to death but there were notable ones who deserve the crown.

8. A Minute To Win It (New Entry)
Reality show at its fastest pace. A catchy title helped this show to gain audiences and let us think if we can actually shine in just a minutes time. Contestants do almost anything just to win it all.

9. Glee (Last Year: 1)
Last year's champ failed to impress in 2011. Although there were bright spots in the course of its airing this year, there were episodes that we can almost pass on. One controversial leap for the show was to put focus on the gay relationship between Kurt and Blaine (Chris Colfer and Darren Criss). That is commendable showing to us that we are all equal in love.

10. NCIS (New Entry)
NCIS is the second crime scene type series I loved in 2011. What makes it likeable is that its leads show human sides and we can see that they are also vulnerable. The challenge of solving the crime makes more interesting when combined with personal issues and conflicts.


1. Mars Needs Mom
This Disney film was doomed from start to finish. Never have I experienced such pain in watching a film. Of all the Disney films/cartoons, this one is never intended for children. With a seemingly odd plot and horrendous drawings, this is definitely the biggest miss in 2011.

2. Spy Kids: All The Time In The World
Bringing up a new film on an ailing franchise without new or interesting script or story is suicide. Even if some of the original cast graced this 4th Spy Kids film. this was a dud in most aspects. Maybe it's time to end the series while we can still remember the goodness of the original.

3. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son
Another one of those sequels which failed real big time. In the first place, I never had any idea that this project was even greenlighted. The comic side was still there but the story was just bland and the sequences were quite dragging. Hope they learned their lesson. No more Mommas.

4. Larry Crowne
When you have two big stars like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, it spells certified hit - well at least in the 90's. But these years, even the best elements of the 2 could not save a boring and dragging story that seems to lack interest.

5. The Big Year
Another film that seemed like it's destined for success was "The Big Year" until it bombed at the box-office. And with great comedians Owen Wilson, Steve Martin and Jack Black, you could never go wrong or maybe they have. The inability of the film to showcase the true talents of the 3 actors were evident as some of the lines were half funny and not too intellectual. The chemistry side of the actors were also amiss as it seems they try to outshine each other.

6. Scream 4
And the mixed fortune for franchises continue. Once dominant suspense flick Scream gets its 4th installment in 2011 with the core cast returning and a bunch of new "Screamettes" on hand. But the story became as predictable as it is and there were more frills than frights. It failed to scare and make people scream.

7. Conan The Barbarian
This film was not bad as it seems but when you try to compare it with the original, it looked like sub-standard. The scenes were all too dark and the lead actor Jason Momoa lacked strong screen presence to command audiences to take part in his world. The story was good but the acting was just not good. It could have been better.

8. Zookeeper
Like 2010 when we have an animal flick as one of the worst, this year also takes the same route with "Zookeeper". I don't have much to say but boring, boring and boring. Animal films used to be pleasing but this one just flat out bombed.

9. Cowboys and Aliens
Touted and marketed as one of the sure-fire hits of 2011, the film actually did well in the box-office but despite that I never truly enjoyed the film. I just find it indifferent to see aliens and cowboys together - just don't mix. And most of the scenes were just too impossible to be true. Even with powerhouse Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig on the front, they could not save much of the film.

10. New Year's Eve
They did follow "Valentine's Day" which also landed as one of the worst from last year. But the difference this time around is that aside from being critically bombarded, New Year's Eve also bombed at the tills failing to match Valentine's appeal. And like its predecessor, there were nice stories but with the number of big stars in the film, they were never able to shine.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Local movie industry have a new found life in 2011 thanks largely to a barrage of wonderfully crafted indie films. There were only few films but most of them are good enough to watch. Here is my top 10 Filipino movies in 2011 that touched my heart, made me smile and gave me great feelings.

