Sunday, January 5, 2014


2013 also saw a slew of words that caught netizens like flu. We count down the trending words that created buzz in the past year.

1. Selfie
Perhaps the most used of all buzz words in 2013 was "Selfie". This is the act of taking pictures of one's self. The thing here is using one's mobile phone or android or tablet, one could easily upload their pictures to the countless networking sites abound - facebook, instagram, twitter and wechat to name a few.

2. Throwback
Making a big splash in the net is throwback which loosely refers to pictures of the past posted in the present thus the term #Throwback Thursday. For others it was pure reminiscing, for some it is something to throw back. Just hope people get it right though, for me, pics taken a month ago isn't considered a throwback yet.

3. Pag Me Time
Gym, gym; Work work; Tulog tulog are some words that were usually added to "Pag me time" phrase insuating that people should be doing those stuff more often.

4. Paki-explain
When people post things on FB that are sometimes quite absurd or people don't understand thus the birth of Paki-explain.

5. Na-Janine
When Janine Tugonon guested in Kris TV admitting in national television that she and her bf who was also a guest of the show have already broken up, people associated her with the act of breaking people's hearts. "Ikaw, na-Janine ka na rin ba?"

6. Hashtag
Hashtag became extra famous this year with twitter and later on FB as well. This is used to start a phrase or word to enable exclusive trending in the web.

"Outfit of the Day" - short and simple. :) Fashionistas use and misuse this on their daily posts.

8. Wow, big word!
Relating to Sarah G's words in the movie "It Takes A Man and A Woman", this is actually to give emphasis on the word trust as the main issue on the film's plot. People use it afterwards to emphasize other things such as love etc...

9. Cronut
This is the combination of two well loved pastries of Filipinos - croissant and doughnuts. Yummy.

10. Sorry Po
Chichay made this line famous in the series "Got to Believe" and has been an instant hit to every young teens out there, well not to mention even the adults.


There were a lot of things said and a lot of quotable quotes that rocked our nation in the past year. Truly Philippines has the history of creating quotes/phrases into something that people easily utter and remember.

1. "I can buy you, your friends and this club." - Anne Curtis
- Although these words have been later on said to be not really uttered by Anne (Re: Phoemela Baranda), a lot of people still used these words as joke in their daily conversations if they want to tell people how rich they are.

2. "Di ko po alam" - Janet Napoles
- The Pork Barrel Scam has really hit the country like a storm and the said mastermind to the whole story Janet Napoles has been in headlines not just for her supposed wrongdoing but also for the everything she says or not say in Senate.

3. "I invoke my right to self-incrimination." - Janet Napoles
- And truly she has been one of the news makers of 2013. She lands herself twice in the quotable quotes list for the past year. This time in English my dear friends.

4. "Basta ‘wag lang manghihingi sa amin ang mga tao." - Lani Mercado
- Her utter dismay in the then plans to scrap pork barrel seems to have backfired against Lani. Her words became an instant hit among netizens and have somehow doused her sincerity in helping people.

5. "Psychopathic hypersexualized serial womanizer." - Miriam Defensor Santiago
- One of the my most loved senators have really gone on warzone with her senate nemesis Juan Ponce Enrile. Her all-English statement describing the ex-Senate President was another instant hit in the web just like her punch lines/jokes during her speeches. Fierce indeed.

6. "We've already talked about Lea." - Anne Hathaway
- Anne Hathaway's interview with Ricky Lo created much buzz as she seemed irritated with the constant questions and comparisons of the host/journalist with her performance in Les Miserables with that of great Filipina Lea Salonga.

7. "Panira ka ng araw.: - Arnold Clavio
- During one of Arnold's interview in Unang Hirit, the host/news anchor seemingly lost his cool while failing to get any info from Lawyer Alfred Villamor, counsel of Janet Napoles. His actions were later on reprimanded by MTRCB and did gain a lot of duhs from the netizens.

