Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The triumvirate of Kristoff, Visam and Kerwin more commonly known as VFort has soared their way to new heights after their "Take Off - The Rev Up Concert last October 6 proving that they are one of the hottest new artists for the year. After the release of their debut album "The Love Concert" with Viva Entertainment last April 2012 they have been on an upward climb already with their career.

This concert proved a lot of things and they have really unveiled a fiercer Vfort. First of all, the trio has a different bond with each other. You can see that they do not only have the working relationship established but also their friendship level up. It was actually a marvel to see three different personalities wrapped into one group and jiving really well. Visam seems to be the most free-spirited one and has "FUN" spelled over him which is really nice to watch. There is some mysteriousness with Kristoff that you want to get to know him more as there seems to be depth in his silence. And then you see Kerwin which does not only personify the hunk performer but also someone who is super dedicated on his craft. Collectively they form a good company.

The show was filled with a lot of numbers that showed their influences from Usher to Justin Timberlake to Neyo and Eminem to name a few. Each member did their memorable solos where they showed their vocal prowess and abilities. Kristoff showed off a cool and sassy dapper like image in his performance.Visam was again fun and energetic. Kerwin rewrote all meanings of sexy while providing great music and showing his rapping skills. One of the highlights for me in the show was their rendition of "Kahit Kailan" which brought goosebumps all over SM Center Stage. It was a heartfelt rendition and has shown that Vfort is not just a hot group but indeed a vocally talented one. Their dance remix of their hit "Prinsesa" was also a winner and they have constantly reminded us that they are also good dancers same as they are good singers. Their funny video sample of "Gangnam Style" was just plainly hilarious and was well applauded by their fans.

But i guess their coming of age and growth to the next level was best shown with their newest single, a cover of Pink's "Just Like A Pill". The song showed the vocal range of the guys and it was indeed a well done cover. Plus of course as their teasers have promised, the show really showcased a new Vfort - hotter, edgier, fiercer and of course sexier. Well, avid VFFs already know that they are. To VFort, more success and we your friends will continue supporting.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


It's that time of the year again when the folks of the LBGT crowd gather once more in the Annual Black Party at Malate. This 2012, it will happen today October 27, 2012 and once more it is a time for merrymaking and fun plus a mix of Halloween Street Party.


The Annual Halloween Street Party

Orosa corner Nakpil Street, Malate, Manila

The biggest and the ORIGINAL Halloween Street Party!!!!

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Friday, October 26, 2012


Batangueno hottie June Macasaet bags the grand title of Manhunt Philippines 2012. He bested the rest of the contestants and is now on great pressure of giving the country it's first ever Manhunt International title. You may recognize June as one of the contestants in the Century Tuna Superbods this year which was won by John Spainhour. I'm a Batangueno and am truly proud of him. Hope he brings pride to our country in the upcoming international pageant.


The Philippine Fashion Week is here once more as it gives us the latest for their Spring-Summer 2013 collection. The shows which runs from October 23-29 at the SM Mall of Asia SMx Convention Halls, Main Atrium and Arena features some of the well-regarded designers and fashion models in the country. Aside from designer shows, this edition is also filled designer brand shows which includes Penshoppe, Lee, Human, Lee Cooper, Mint and Bench.

Enjoy and Happy Fashion Week!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Another long overdue review but still worth the wait.
One of the most intriguing local films to come the past few weeks was arguably "The Mistress". With anothe ultra-sensitive topic on hand, the film was poised to make headlines and create buzz along the place. "The Mistress" treads a topic that is taboo to most people specifically in a Catholic intensive country as we are. IN here we meet an unassuming character Rosario or Sari (Bea Alonzo) as she is famously known who is a persona of a great lady, a loving sister, a loving granddaughter and a hard-working employee. On top of that "Sari" is a pretty girl with great dreams and good promise. But then the story takes us to a place we never thought could be. The saintly "Sari" turns out to be a mistress, the other woman, a third party.

And we thought that was just the complication but it did not stop there. She is a mistress to a relatively old guy who is an esteemed businessman Rico (Ronaldo Valdez) who is happily(?) married to Regina (Hilda Koronel). Adding more conflict is the fact that Rico is a regular client on the shop she's working as a seamstress. If that isn't enough, then there's more. Eric or "JD" (John Lloyd Cruz) enters the scene and was bedazzled by the looks of Sari and made his moves to the young girl. Little did we know that this is starting to be chaos. As worse things could happen, JD turns out to be Rico's son (actually stepson), a produce of Regina's philandering from the past. Now that was so much of a rollercoaster.

"The Mistress" was a good acting vehicle for both John Lloyd and Bea and again proves the great acting chops of Ronaldo and Hilda. Under the great helm of director Olivia Lamasan, it was a breath of great maturity for both Lloydie and Bea. They showed that they have matured and have grown in this business that they can do a powerful portrayal as what they have gave in "The Mistress". The story and the twists were commendable. The lines were again catchy and cheesy at times but it works for the audience. What makes me like this film are the realizations between the main characters - in that mistakes do happen but the good thing is people should know to accept them and just tread for the right one moving forward. I admire how strongly the idea of a mistress was tackled in the movie and was more happy that the ending was what I expected it to be. it just goes to show that another wrong could not correct the initial wrong and that sometimes painful choices have to be made for the vast majority's betterment. This one's a winner. 5 out of 5 popcorns.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


V-fort sends sexy to a different level and a fun once it is. The trio of Kerwin, Toff and Visam made their own video of the addictive tune "Gangnam Style". In here they strut their sexy bodies and their great talent for dancing at the same time. Truly one thing to watch out. So here's their funny video that would definitely make you ask for more.

