Friday, December 31, 2010


Before the year ended, I have met and is in the process of getting to know more new people - establishing friendship along the way. To the 3 of you, it was nice meeting you all. Here's hoping that we can keep the friendship always.

Nomer, I never would have thought that you are such a nice person. There is not a single inch of being rude or bad in you. It was fun talking with you and I enjoyed the coffee sessions and the lomi times. I hope that in 2011, we get to know each other better and have a continuous friendship. Thanks for the kind words and the nice stories.

Uly, thanks a bunch for being so approachable. And I admire your designs I might say. =) Our friendship is still relatively new but I hope it would just grow in 2011. Cheers to you and your good spirit. It is a pleasure to have known you.

Alain, quiet but indeed nice. Even if we have not had much time talking, I know you have a good heart. Thanks as well.


This circle of friends have been special to me as well. You hacomprise big parts of my life and somehow you gave reasons for me to still fight. I am hoping I could all give back to you with all the things you have done to me in 2010. Those things will forever be treasured in my heart.

Tin, you are such a kind heart, simply most pure and nice. You have been a big help and I know someday I can give back to you in return. 2010 has been difficult for me but at least I feel better days are ahead of me. Thanks for everything.

Raffy, I owe you a lot. Somehow, I have learned a lot from you. Thanks for all the memories and times together. Thanks for everything that you have helped me with. As I try to rebuild on a better 2011, I will constantly be in touch and I'd just like to remind you that all your help are not forgotten. I know I can repay you one day.

Elmer, thanks for the nice friendship. You have been simply nice. Hope you continue to stay happy and keep others smile as well. Soon, enough I will give back all that you have given. Thanks a lot for not letting go of the friendship.

Deynz, how far you may be, I still value the great friendship we have. Thanks for all and you know I have not forgotten. As I try tpo rebound from a trying 2010, I hope to share more laughs with you and give you everything in return as well.

Eric, feisty yet kind. You will always be treasured as a friend. Thanks for everything as well. I miss your laughs. Till we meet again!


My career has comprised mostly of work in P&G. In here, I got to establish real good ties with true people – people I consider friends even up to today. To my lunch buddies – original and additions, I would like to say thanks. Though 2010 has not been too much of meetings, you will forever remain etched in my hearts. I love you all.

Ate Jen – a picture of great composure and intellect, you serve as a mother, sister and girl friend all in one. You are certainly the light of the group. For most of the times we are together, you always keep us all tight. I miss you Ate. Your words of advice are always acknowledged. It is an honor to be your friend.

Junnel – ever reliable. You are one of those few people you can call whenever you need someone to talk to. Not a single moment with you is boring and you always crack up those jokes even how corny they were. Truly a gentleman and a kind fellow, thanks for the friendship.

Toni – one of the few people I really had great times with. You age with grace and poise. It is innate in you to find kindness in one’s heart. I miss your company and am truly thankful for everything that we have shared.

Derek – when it comes with deep conversations, I can count on you. There is value on every word you utter and it is a great pleasure to be friends with someone as intellectual as you are. Brave and courageous yet nimble and fragile in some ways. A true persona of a true human being.

Geno – silent yet sincere. You are the group’s biggest mystery but you have always stayed with us. We can always count on you when we go out and you are really honest and nice in a lot of ways. Thanks for the friendship.

Frytz – beauty, brains and heart all combined. I miss our talks about sweet nothings and the randomness of things. You are a funny lady and a very beautiful one at that. When we meet again, hope to continue the great friendship.


Aside from having the gift of wonderful kids, my two sisters are also blessed by people to whom they vow to share their lives with. My two “bayaws” are nice in their own rights and are surely nice addition to our family. Thanks for being with my two sisters through thick and thin.

Kuya Roy, thanks for being  a constant believer in my sister’s abilities. Hope that your marriage would just continue growing more and more. Thanks for the love you have been giving my sister and your child, Kat. Keep the dreams. 2010 seems to end on a good note for both of you. Ride on the positive energy and continue with it in 2011.