8. "Ms. Sanchez is welcome to go there...her husband is the interior minister; I’m sure she could arrange a flight." - Anderson Cooper
- The word war against ABS-CBN anchor Korina Sanchez and CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper just blew out of proportions and have raised eyebrows from a lot of people. Cooper's final words were directed against Sanchez and her husband Mar Roxas.

9. "You don't do that to me." - Willie Revillame
- TV host Willie blew his horns once more during one episode of his now defunct show in TV5.

10. “It’s funny! It’s flattering. I never thought I’d reach the point that I’d get called ‘hot mama.’ Ang tawag sa akin nuon, hot siopao!” - Judy Ann Santos
- Funny but true. Juday said this on one of her interviews. She never fails to critique her past appearance which makes her very likeable.

Friday, January 3, 2014


This early, plan your year ahead as an official list of Philippine Holidays for 2014 has already been released. See which months you can go out of the country or possibly tour the nation. Here's to a blessed 2014 to everyone. Cheers for the New Year!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


2013 may be the year I failed to watch some of the fashion events in the metro but still these people remain close to my heart. The fashion designers and fashion people I have met through the years and those that remain friends. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to seeing you again this 2014. Cheers.

Uly - thanks for continuously being in touch. You are one of the best people I have known in the designer field. I am truly looking forward to seeing more of you and your shows this 2014. Have a great year ahead and stay as nice and friendly as you are.

Nico - it has been months since I last saw you but hopefully we could chat again this year. Thanks for all the invites on your shows and all I could wish for is the best in your career. Have a blessed and glorious 2014 ahead of you.


As I continue my journey to the land of photography, I have met new models and have made new friends. To these select few that have been nice and wonderful, here's to a better 2014 to all of us. I am very grateful to have known all of you. Let's keep in touch and all be merry this new year.

JP, Benz, Albert, Bobby, Micko, Jon, Winston and Max - Happy 2014 to all of you!

JP - thanks for being so nice and well-mannered. You are indeed a joy to take pictures at. Your kindness and good attitude is a big bonus for us photographers and it is really nice to have you as one of my new friends in 2013. Really hoping to have more times together and always take care.

Benz - silent yet very nice. Your appeal is really outstanding that a lot have made good comments about my shoot with you. Thanks for the opportunity and looking forward to working with you again. It is nice to know people that are kind-hearted and very nice.

Albert - sweet and very nice. Your pics are also gorgeous and it was such a pleasure to photoshoot you. Easy to work with and very humble. Here's hoping for more success in 2014.

Bobby - another one of those stunners. You truly are a gem for photographers to take pictures at. Very bubbly and nice, you are both hot and gorgeous at the same time. Cheers for the new year.

Micko - truly a talented guy. Not only does he have a good body and a handsome face, he is also packed with wit and a whole bunch of talent (painting). Thanks for the great time and the friendship. Excited to see you again.

Jon - youthful energy embodies this guy. He made it an easy work to take pictures as he posed his way to every angle and shot. Thanks for the wonderful friendship. Looking forward to our next shoots in 2014.

Winston - thanks for being kind and humble. It was nice meeting you. More projects for 2014 and may you remain as nice as you are.

Max - truly one of the more sincere people I have known. Very meticulous in everything yet still very nice and warm. Thanks for the nice 2013 shoot.


As I was starting on trying out photography, it was difficult to convince people to pose for me - a relative unknown. At times, I get foot flat rejected and at times even bullied. But thanks to these few people who trusted me. Since then it was a wonderful journey already and I am willing to take another batch of shots with you guys. These are the few people who actually believed in my talent.

Kerwin, Xander, Blue, Whacky, Kim, Kenjie, Lux, Shun, Gene, Sam, Laurence, Joel, Nuel, Kien, Joey, Chard - thanks a lot. Your time posing for me was indeed well appreciated. After all, I could have not made it to where I am currently in without you guys.

Kerwin - thanks for being a very good friend and also for being a very nice person. I appreciate that you posed for me and all I could say was the pictures were really wonderful.

Xander - you were my very first model ever and it is very kind of you to trust me. It was a good start after all as several models came after I have taken your pictures. Thanks for being very friendly and nice.

