Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The top 12 and a wildcard performed their solos today and there were pretty good performances. I still believe this year has the most talent in the guys division. Of the 13 guys, I have 7 guys that I really like. Here are the guys that I liked from audition to Hollywood week and up until now.

1. Phillip Phillips
Phillip to start with is a looker. He has a certain charm that makes me remind of Jason Mraz/James Morrison. And add to that he is really a good musician. It seems that music runs in his blood. He knows how to utilize that husky voice at the right times. His song choices are really good.

2. Colton Dixon
Colton is one of the male contestants who seems to be marketable easily. His current look and sound is something that most record labels would really die to have. Another thing I like about him is that he sings from his heart and you could see the emotions everytime he performs.

3. Heejun Han
I always like to see Idol contestants with Asian descent and Heejun is no exception. He is raw talent and is really fun to watch. He just needs to focus on his confidence and he can go a long way. He can surely melt a girl's heart with his melodies.

4. Reed Grimm
Reed is really interesting. That personality is just overflowing that it is infectious. Aside from that Reed is a good singer and a great performer. His renditions to songs are good and makes you think it is his original.

5. Deandre Brackensick
Deandre was one of the silent "dark horses" for this season. I am not sure how America will like his falsetto notes but those for sure are really high. He knows how to use them effortlessly like the way he did with "Reasons".

6. Jeremy Rosado
The cute and cuddly Jeremy seems so nice and all but we should never forget how sweet his voice is as well. His performances might seem safe to others but it's the chills that one could get when they hear his voice that makes him good.

7. Creighton Fraker
Different. Talented. Colorful. These are some words to describe Creighton. He is such an amazing person and a performer in his own right. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Star Cinema is once again here to serve up wonderful movies and their Valentine;s Day offering was no different. "Unofficially Yours" stars 2 of the most sought after young stars of the generation; John Lloyd Cruz who has proven his box-office draw for several times already and the very beautiful Angel Locsin who has once again shown how good an actress she is.

"Unofficially Yours" tackles one glaring truth about relationships nowadays - the "complicated" status. What makes this film click is that it is easy to relate to and it shows what is currently happening. There are several relationships nowadays that fits into the category "unofficial" - like they are not but they really are. Why do people jump into those situations was discussed in the movie.

The film shows the simple yet brilliant acting of John Lloyd who plays Mackie, someone who is in love with a girl who seems afraid or uninterested to fall in love in return which is Angel's character Ces. While the plot seems to be founded with the same story as usual rom-coms are, what makes it once more different are the line, the wit, the fun and characters in the movie. The storyline might be normal to some standards but the way it was conveyed and relayed by the actors made it a brilliant film.

Cathy-Garcia Molina once more triumphed in this one, making her film still stand out despite it being another "no strings attached" movie. The sexy scenes which caused some stir to most people was also done carefully - sensual yet not tacky.

"Unofficially Yours" reminded me of the realities of loving. That sometimes people should take stabs at it and never mind the fear. Failing is part of falling in love. One will never know if it would be successful unless one would try it. It is a difficult truth but we all must live with that reality. This film is 4.5 out of 5 popcorns.

Monday, February 27, 2012


This January marked a new journey for me as I try to regain the physical fitness I lost in the past two years. And so this is my new beginning. I switched gyms for that and now I am an official Fitness First member. :) I became member last December but actively started gym last January 2012.

Weighing in from December 28, 2011 I was actually 75.2 kilos and as of February 20, 2012, the last time I weighed myself i was already 66.8 kilos. In roughly 2 months of getting back in shape I have lost 8.4 kilos already and that is indeed a great accomplishment. I am still way off my target but I will make sure I'll do my best to reach it. My goal is around 58-60 kilos and I am eyeing that this year.


You all know that I am an avid fan of Krispy Kreme and with their latest addition to their growing line of doughnuts, I was just mesmerized and I even loved them more. Presentin Choco Mania. Krispy Kreme introduces 4 new flavors that would truly be the ultimate chocolate indulgence. And one dozen costs only PHP 385.

The four flavors which you can enjoy are: Chocolate Custard, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, Caramel with Toasted Meringue and White Icing with Choco Curls. I'd have to say all are delicious but my personal favorite is Chocolate Cookie Crunch which has a dark chocolate taste and a wonderful texture to combine with.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Local brand giant Folded & Hung is on the summer barrage this early, introducing their hot summer campaign for 2012. Their models Sam Milby, Enrique Gil, Alden Richards and gorgeous Anne Curtis truly signalled that the heat of summer is oh so near. See for yourselves.

Photo Credits: Folded & Hung

Thursday, February 23, 2012


And since making big waves in the Philippines last 2011, Mario remains to be one hot item here specially with his ongoing endorsement of the local clothing brand "Penshoppe". Here are some of her pics for the brand. Looking forward for his return here in the Philippines.