Kuya Ryan, my full gratitude to you for fully accepting my sister and her kids, Gel, Gabo and Gian. You are indeed an individual of good soul. Thanks for the love you have been giving them all. I could only wish for your relationship to grow even stronger. I know it would only be better for you in 2011.


Outside of my family, one person has actually become a big part of my life - my bestfriend Chris. I don't know how we became so close but for every bit of 2010, he was just there beside me to comfort, sometimes behind me to catch me when I'm falling or at instances in front of me to guide me along the way.

Chris, you have been one of the best gifts I had in 2010. You know how rocky 2010 was for me but you have just proven your worth as a friend. You were there during happy times but moreso, you never fail to be there during worst days. You became a brother, a friend, a confidant and everything else in between. Trying to rebound from one of the most difficult times in my life, I never would have imagined having someone like you. We are really similar in a lot of ways but for our differences, wow, they are just simply bipolar.

You are truly a special creature (does it sound like you're a monster or alien?). I am so much lucky to have you as a best friend. You are someone I have given my full respect and trust with. May 2011 be a better year for our friendship. Thank you so much for the friendship and I love you.


And of course, I love everyone of my pamangkins. Gelyn, Gabriel, Catherine and Gian. My sister's kids has always made me happy. They make me smile in the most special of ways. Their innocence makes me want to actually become a kid again. Their laughs and smiles are simply infectious and I would never have a sad time with them.

Gelyn, you are indeed growing to be a beautiful lady. You're in your high school already and all I could ask is for you to keep the good grades coming. Aside from beauty, you are also one gem of a talent. Your voice is nice to hear and one would definitely have a nice time hearing you sing.

Gabriel, you are truly of celebrity makings. You are growing to be a fine lad. Make sure to continue nurturing your skills in sports and for sure a lot of girls would want to get to know you. Be good and always keep cool.

Catherine, a lady of exemplary talent. Brains and beauty combined. Simplicity at its finest. Your interests are really a vast bunch but you are sure one interesting kid. Always keep the smiles and forever value the importance of love and sharing.

Gian, the most sweet of them all. You are truly the bubbliest and that makes you close to my heart. You never fail to make me laugh with every nothingness you utter. You make one seemingly boring thing into a wonder of colors.

To my nephews and nieces, I love you all.


Being the youngest in the family is usually a blessing but it becomes an overwhelming experience if you have the best sisters in the whole world. My two sisters have been really wonderful and together with our parents have stuck with me along the way. We don't look alike (yeah, I know) but certainly we are binded by the bloodlines that crosses emotions and feelings. We also have different personalities but that only made us stronger. In times when I had all the difficulties in 2010, no one surrendered and just continue hoping and praying for the best.

To Ate Mel, being the eldest is a tough job but you have handled it perfectly. You have constantly reminded me to hang on in times when I want to let go. Silent in your own ways but nevertheless strong in all fronts. You have gone through a lot as well but all the blessings you have been reaping so far are fruits of your labor and your perseverance. You are a source of inspiration. On all things you do, you put your family (Roy and Kat) above anything else. Congratulations on being a new AM for BPI. You truly deserve it. I could not find the best words because the best seems not enough to describe you. Thanks and I love you.

To Ate Rose, you have been the risktaker and I have admired you for that. Aside from that, you never fail to put a smile not just on your face but also to us. I don't know how you manage all the stuff you have been doing but really you are wonderful. I am so thankful that you have found a new source of inspiration in Ryan. Together may you build on the emotions to really make the best on your kids (Gel, Gabo, Gian). Thanks for the smiles. I love you.

You two are so wonderful! I would have not asked for anything more. I appreciate the way you have supported me along the way, accepting me for who I really am. I LOVE YOU!


I have promised that before the year end, I'll be giving several posts to my loved ones, special ones, friends, acquaintances and other people that have made a big part of my life in the past years, moreso in 2010. To get away with the normal Facebook greetings or text messages, this is a fresh way for me to show how all of you have been so nice. Here's hoping for more in 2011.

To begin with, I would like to thank my parents - 2 loving individuals who never fail to give me the best. It was a difficult year for me but without them, I would have not gotten by the day. They never cease to believe. They have always trusted on my abilities and they know I can get back the things I may have lost. I may not be physically together with both of them but one things for sure, they are always in my heart.