Blue - it was a wonderful experience taking pictures of you. Add that to the fact that I enjoyed our chit-chats while doing the shoot. Truly humble and nice in person. Again, thanks a lot.

Whacky-  it was a sudden photoshoot session with you but the results were equally great. Thank you for being such a cool and nice guy. Till our next session.

Kim - you are one of the few first models I have and I am thankful I got to know you. Great face and wonderful personality indeed. Thanks again.

Kenjie - thanks for the nice chat and the wonderful and fun time with our photoshoot. Very down-to-earth and nice indeed, it was nice being a friend.

Lux - Though relatively new in posing in front of cameras, it was still a nice session with you. Thanks for the good attitude you have shown and keep it up as always.

Shun - another one of those who are truly fearless. Thanks for entrusting me to take pictures of you. Excited for our next shoot this 2014.

Gene - tons of appreciation from me to you. Though a bit timid and silent, once the camera is on you are gamely ready for the shot. Take care always.

Sam - another one of the shy types. It was a nice experience with you and the shoot though brief was indeed fun. Hope to see you again this 2014.

Laurence - thanks for remaining one of my friends even after the shoot. It has been a while since I last saw you. Take care always.

Joel - for the efforts of bringing a lot of clothes during our shoot, thanks a lot. It was a wonderful time taking pics of you. Till our next shoot.

Nuel - thank you very much for entrusting me. I never expected that I would have a chance to take pictures of you much more on a shoot. You are always one of my nicest friends. See you soon.

Kien - you were just effortless during the shoot and I am thankful to have known you personally. Thanks for the nice poses and the great pics.

Joey - thanks for believing me and giving me a chance to shoot you. You are so nice and humble and the time we had during the shoot was worth remembering.

Chard - another one of my friends who I have persuaded to have a shoot with me. Thanks a lot for the time and effort. See you again!

I have shot quite a lot already but these bunch are the first ones who actually believed in my talent and ability. Here's to a more prosperous 2014 to all of us!


To the GGSS Group, thanks for trusting me to take some of your pictures. It was fun being with you guys. Each one of are not just body and beauty but also brains. I had fun talking with you and really looking forward to new shoots with you. Thanks a lot.

Jamil, my greatest thanks to you as you introduced me to your group and allowed me to capture you in my lenses. Very appealing indeed added to the fact that you have wit and personality as well. Thanks for the great shots and I am only happy to have known such a guy like you.

Mhemo, indeed fearless. It was a blazing photoshoot with you and I really enjoyed the short time with you. Here's hoping that we could do this once again to show the world how hot you truly are. Thanks for the great shots.

Jhoker, truly prepared. I was so surprised you had a lot in your bag when we did the shoot. It was a worthwhile experience and I applaud you for that. 2013 was a great for you and here's wishing you continued success.

Steph, simple and still a bit shy. But in front of the camera, you showed you can be on par with others. Thanks for the nice chats and see you again.


The K5 family is a big group of lovely people and young individuals. And in the past year, I was more than thankful to have a chance to actually take pictures to some of them and I would have to say it was a blast. They were really gorgeously beautiful in all aspects - in and out. Hot in their own individual ways, each one strutted their best in front of the camera and has form a big part in my JA Photography journey.

To Migs, Lervin, JayAr, Kiko, Janjep and the late Carlos, thanks to all of you for the great photos.

Migs, quiet at first but will definitely make you feel welcome. His nice demeanor coupled by his boy next door looks makes him really likeable. Thanks for the great shots.

Lervin, one of the friendliest among the group. He is a natural in terms of pictures and would make you feel at ease when you talk to him. Truly a nice person.

JayAr, another one of the nicest and coolest in the group. He is one with an own sense of humor coupled by his great attitude. Thanks again for the pictures.

Kiko, during the shoot was all business and he gave some of the great shots indeed. Silent yet very meaningful and still has some funny bones in him as well.

Carlos, wherever you may be, you are sorely missed. Thanks for the great photos.


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