Wednesday, November 30, 2011


by Bluecloud

In normal day to day scenario, people go around not necessarily to mingle but juts to do their normal daily activities. During walking or moving from one place to another, people see other individuals. Some of which they notice because of exaggerated appearances (flamboyant clothes, terrifying hairstyles, too fat or too thin) but some because there’s really something in them.

In the wonderful world of gays (bisexuals, ACDCs or whatever you may want to call them), a day to day walking to the office, back at home or anymore can always be adventure. Specifically for single gays out there, it’s always an open opportunity to see other people and explore possibilities. But how do you know, if the person you’re looking at is also of the same color? And the more intriguing question is how will one determine if that person is equally interested in you?

Well, most of the time the answers are quite easy and simple. Gays usually smell their own breed. They know who is and who isn’t. And once they see one, they usually know one. And so they know who belong to their family, but how can one determine if the other party is interested. Well, one great sample is while walking in malls or even in the streets.

Scenario – One gay sees one person he finds nice and who tickles his attention. The other guy looked at him. Does that make the other guy gay as well? Could be but not really. It is normal for people to look at other people on daily activities such as walking and moving around. But you may ask, why did the other party gave attention? Maybe for some reasons – your hair is blown like it was stormy outside, you have a bizarre taste for clothes, you look like his friend and a whole other reasons.

Now let’s move on and go to the next scene. Okay, so the gay took notice of the guy and the guy looked back. But after that, the guy just passed. In that case he’s straight. (80% of the time). 20% of the time it’s either the guy is gay but a.) does not like you or b.) is already committed.

But it becomes different if this happens. The two finally came closer to each other as they walk towards each other. If as they pass each other, they gave even a glance or a brief look to the other person, well the guy may not be a guy after all. =) This means from afar the guy noticed the gay and saw something different or interesting as well. That is the way the other party is returning the favor of being noticed by the other individual. Well, most of the instances do come up to this part. Well, good enough but could be more.

If after completely passing each other, both parties looked back. Then there’s really something to it. They like each other at least on a superficial side of things. What to do on these situations? Simple. Make the move. Approach the other guy and get to know him. Who knows, he just might be the person who’s right for you.

Monday, November 28, 2011


It just came to my knowledge that your beloved blog and my baby - "Bluecloud's Confessions has been named one of the finalists in the "Reader's Choice" category of the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards. I am so happy and ecstatic for such recognition. Please do vote for my blog.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Usher and David Guetta takes the top spot this week as former No.1 Rihanna and Calvin Harris settled onyl for 2nd. Charice's "Louder" continues to rise moving in at 4th just behind Britney Spears "Criminal". While new at the Top are Jason Derulo, Christian Bautista and Justin Bieber.


Blankness oftentimes brings silence and in silence we often find solace...

In the stillness of things, the existence of non-existence often creeps me. More often than not, I feel that life has been so cruel to me. Sadness is but a normal thing but i don't know, tears just keeps on falling down. I don't know if I have a factory of tears in my eyes that it never fails to cease. Everytime I feel sad or depressed the window always comes to the rescue - not that I want to jump out and finally put an end to this misery. The window serves as my guiding light. It shows me how much big the world is - how much colorful and wonderful though complex. 

Even as I stare on the blankness of things, it does make me feel better. It clears the clutter that is inhabiting my one-kind-of-a-mess mind. It adds peace to my beleaguered heart. It takes me out of the dark place and the light emanating from outside the window clears me off setting me out of the light once more. 

Life is difficult but the window always reminds me of things. Silence, Solace, Blankness, Peace....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Ricky Abad has once more graced the runways of the Philippine Fashion Week and this time around, he's part of the Ready to Wear show. His collection is focused on swimwear and much of the tones were brown. The color did well in accentuating the natural skin tones of the models. Nicely done Ricky.

Photo Credits: Yayay De Castro/Style Bible Ph

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Who's your bet? In the next few days, the voting for the Hottest Men and Women of the Philippines for 2011 would begin in my blog. Your vote counts. 2010 saw Angel Locsin and Coco Martin took the top spot. Would they be able to repeat for this year? Or will someone else take their crowns?


And yet the box-office record has once again been shattered. This time the Vice Ganda-starrer comedy "Praybeyt Benjamin" stormed ahead all local movies and not just for this year but also for all-time. This film has hilarious written all over it. Though filled with a lot of cast, it never failed to highlight Vice Ganda and his unkabogable punchlines. As usual the comedic timing of Vice is impeccable and truly outstanding.

The storyline may be the usual Filipino film about family and all but with the comedic feel this movie has, one could barely recognize the simplicity of the story. The supporting cast were all good but did not really steal the limelight for Vice which is one good thing about this movie. While many sees this film as akin to Mulan (child getting in battle for his/her family), it has its own appeal. The difficulty Benjamin's character encounters mirrors that of the real setting wherein gays are not readily acceptable. The film triumphed in saying that even gays could do things that would really make people proud moreso their own families.

One thing that is unforgettable about this film are the lines Vice delivers. The now-famous "Di Ba Pwedeng ___ Muna?" lines are just hilarious but also instills in each one of us that we should never do typecasts or be judgementals. Jimmy Santos and Eddie Garcia are pillars in the movie industry and has once again shown in this film that they are really good. The rest of the soldiers really fit to their roles from downward dumb (DJ Durano), nerd (Kean Cipriano) and hot (Derek Ramsay). For sure, you'll have a laugh of your lives in this film. 4 out of 5 popcorns.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Rihanna takes back the top spot with her new single "We Found Love" ft. Calvin Harris. Two-time champ Foster The People tumbles to No.4 while highest new entry is from Zia Quizon for "Ako Na Lang". Here's the rest of the chart action for you.


The Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012's most anticipated show was that of Penshoppe. Why? It's because Mario Maurer is topbilling their show. Yup, the Thai actor sensation who recently became their latest endorser graced the runways of the PFW just last October.

Penshoppe's main theme is centered on white pieces, colors and stripes. These white pieces were combined with their traditional tops and jeans and accentuated with some colorful prints and shades. Their designs are light and bubbly letting us see the fresh side of summer. Aside from Mario, several key figures were seen on to show like VJ Utt, Tylor Perry, James Zablan, Ram Sagad and a lot more.

The Penshoppe show has given the crowd something that they can actually wear. The pieces are not very outstanding but stayed true to their theme. The color combinations were excellent and to be commended. the use of whites and striking bubbly colors have made each piece stand out. Well done, Penshoppe!

Photo Credits: Penshoppe Facebook Page

Thursday, November 17, 2011


MERGE is now on its Season 3! And yes they just keep getting bigger, hotter and better.

MERGE is a brainchild of VATICAN Fashion Museum (formerly BOBON) -- the fashion house of seasoned designers like Arnold Galang, Eric delos Santos, Estien Quijano, Jerome Salaya Ang, Lizanne Cua, Ulysses King, Yajo Reyes and designer brands like EsAC by Raoul Ramirez, Lyle Ibanez and Audie Espino & Envoy by Edmir Lagui.

The thrust of MERGE is to collaborate with fresh and high-potential models, stylists, hair & make-up artists, photographers & bloggers and to give them opportunity for them to collaborate with the more seasoned and respected designers in the Philippine fashion industry.

Now on i's 3rd season, MERGE is one of the sought-after and well-attended events at The Podium where Vatican invites participants fresh from the recent Philippine Fashion Week.

For this season, the highlight will be the Merge Fashion Show featuring Anthony Ramirez, Arnold Galang, Chris Jasler (of Jail Jeans), Dave Ocampo, Eric de los Santos, EsAC (by Audie Espino, and designs by Lyle Ibanez, Raoul Ramirez), Estien Quijano, Happy Andrada, Jerome Salaya Ang, Lizanne Cua, Melchor Guinto, ROland Lirio, SHannon Pamaong, Ulysses King, Yako Reyes and Frederick Peralta, followed by the launch of VATICAN Fashion Museum, introduction of the Narcosis Collection and the unveiling of the photo exhibit by the Fashion Designers Alliance-Manila (FaDAL) at the Markati Palazzo, 4F of The Podium.

The Merge Fashion Sale, is set on November 13th to 19th at Markati Palazzo, 4F of The Podium.

MERGE, Season 3 is presented by The Podium and Vatican Fashion Museum (Markati Palazzo, The Podium), in cooperation with Nivea for Men, Arya Restaurant, Full Circle Creative Concepts, Dr. Allain Perez Dental Clinic, Alive Watch and Cocktails To Go.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


When I first saw the teasers for What's Your Number, I became interested. Aside from the fact that Anna Faris is one of my loved comedians, there is also Chris Evans who I might say is scorching hot. So I watched the film and I know this might come a bit late of a review. Been busy with a lot of things happening.

It's a story of a woman searching for that true love yet bounded by the constraints presented by one article saying some truths regarding women and the men they sleep with. Too worried of the number "20" as taboo, she finds herself trapped in an endless chase of the people she has slept with from the past. Her worries of not marrying and having a family was too much as she made desperate measures and a goose chase on her ex's. Anna Faris played the role just right - with the correct blend of individualism, naiveness and uniqueness. She then bumps a womanizer in the character of Chris Evans. Although Chris' acting chops were not really spectacular, he has given a sense of sweetness in the way he portrayed his character. In the end, it was not just a journey for Anna's character but also a self-discovery on the side of Chris' role.

This one's a fun movie although with a familiar plot. The lines were nice and cohesive but I know it could have been better. The casting of Anna and Chris is nice as they somehow have a comic feel and vibe making us think they really like each other. This one's 3.5 popcorns out of 5.

PFW SS 2012: LEE

Lee is another one of the jeans company that did the runway in the past Spring Summer 2012 Season of the Philippine Fashion Week. And while most of its brand competitors stayed to its root base of jeans, Lee presented us some colorful designs to lighten up the mood. It is to be noted the colorful and vibrant pieces paired with their great line of jeans stood out bringing a commendable set of designs.

Added to the spectacle is the presence of Azkal Anton Del Rosario who I might say is smoking hot and Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup who burned the runway with her famous walk.

Photo Credits: Philippine Fashion Week website

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Ipanema is once again part of the Spring Summer season in the Philippine Fashion Week. This time however they have 5 dedicated designers to showcase their creations. And one of which is Anthony Nocom.

Anthony's collection focuses on easy-to-wear pieces that are light in texture and weight and is easily an eye-candy to anyone who would see them. He made use of basic colors of brown combined with blacks and whites to make a fresh and cool way of summer. His focus was more on men's wear which he did extremely well. Overall, Anthony Nocom did a splendid job with this set.

Photo Credits: Style Bible Ph


After successful seasons at the PFW, one of the more anticipated shows is for top brand Oxygen. And this year is no different. This time, their collection centered more on casuals and walking outfits. Loss, sexy and defined are some of the words to describe the entire collection. Oxygen dabbled more on conventional colors of black, blue, white and gray and mixed and matched each item to create a perfect getaway get-up.

While as for my opinion, there's not much new to their recent collection, it does not mean however that their show is not so good. The designs were still a cut different from the other brands. Their casual wear still has a different edge and vibrance around it that is not present on some of the brands. Plus, I love their printed tees which re by the way available already in their stores. Overall, Oxygen's show is still one to watch although I'd say I've seen much bigger shows from them before.

Photo Credits: Yayay De Castro/Style Bible.Ph


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