To Tatay, thanks for staying by our side. All the things you have given to me are well appreciated. The sacrifices that you have made are well placed in my heart. They will be forever treasured and cherished. Thanks for the love and respect not just for me but for Inay and my ates. 2010 challenged us in many ways we could imagine but with your belief we have made it through.

To Inay, the single most wonderful soul in the world. You have always loved me unconditionally and I could not ask for anything more. Though at times you still treat me like a kid, I enjoy it and truly feels blessed to have you as a mother. I hope things would always be better for you healthwise so that we can continue dreaming anew. 2010 will already be just a part of the past but its lessons will be forever brought and applied in the years to come. Mahal na mahal ko po kayo.

All I could say is thanks for everything and I really really love you. I am so lucky GOD gave both of you to me. You're my light and my strength.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Every Christmas Day is very special for us Filipinos. It is a time for fun, gift-giving, merry making, pictures and a whole lot more - in short celebration. And while we are on the spirit of celebration, a good way for me to finish the year on a high note is have a new phone as a Christmas present (after all, I am using an old Nokia unit).  And my Christmas wish this year?  - a Nokia C7.

Why do i need a Nokia C7? I find interest in almost all things from politics, music, travel and pictures. And the Nokia C7 is one hot item that can do relatively all of the stuff I am into. Like my blog as well, Nokia C7 is a catch-all phone. Aside from the normal texts and calls which I do to a whole bunch of people I love so dearly, I can do other things with it. Take for example the 8 megapixels camera which can capture all the moments of my life from travels, simple headshots and pics of my family and friends. Its cam alone could parallel that of digicams in the market. If proof is needed for my love of pictures, just visit my Facebook account and you'll see. And since I love to interact socially, it is a big plus for the C7 to be able to connect to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Now, everyone would know where I am and what I have been doing. (artista?) And wow, the 8GB internal memory which can be supplemented by a microSD of up to 32 GB is just so much to put in my favorite songs and videos. And of course its sleek design is pretty much like me, sleek, fashionable and just amazingly nice. Now, who would not want a gadget like that?

Okay, I don't want to sound desperate but a C7 as a Christmas gift would really be wonderful. I hope Santa Nuffnang would hear my wish. =)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Since we can't deny the fact that the Christmas season and the holiday times is already here, I would be doing a barrage of personal notes in the next few days as well as part of me showing that I truly love the people I have had nice times with - my family, friends (then and now), acquaintances and everyone else in between.

This is a season of merrymaking and sharing. We don't only share presents but more importantly love and smiles. The world is created not for one person to live alone but to share it with others. To all the people I love so dear, the following posts will be specially for you. Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010


I am a traveller and a dreamer. Yup, those are indeed true and while I may have not gone to a lot of Philippine places the way I visit other countries, I pretty much admire and like the idea of visiting our local destinations. I have an entire list of places I'd love to go to and experience life with - actually a notebook of which. =) One of which is Batanes. What makes me fascinated with Batanes?

Simple. Batanes is just wow. Beautiful indeed. Batanes boasts of beautiful creations, from people, nature and sites. My eyes are itching to get a glimpse of those not just on pictures but also in reality. Truly astounding. Its landscape is one of the best on the country and the weather is simply one of the finest in the archipelago. It will definitely be an escapade as it will be a departure from the normal city lights I am used to. The fresh surrounding is something that would really make one relaxed and comfortable. Attractive in its own ways. Though no blinding lights and tall skyscrapers are abound, its simplicity is one that would really be a marvel to enjoy. Nature in its finest. To burst away from the stress city living puts, a getaway with nature would soothe the mind, the body and even the soul. Culture filled people. To experience days with the Ivatans will be a treasure to better understand them and appreciate even the smallest of smiles. And everything of which will definitely put up an experience that will be amazing and worth remembering.

A date with Batanes. yes, I am expecting one and for it to happen in January of 2011 would definitely be awesome.