1. In The Name of Love
Aga Muhlach, Angel Locsin and Jake Cuenca formed part on one of the bigger hits of 2011. This did not end as the top-grossing movie of the past year but for me it still is the number one movie of 2011. What worked well is the element of surprise. The story has us drawn too much to what it wants us to believe that when the reality came out, all the viewers were just plain surprised. The leads gave commendable performances as well with the support cast most notable Carmi Martin and Ryan Eigenmann. The theme song was well fit to the movie and was wonderfully performed by Gary Valenciano. Truly a gem of a film.

2. No Other Woman
This movie was never pictured as a blockbuster hit but alas it has become the Number 2 film of the year and of all-time. The sensitive issue of womanizing and love affair outside marriage was carefully tackled and was perfectly portrayed into the film by Director Ruel Bayani. Derek Ramsay did well in his acting chops so as Cristine Reyes was effective in transforming from a helpless housewife to a fierce woman. Carmi Martin's character was one of the most memorable as her lines have drawn cheers and applause in the cinemas. And of course Anne Curtis as the other woman was just superb. The emotions she have shown can be truly felt. Just wonderful pieces of acting.

3. Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank
One of the gems of indie film making in 2011 was "Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank". Hailed as the Philippines official entry to the Academy Awards, this indie is one that surely packs a lot of punch. The unique storytelling was evident that keeps audience as linked as they can be with the characters of the story. Eugene Domingo again showed how brilliant she truly is. Wonderful!

4. Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot Si Remington
This unique indie comedy film surely did a lasting impression to most of the people. Tackling one of the delicate topics in the society - homosexuality and turning it into satire was wonderfully done by the writers and carefully represented by the director. A very sterling performance of lead actor Marin Escudero as the confused/gay Remington really set the film apart. Add the supporting cast of Eugene Domingo and Roderick Paulate and you've got a jackpot. Horror, fantasy and comedy combined, this film also made a mark with its dialogues specifically that "ispirikitik" thing. A winner!

5. Who's That Girl
Another comedy and another film with Eugene Domingo. Combined with Anne Curtis and Luis Manzano, this film perfectly fits as one of the funniest of the year. It's hilarious to see Eugene and Anne look like odd people as they try to portray their roles to the best. Not much depth of a story base but I don't know, I just plain enjoyed it.

6. Enteng Ng Ina Mo
The latest addition to 2 big MMFF franchises - Enteng Kabisote and Tanging Ina was destined to be a blockbuster behemoth. And it did not disappoint in terms of fun level as well. The way the worlds were combined together was good enough to make you believe both worlds exist. As usual Vic Sotto and AiAi Delas Alas were both great so as with Eugene Domingo who only have few moments in the film but all so memorable.

7. Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa
The third indie film in my list is also one that tackles with homosexuality but delivered in a subtle yet intimate way. Jean Garcia was joined by 2 young actors Rocco Nacino and Paulo Avelino as they try to discover the conflicts of each relationship they are in. As the title suggests dancing with two left shoes will never be easy so as they discover. Seeing fresh talents in the movies is a breath of fresh air.

8. Catch Me, I'm In Love
After the fallout of a 3rd Sarah-John Lloyd film, Star Cinema did some experimenting with Sarah and Gerald and they did master a hit. The on-screen chemistry of the two seemed believable that many viewers felt in love and got engaged with the story. Sweet yet realistic, the film was simple yet good enough to let viewers fall in love.

9. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
If you're looking for a heavy drama, then you're in for the ride with this movie. With a powerhouse cast that includes veterans Maricel Soriano and Gabby Concepcion and young brooding actors Jericho Rosales, Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe and many more, this film is destined to be a full house. The story may be a bit too much but still each character was given their rightful time to shine. The way the characters were represented were brilliant showing that drama is really a Filipino forte.

10. Ikaw Ang Pag-ibig
This film may have not the commercial success as the others in this list but for sure this one is a film with substance. From the helm of acclaimed director Marilou Diaz-Abaya, this film focuses on the inner Catholic in all of us. It shows us that there are things we can;t change but we have to accept wholeheartedly. We are reminded that once we believe in Him we will never fail. Marvin Agustin and Ina Feleo were brilliant in this film. Also a tearjerker.


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