Friday, August 31, 2012


August 16-21 saw an exhibit of pictures at the SM Mall of Asia Main Atrium entitled "Frame of Mind". It showcases great pics from different photographers featuring the very beautiful Pico De Loro cove. Did not get to take a lot of pics due to a lot of people when we visited there but still the shots were all wonderful and it did show the beauty of the resort and country club.

Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club is surely one place that is worth visiting. Hope to visit it anytime soon.


Hi guys, I know I have been out of the blogo-verse for the past two weeks or so. Pardon me as I have been busy with a lot of stuff - PWC audit at work, SOX Audit, FO Manila Away Day (company-wide event), General Accounting Away Day, Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week and date with someone special. Yeah, right. Now on to business. I am back and hopefully to post some write-ups in the next few days although my connection at home is currently blank - nil as in zero.

Happy day everyone! Bluecloud is back!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


If you're up to some slapstick humor, you are in for a good show. Add that with some sexually induced jokes and a bit of offensive language, "The Dictator" makes up a somehow good movie experience. Sacha Baron Cohen stars in this film as a dictator Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen on the North African Republic of Wadiya. Childish, mean and oftentimes arrogant, his world suddenly changed when the scheming ways of his uncle Tamir succeeded as he was "killed" as they know it and replaced by a dummy double as he was about to address the UN Council.

Without beard and all, he was unrecognizable and lost of all sorts but found help with the odd-ball yet charming Zoey aptly played by actress Anna Faris. Goofy and funny at the same time, their screen chemistry was more fun than romantic.

At some point there were drama injected in the whole comic feel making this movie more real and more truthful. It just goes to show that even the meanest people could have that soft spot within their hearts. It has not the strongest plot or the best acting but if you came here for the comic relief, it is good enough. 3.5 out of 5 popcorns.


Carly has surely dialled up a hit as "Call Me Maybe" stays for a 4th straight week at Number 1. Pink holds strong at No.2 as Skylar Grey debuts at No.4. Aside from Words at No.4, Step Up Revolution songs are also doing good with "I'm Goin' In" by Jennifer Lopez and Flo Rida at No. 12 and "Live My Life" by Far East Movement and Justin Bieber at No. 18.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Recent torrential rains have caused a lot of damage and difficulties to a lot of people. While most automatically, students and government employees get their classes and offices suspended due to heavy rains and floodings, employees in the private sector are then left at the mercy of their employers. Moreso the BPO  and call centers which were even quoted as not to follow the Malacanang Order of suspension.

The big question we want to post is that are people working from the private sectors waterproof? I guess not. I did not recall any questions during pre-employment interviews about being waterproof or being able to swim. The difficulty the past few days was there was no explicit announcements. It always lies down to one's perspective - one's decision. Employees of course are wary that if they don't show up to work, sanctions or penalties might be incurred moreso in the BPOs and call centers front. But isn't it the safety of the employees that is first? Come to think of it, will they be held accountable if anything bad happens to the people while trying to go to the office?

Never mind the hazard pay or the overtime incentive. That should be automatic in times of these but the real concern here is safety. While some houses may not be flooded, it is however the streets on the way to the office that is impassable. Man, we are not waterproof.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Espana, Manila
The rain just won't stop and a lot of areas are now under water and is flooded. We must all pray for the safety of all our fellowmen. It has been a trying past few days for all of us moreso the people that were directly hit by the heavy rainfall and the high floods. Places around the metro are literally under water and a lot of people have been stranded.

Taft Avenue
Here are some of the pictures around the metro as we try to brave this storm.

3rd Avenue, Caloocan

Flood in Caloocan has been terrible putting houses almost entirely under water. 

Araneta Avenue
 Araneta Avenue looked like a big water intersection. See how deep the flood is? The gasoline station almost has its half under water.

Bacoor, Cavite

Bacoor Cavite is all in water. (Taken near SM Bacoor)

Bridge in Marikina

The Marikina Bridge seems like a slide going down the pool.

De La Rosa Street, Makati
 Makati is not spared as Dela Rosa Street become flooded making it unpassable to light vehicles.

Espana, Manila

As usual, Espana in Manila became a huge swimming pool once more. Water levels are nearing waist deep.

Las Pinas
 Las Pinas is a picture of water all over as not a single area of land can be clearly seen.

 Mandaluyong has some areas flooded up to knee and some even up to waist level.

Manila City Hall

Manila City Hall seems reachable only by boat or maybe a submarine. Flood all over.

NLEX Malinta Extension

NLEX is flooded as well. Now that is not a usual thing. So this rain must be that heavy.

Olongapo City

Olongapo City
 Olongapo City is one of the few cities not spared by heavy flooding.

Remedios, Malate

I guess no partying for a while as the Malate area is drenched in flood water everywhere.

Roxas Boulevard
 Roxas Boulevard seems like an Olympic-size swimming pool. 

San Juan City
 The City of San Juan residents are trapped inside their houses as some residents paddle around the area.

Sta. Mesa, Manila

As again, Manila gets flooded. Even buses could not get their noses up.

UST Grounds

UST Grounds? Or maybe UST Water Field is more appropriate. The university becomes one big water observatory as classes remain suspended.