Beautiful in its purest of forms... Astounding sceneries and landscape... Travel escapade at its best... Attractions of greatest proportions... Natural beauty on its excellence... Extraordinary people and culture... Simply amazing experience... BATANES

For more info on Batanes and the flights going there through SEAIR, please visit their website <> and the SEAIR Facebook Fan Page <>.

Photocredits: Wikipedia

Friday, December 17, 2010


Laptop's gone so I would be doing lesser posts in the coming days. I will try my best to sneak up some write-ups still. Thanks to all avid readers.

Since it is December, I'll be doing several year-end top lists for all of you guys in the next few days. I'll be going home to t\my province so I will just connect with our PC back home. See you again soon. =)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Another thing to rejoice for the Filipinos. Our football team currently participating in the Suzuki Cup in Vietnam has barged into the semifinals of the prestigious event. This is a welcome development for the Azkals as this is a big accomplishment to them.

Chris Greatwich

The past few days have been headlines as they trounce traditional powerhouse and defending champion Vietnam 2-0 causing a very big buzz in the Southeast Asian region. This came after the opening 1-1 draw of the Filipinos against 3-time champion Singapore. After they had a goal-less draw against Myanmar, it is now time to celebrate as the Philippines has finally made steady grounds in football.  Two more famous names in the team include Phil Younghusband and Chris Greatwich.

It will face powerhouse Indonesia in the semifinals. Here's hoping we can still spell the same magic we have weaved in the first 3 matches. Defense has been the key of Philippines victories and despite criticisms from others about the inability of the team on the offensive side, I think that they just can't accept the fact that the Azkals really did a good job. Go Azkals!

Photo Credits:, yahoo

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It is December season again and it means The Metro Manila Film Festival will again be in full swing this coming Christmas Day. I usually make it a point to watch all entries in support of our local film industry. This year's entries are packed with seasoned veterans of the filmfest and some fresh faces. The genre of the movies are again a mixed one to better cater to all markets. I guess for a long time only action films are amiss once more. But the 8 films really promise to make us smile this holiday season. Here's my take on all 8 and which ones I'll watch first. Don't worry I'll watch them all. I just have some preferences.

1. RPG Metanoia
From the first time I heard of this film, I was really excited since this is gonna be a first in the Philippine cinema - a 3D movie. I have seen the trailer and some of stills from the movie and I think this is really something to look forward to. The artwork seems sharp and some of the designs were off the hook. I'm sure a lot of kids would be pushing their parents to watch this one.

2. Ang Tanging Ina Mo Rin (Last Na 'To)
This is the third and as the title suggests, the last. And I would not want to miss it. I have watched the first 2 movies of the Tanging Ina series and all I could say is I really had fun with those. What makes me excited on this film is the fact that this would be a reunion of all cast except Heart. It is nice to see how each one has grown. And who could not resist the funny antics of the 2 ladies on board - Ai Ai De Las Alas and Eugene Domingo. Surely a whacked out affair.

3. Rosario
This I think would not really rake much in the box office but I believe they will lord on the awards ceremony. Not having much of the commercial appeal the rest of the entries have, what I like on this one is the big story base. Watching from the trailer, this is one good movie and Jennylyn Mercado really did extremely well. Also, from all posters of entries, I find Rosario as the most intriguing. And Albert Martinez as a director is really something.

4. Dalaw
Horror Queen of the new generation Kris Aquino is back again to make us scream. And one of my friend is working behind the scenes for this film as well. I checked on the trailer and unlike most Filipino films which gives out scares, I think the attack of Dalaw is to give us chills. And with Dondon Santos on the helm, I am expecting some breath of fresh air.

5. Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote
MMFF box office behemoths Vic Sotto and Bong Revilla in one film - WOW! This early, I believe they will lord over the box office once again. It is nice to see how the 2 worlds of Agimat and Enteng will be incorporated into one. As usual, effects and mass appeal is what will make this film stand out. And while Kristine Hermosa is out as Faye, Sam Pinto steps in.