Photo Credits: Penshoppe

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Here are some teaser photos for my upcoming photoblog and the start of my venture into the photography world. Enjoy! :) Prepare for a wonderful world unfolding in the front of your eyes - Jericho Alay Photography


Every day of our lives we encounter several things that shakes us but eventually shapes us as well. Times are challenging but it is the inner strength that keeps me fighting for another day or so. You may see me as the smiling person that I am but deep inside me are emotions and fears - the smiles only help to cover them up. I am strong in the outside but relatively fragile in the inside. I refused to break however and as each challenge push me to the edge, I try to cling on and keep on going.

I certainly have a strong belief that things would all pass. And that somewhere at the end of the road, a big rainbow is there to greet me wholeheartedly. As of now, I only have to hold on to that belief. I know one day things would be okay again and might be even better than it was before. What I have become in the past few years really helped me survive this grueling test called life. But hey, some may be experiencing more than what I have gone through. For that, I am thankful and would definitely won't stop believing...


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Another music legend and superstar has bid her last farewell to all of us. At a relatively young age of 48, Whitney Houston has passed away last February 11, 2012 much to the sadness of her legions of fans and the rest of the music industry.

There is I think no one that does not know Whitney. She has been an icon and a diva to a lot of brooding singers who tried to emulate her singing skills and wonderful stage presence. She was every new singer's dream and idol. Her songs were mirrors of greatness. She sang every beat with power and heart. She is Guinness' most awarded female act of all time. Throughout her career she has a total of 400 + awards which includes her 6 Grammys. She made several records in the span of her illustrious career and some of which are still standing even up to now. She is still the only artist to chart seven (7) consecutive No. 1 singles in Billboard.

I for myself have been singing her songs when I was a child joining some contests - Run To You and I Have Nothing are some of which. And it would be long if we list down all her wonderful hits but I do have personal favorites which I will state on a separate top 10 list. Her international appeal was more evident with some endearing songs like "The Greatest Love Of All", "One Moment In Time" and "I Will Always Love You" where she also successfully ventured into films via "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner.

One of the best voices ever to grace the music industry, Whitney has become inspiration to a number of great musicians and singers nowadays - Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks and a whole lot more. It was just a sad note that her career and personal life tumbled into something no one expected. She seemed destined for forever greatness but her struggles with relationship and her constant fight with drugs have taken a toll to the once invincible Houston.

But nevertheless, it is not the bad things that happened to her that she would be remembered. She would always be treasured for the songs that she sang, for the melodies she has given to us. To Whitney, may you find forever happiness on whatever place you may be in. Your music lives on. We will truly miss you.


The male stars of Hollywood were definitely on hot bunch. They have made headlines for their movies, TV, ads and even just for being plain and simply hot and gorgeous.

1. Daniel Radcliffe (Last Year: 8)
Daniel will surely be missed with his Harry Potter movies but he still busies himself with work in the theaters and of course new movies in 2012. One of which is "The Woman In Black" which is bound to scare all of us.

2. Tom Cruise (New Entry)
Tom has been in the biz for several years already but it turned out that 2011 would be one of his best. With the 4th installment of Mission Impossible destined to be his top-grossing film, he has showed audiences that he's back and ready to stay.

3. Chris Hemsworth (New Entry)
"Thor" made a good showing in the box-office and made Chris one of the names on the hot lists of every magazine and even fans. He will reprise the role when he joins hands with other heroes for "Avengers".

4. Taylor Lautner (Last Year: 2)
Hot bodied resident werewolf of course remained as scorching with the latest Twilight film - "Breaking Dawn: Part 1". Aside from that film, he tried the action genre via "Abduction" which had lukewarm reception. But still he's so sexy!

5. Chris Evans (New Entry)
Chris dons another superhero costume after "Human Torch". This time he's not only one of the heroes but the main hero as he takes "Captain America" to the movies. Like Thor, he will also re-appear as Steve Rogers in the new Avengers film slated this 2012.

6. Zac Efron (Last Year: 7)
Zac remains one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood. Even post- High School Musical, his star remains to shine above the others. He joins the ensemble "New Year's Eve" and was even People's No. 2 Most Beautiful.

7. Ryan Reynolds (Last Year: 9)
Last year, Ryan starred in a couple of movies in 2011. His comedy "The Change-up" was one of the good ones although did not attract much audiences. His "Green Lantern" was also received half-heartedly in the box-office. But man, he definitely has a body to die for.

8. Robert Pattinson (Last Year: 5)
Need I say more? Twilight's Edward Cullen sure made some waves in 2011 specially his hot scenes with Kristen Stewart on tha last installment of the favorite vampire movie "Twilight". And his relationship status with Kristen has been a constant tabloid headline.

9. Ryan Gosling (New Entry)
It's seems years ago when I get to like Ryan back on the young Hercules days in TV. And he has grown to be one fine man. 2011 saw him star in hits "Drive", Crazy, Stupid, Love" and the critical hit "The Ides of March". And man, he's not photo shoppes.

10. Johnny Depp (Last Year: 1)
Johnny starred in the new Pirates film and in the past that could have easily put him on tops spot. But with a story not so wonderful and a film that oftentimes get confusing, it was easily one of the disappointing sequels in 2011. Still it raked money worldwide showing Mr. Depp is still hot!


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