Zapote, like the other places near Las Pinas and Alabang is also hit with flood.

Let us continue praying that this storm will stop anytime soon. While the rain is still up, all we need is to hang on and do the best we could do to help others as well.


The Philippines is once more hit with heavy rainfall caused by bad weather in the past few days. With this classes and even private offices have been suspended as per Memorandum Circular No. 33-A. This includes the BPO industry and other private sector. While other companies still ask their employees to go to work, it is the utmost decision of the employees. As again, we need to make sure our safety is first.

The bad weather has said to have surpassed the rainfall exhibited by Ondoy from 3 years back. No typhoon yet the monsoon has causing the continuous and heavy rainfall that has caused a lot of flooding in Luzon with Metro Manila being hit so big. The rainfall has already reached 472mm in 22 hours as compared to 455mm in 24 hours from Ondoy before. Manila has been raised to "Red Alert" in terms of flood since yesterday and continues to suffer the wrath of this inclement weather.

For any emergency numbers. please see below. Let us all pray that this would come to pass.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Since premiering early last month, ABS-CBN series "Be Careful With My Heart" has made headways in all front. It has gathered critical acclaim from TV critics and is winning the ratings war in both Metro Manila and nationwide even reaching ratings higher than some of the primetime shows from other TV networks. This Jeffrey Jeturian directed teleserye is surely making the big waves in the Prime-tanghali of ABS-CBN.

What makes this series wonderful is its very simple yet emotional storyline. It shows the reality - both the happy moments and the trying times of life. Another triumph is the seemingly wonderful chemistry between its two lead characters - Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Richard (Richard Yap). They seem to have that love connection in them that makes audiences "kilig" and believe in them. Jodi is specifically wonderful in her portrayal of a care-free woman who has a very pure heart and only the best of love for her family. She has mirrored every Filipino in their desire to take their family out of poverty. Richard "Papa Chen" Yap was also as equally impressive. For someone who has been just getting projects this big, he has shown great gusto in acting. He is convincing as someone who is strong yet has a soft side on his heart.

The story presents a lot of happy and light moments but the conflicts presented are that of real-life scenarios. Emotions, respect and love are key themes to this nice teleserye which will keep everyone glued to their TV sets. Prepare to have fun and fall in love every morning.


Let the boys tease you up! This film was primed to tickle imaginations as director Steven Soderbergh brings us a modern world of male strippers, their lives and challenges. This film inspired by lead star Channing Tatum's real life follows Tatum's character Mike as he takes in a young dancer (Alex Pettyfer) under his wings and teaches him everything about the business of stripping, partying and making money.

The film was set into a spicy mood with all the hot men around - Tatum, Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello. It was like a Chippendales movie experience but with more heart and emotions. The conflict that arises with Tatum and Pettyfer's character combined with a budding friendship/special tie with The Kid's sister combines a mind-jolting emotional ride. Not as emotionally intense as most drama is, Magic Mike still could provide a tear or two.

The strength of this film is with its fun dance number and sequences where of course a meat fest is on with all the guys doing their stuff trying to seduce the audiences. It is a basic storyline of someone wanting to get out of his current life but the difference in here was how the conflicts present themselves to the characters putting a test to their strengths, faith and beliefs. Another key improvement shown here is Channing's acting. Gone are the days of his mumblings and comes out a very good portrayal. And how could we forget how hot he is.

This one's not the best but enough to tickle senses. 4 out of 5 popcorns.


Carly Rae Japsen wins again as she reigns the charts for a 3rd week running but Pink is challenging her as the  popstar makes her debut all the way to No. 2 with "Blow Me".  J. Lo, Owl City and AI alumni Stefano makes their debut as well and Nelly Furtado and Christian Bautista makes their steady climb to the Top 10.


Philippines representative Queenierich Rehman continues the country's quest to the first ever Miss World title. The pageant which is currently being held in China is one of the big pageants wherein we have not yet won. Last year, we came close and became first runner-up with Gwendolyn Ruias.

In the recently concluded World Designer Award Competition, Rehman looked stunning in the sparkling red ensemble created by well known Filipino designer Michael Cinco. Here's wishing her the best of luck!


Serena and Venus has made Olympic history! The American sisters have rewritten the record books of Olympic tennis as they became 4-time Gold medalists in the sports. It was more fruitful for Serena as she takes home 2 golds this time around winning the Ladies Singles against Maria Sharapova (6-0, 6-1) and then teaming up with older sister Venus to cap the Women's Doubles against Czech pair Andrea Hlavackova and  Lucie Hradecka. Aside from those impressive accomplishments, Serena goes of the Games completing the "Golden Slam" - (4 GS and the Olympic Games)

Sunday, August 5, 2012


With the expectant Filipinos watching his fight yesterday, all were suddenly put into somber mood as the best hope of Philippines to medal in this edition of the Olympics lost out a close 17-16 match. Mark Anthony Barriga suffered a defeat after fading in the 3d round against the taller Kazakh player Birzhan Zhakypov in the 49 kgs division. Controversial point deductions marred the match but still we saw how Barriga lost steam in the penultimate round wherein his foe steeped up just enough to beat him. 


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