6. Shake Rattle & Roll XII
It seems like that when MMFF hits, a Shake Rattle and Roll film is almost automatic to be one of the entries. SRR has become a part of Filipino pop culture and with its 12th edition this December I think they're not gonna stop from there. I am not getting tired of them, after all, each year, they tend to give us something to be surprised with.

7. Father Jejemon
King of Comedy Dolphy stars on this film showing that he really loves his craft and all he wants is to entertain all of us. It's interesting to see how the dynamics of the Jejemon language would be incorporated into the film specially as Pidol is on the other side of the generation.

8. Super Inday and the Golden Bibe
GMA 7 main draw Marian Rivera stars on this remake of a 1988 classic previously played by Maricel Soriano. I actually enjoy Marian more on comedies and this might just be the proof that people are waiting for since from day 1 she has been compared to the Diamond Star. A stellar support cast with Jake Cuenca, Pokwang, Vice Ganda and Jillian is also something to look forward to.

Photo Credits: Facebook Movie Pages, ABS-CBN, MMFF, GMA

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In this fast paced world we are in today, Social Networking sites are forming a big part of our daily lives. There's Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Friendster, Blogger. Wordpress, Multiply and a whole lot of other networking sites. Often times we turn to these sites to share emotions much like an online diary. We also do stuff here like announcements of reunions, events or anything under the sun. Some also use to join contest, promote sites and even sell products. While for most, these sites serve as a way to gain more friends, acquaintances and networks.

But while this is becoming a regular thing for us, we should always think that what we post reflects who we are. We should be held responsible for the things we utter and things we tell since what we type in and post is gonna be seen not just by our friends but the entire Philippines and even the whole world. Take for example the mistweet of "Tim Yap" on the lotto winner just few days back. A wrong post or misinformed tweet could lead to a chaotic life for those who will be affected. We should know what to post and which ones not.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Another Filipino boxer is steadily climbing up the ranks and making us all proud. And he is doing so with a bang.

Much like Manny Pacquiao, Nonito Donaire is surely making big steps to his boxing career as he stomped his authority against ertswhile unbeaten Wladimir Sidorenko at 1:48 of the fourth round of a scheduled 12-round bantamweight fight Saturday at the Honda Center. Well, I always thought from before that Donaire has got goods to really make it big in boxing.

With the victory, Donaire improves his record to 25-1 with 17 KOs while dropping Sidorenko to 22-2-2. This is an outstanding accomplisment for the young Filipino as before this fight the Ukranian has not been knocked out ever. in this match alone, Sidorenko fell on the canvass 3 times, the last time being in the fourth round. Aside from that feat, with this win, he gets to challenge Fernando Montiel's 118-pound titles on February.

To Donaire, Congratulations!!!

Photo Credits: Top Rank/Chris Farina


To start the week on a good note, I would like to comment on the current news about the growing BPO Industry in the Philippines. And guess what? After frequently playing second fiddle to ertswhile top BPO country India, the Philippines has now taken the lead in this growing industry.

For perspective, BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and is generally focused in providing business support functions to companies. These functions include the largely successful call center block that is comprised of jobs like customer care specialist (voice and non-voice), sales specialist and many others. Part of the BPO industry is also the oursourcing of functions like Finance and Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources and IT. For Philippines to be at the top of this industry all over the globe is a big achievement. This means that we are trusted by a lot of companies/businesses in terms of technical skills and expertise with business. To us, Filipinos, this is something we should be proud of.


I am so much in love with the new Nokia C7 phone. And when I saw the promo in Facebook with regards a give-away of these phones, I said, "Why not try?" The challenge is actually a tough one as I need to best several hundreds or maybe thousands of people to get a chance to have the Nokia C7 - not just for me but to 20 of my friends as well. That's right! A total of 21 Nokia C7 phones and a party give-away to top it with.

With this, I would need your votes for me to have those wonderful Nokia C7 phones. Just treat this as your Christmas gift to your friendly blogger, Bluecloud. And since they're giving away 21 units of C7, I figures to share some to my avid viewers, followers and other people. You can vote only one per person and once done your votes can be seen on the dashboard of the person you voted for. If I win, I'll be giving out 3 (three) Nokia C7 units as form of my appreciation to those who helped.