Video from youtube

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I have been too busy at work that I have very few posts the past 3 weeks or so. But I would still post my movie reviews for some of the films that I have watched from that span of time and one of which is "Amorosa". Tagged as a "maindie" or mainstream-indie, this film is another one of those horror flicks that tend to move ground in the indie scene.

Amorosa looks promising in the trailers as it simply has some scenes that seems like could elicit loud screams or give shrills to the bones that could make one really afraid. Amorosa has a good premise and that is making a choice. The conflict arises when Angel Aquino, the lead character of the film had to make a life-changing choice that involves her 2 sons. I felt how difficult it was as Angel does a splendid job for the role. The conflict could have been heightened if it focused on that premise. But after that the film just simply circumnavigate the old tools and tricks of the Filipino horror family adding a few spins and tricks of the asian genre and borrowing some harrowing realities from foreign pictures. The focus on the relationship and the importance of making choices should have been a good platform for the film to delve upon but it was not thoroughly explored.

Angel Aquino was again stellar in her portrayal but her 2 sons were equally good as well (Enrique Gil and Martin Del Rosario). They provide a mix of youth and feisty nature that bodes well to the younger crowd/audience. Cinematography was also good and the music and background was commendable. Direk Topel Lee has a mild hit on this one. It scares you in some ways that you could never imagine. I felt like there were scenes that really frightened me and made me scream a bit. Not a bad film but definitely with a few tweaks here and there, could have been better. 3.5 out of 5 popcorns.

Monday, October 15, 2012


It has been 12 days since my birthday and I still can't get over the joy and happiness I felt with your overwhelming greetings of love. I am so happy I had a blast although I was working all week long during my birthday week. As promised to all those who gave their birthday greeting fansigns, here is the collage I have made from all the people who gave their picture greetings. A total of 98 pics from friends, acquaintances, loved ones, crushes and a whole lot more! Whew! I am so much elated. Thanks again to all of you who greeted and shared the moment with me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


(from Penshoppe Official Facebook page)

As part of Penshoppe's commitment to bring big stars in the country, they now bring us the ever gorgeous and charming Zac Efron. I was there to witness the Fan Conference 2012 and what I could say was it was relatively a good one.

Although, at the beginning it was turning out to be a slow program before the front acts did their thing, as the night progressed it was just an event of frenzy. I was surprised how people from different age range are there. Kids and even grandmas are there to have a chance to see Zac Efron up close. I could not get a good pic of him as I was just in the Lower Box portion of SM Arena so no real big pics. (I'm using one I found on the Penshoppe official page)

The front acts did a good job in making the audience entertained from the power voices of "La Diva", to the alternative sounds of "Never The Strangers', the groovy voice of "Jay-R" and the heart-pumping performance of the UP pep squad. But big cheers came as Zac finally gets out of the stage and did a mini catwalk on the ramp. And man, the individual who got her jacket was plain lucky. And a total of roughly 100+ fans get a chance to have some picture taken with Zac on stage.

The interview portion wit Boy Abunda was also so nice and bubbly and shows how down-to-earth a person Zac is. And his smile was just so nice that fans just keep on gushing how cute and hot he is. He is truly a charmer and one that is so nice. Thanks again for Penshoppe and thanks to Zac as well for making his Filipino fans happy.

*only the first pic is from Penshoppe Official Page, the rest are blogger's own.


Netizens and the whole online community are in full force today posting black profiles on their twitters , facebooks and other social networking sites together with different posts on blogs and news sites as a sign of protest to the "Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012" also known as RA 10175.

The intentions of the new bill is really good and that is to strengthen the laws we have on certain areas like cyber bullying, pornography and other cyber crimes from which we do not have laws firmly establised. But as good as the intention may be the execution of which is one that is questionable. Some of the provisions of the bill really violate some of the existing rights that we Filipinos have. It is one way or another suppressing our freedom of speech which is one of the basic rights of being a democratic country. There are indeed glaring misconsiderations on some of the basic principles of our human rights. Quote unquote, based on our 1987 Constitution, Section 4 "No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievance". Clearly something that was a vivid oversight.

Another argument is the inclusion of the controversial clause regarding libel. How one can be actually sued for just a mere posting of a comment, giving status updates in FB or retweeting something in Twitter is really a big surprise. And how one who is found guilty of such crime get to have a longer sentence than one who has committed rape was simply unfathomable.

Well, we all know about our social responsibility that is paired with our freedom of expression but relatively people won't say anything if they do not see anything that is wrong. This is a new generation and relatively we make use of social media and the internet to say what's on our minds. What needs to be taught is for each one to know how to write responsibly and relay messages in the best manner. That does not mean we can't say something wrong when we see them. From my point of view, the officials are using this so that nothing bad against them can be said. Why worry that much if it isn't true? Simple, right?

One note that people fail to say is how big amount of money our government is appropriating for this. 50 million pesos for making sure cyber crimes are limited and wrongdoers are captured is just way too much. We can allot some amount for this but in times where we have some other bigger problems to face, we could have allotted that amount to other concerns instead like education, health and agriculture. Truly something worth thinking of.

And for some of our lawmakers vocally saying that they have missed some points for consideration while passing the bill, that really saddens me. I love some of the ones that signed the bill. Not sure however if I have the same regard for them anymore. I am not saying I am against the bill but there has to be some changes made to it. Enforce the law in a way that the basic rights of people are not run over. For us, bloggers, regular FB users and tweet peeps, stay responsible and say what's right, and we'll all know we'll not be harmed.


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