So what are you waiting for? Vote for me now!


Saturday, December 4, 2010


Aside from the routine visits I do on Facebook, news sites, Twitter, Yahoo, music sites, Youtube and anything else in between, I do my regular visits to the blogs I follow - from music, travel, self-confessions and just about anything that catches my attentions. Here are the 21 blogs I am following or regularly visiting so far. (in alphabetical order) I don't know some of the blogger's names but if you do, please share to me. =)

A Bugged Life
Blogger: Jayvee Fernandez
Description: A wonderful blog that focuses more on technology and new gadgets/devices, It is a collection of writings about the media industry as well. There are some great contests and big prizes from time to time.

Animetric's World
Blogger: Rowena Wendy Lei
Description: Generally focused on family and living topics but has other nice bits of info on food, gadgets, films and events from a mom's perspective.

Armie Yuson
Blogger: Armie Yuson
Description: A travel blog specifically focused on promoting the Philippine tourism. Gives personal perspective and views on some of the best spots in the country.

The Backpack Man
Blogger: Anacleto Romana
Description: A travel and leisure blog. This blog focuses on travel destinations, food, culture and everything else in between.

Blogger: Earthlingorgeous
Description: This fashion blog lets us join her experiences in several fashion events and does opinions on latest trends, beauty products, fashion and travel.

Blogger: Danissa Salasalan
Description: A personal blog that babbles on the random topics around the metro - from food, travel, self-expressions and the like.

The Gay Life of VinVin
Blogger: Vinvin Jacla
Description: This is one of fun blog that shares different stuff from events, movies, food, fashion and guys in a gay and very proud way. Acting as an online diary, there are also some good freebies occassionally given out on this blog.

Hearty's Haven
Blogger: Rochelle Chua
Description: One of the best got-it-all blogs. This blog focuses on anything that really catches our attention and she adds her personal insights and take on all stuff ranging from movies, dining, TV, fashion and events.

Journey Of No Fera
Blogger: rdnofera
Description: A fun blog that focuses mostly on internet promos, blog contests, freebies and the like. This is one blog that makes you see blogging as a fun and full of freebies world.

Life Meets Happiness
Blogger: Lhan
Description: Another personal blog that focuses on random topics like movie reviews, sports and events

Life Trails of Chris
Blogger: Christoper Visaya
Description: My bestfriend's blog. This is a mini recollection of all his experiences and thoughts on his life and experiences.

Blogger: Hazel
Description: This blog gives its own take on different things like food, fashion, beauty and life based on a young girl's perspective.

Manila Gay Guy
Blogger: Migs
Description: One of the most well loved blogs about gays and the life of homosexuals (LBGT). This blog has sharings of personal experiences and opinions on several issues and topics on a gay standpoint.

Manila Life
Blogger: abetstone
Description: If you're looking on some of the happening events in the metro, then this blog is surely one to follow. This also includes write-ups on some of the good promos and contests in the blog and web community.

Mica Myx
Blogger: Mica Rodriguez
Description: A personal blog from one very talented Dagupena. This covers several topics that includes travel and food from which she herself experienced.

The Philippines and Beyond
Blogger: Brian Ong
Description: Philippines and everything Filipino are the main topics of this blog. Regular features on food and travel and reviews based on personal experience are well placed in this blog.

Runway To Reality
Description: Fashion blog at its nicest. If you want to know more about fashion, beauty and trends, then this is the blog for you.

Sane Insanity
Blogger: Juicekodai
Description: A blog that is about just anything. This is a personal sharing of topics, interests and experiences in the beauty we call life.

Blogger: Vinci Mendoza
Description: Thoughts and personal essays and narrations are the usual topics of this blog. It also takes on the random stuffs from gadgets, places and photos.

Description: This is your total entertainment and showbiz blog. Whether you're a Kapamilya, Kapuso or Kaptid, the freshest news are just here.

Blogger: Judd Sta. Maria
Description: Another great personal blog that dives into topics that are anything under the sun and is of interest to the author. Sharing of personal experiences on travel, games, advertising and the like are on this blog.


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