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Day 2: Axe Men's Wear Collection
Summary of Fashion Styles: Tied Up Pants with Laced Shoes, Kicks or Slips
Philippine Fashion Week truly attracted a lot of people specifically in Day 2 as the Axe Men's Wear Collection combines ensembles from 11 different designers with varying concepts an styles. Truly an amazing treat to all fashionistas and everyone else in Mall of Asia Main Atirum. Well, me and my friend snagged a ticket courtesy of one of the designers for the night - Nico Agustin. Marc Nelson hosted the show.

Nocom. Pineda. Policarpio. Capuchino. Barretto. Agustin. Simpao. Favila. Abad. Vazquez. King. They all set the stage ablaze with their collections which were highly appreciated by the crowd. Each designer has their distinct style and has made the night really wonderful.

Design by Anthony Nocom
Photo by Michael Franks Photography
Anthony Nocom stayed plain and simple with cardigans and designs that are oftentimes seen as safe. His collection was overall polished and still makes casual wearing seem like it's easy. The best piece I like is this grey top with the color lines combined by black shorts.

Design by Bang Pineda
Photo by Michael Franks Photography
 Bold orange greeted the public as Bang Pineda started his set. He playfully combined traditional casuals with the orange vests and suits to make a bold statement. For me, this orange overall with a bron vest works well.

Model Derick Hubalde
Design by Frederick Policarpio
Photo by Michael Franks Photography
Frederick Policarpio stayed with the blue range but mixed it up with different sets from different hues and intensity. One of the more polished collections in the set, Policarpio made sure that the designs are soothing to the eyes. My pick on his set is this blue ensemble donned in shorts.

Design by Jesson Capuchino
Photo by Paul Cortes
Jesson Capuchino grey and white ensembles were added a different twist - glittery twist at it. I never thought glittery pieces would still come out as masculine but he managed to do it. My favorite in his collection is this white top and gray shorts set. Love those glittery shorts.

Design by M Barretto
Photo by Jerby Tebelin
Plain and casual seems to be the theme of M Barretto's set. He has suits on top of polos and shirts to give a simple casual get-up. He played with color combinations ranging from blue. white and red. The gray casual set is my favorite on his collection - simple yet chic.

Model Derick Hubalde
Design by Nico Agustin
Photo by Paul Cortes
Nico Agustin made sure to accentuate the clothes with his masterfully crafted belts and waist accessories. These are designs that could pass well on the ramp and even on the office. I'd love to wear them. I personally like this piece from his collection.

Design by Odelon Simpao
Photo by Michael Franks Photography
What I can remember with Odelon Simpao's collection is the combination of buttons and suspenders. Shades of brown were his main color on his set. I love to wear this piece specifically the wonderful jacket.

Design by Ramon Favila
Photo by Michael Franks Photography
Ramon Favila made a set that really made people remember. Stripes on undies and boxer pieces were his thing. And the tight black top made the guys really look hot and gorgeous. Here's one of the pieces I liked.

Model Derick Hubalde
Design by Ricky Abad
Photo by Yayay De Castro/Style Bible.Ph
Ricky Abad made sure audiences have something to really ogle. His set is an underwear set that plays with the colors white, yellow and sky blue. Best underwear for me is this yellow one made more appealing by this hot model.

Design by Simon Ariel Vasquez
Photo by Ryan Ong/Style Bible.Ph
Simon Ariel Vasquez's collection is a wonder to watch. Those skin tight tops that range in colors are really nice and one of the few items that could be worn next summer. What I love the most is this piece. Hope I have a body like him to wear something like that.

Design by Ulysses King
Photo by Paul Cortes
Dynamic and adventurous. Ulysses King's collection played well with accessories and sure made an impact. While the rest of the pack made simpler pieces, King's set made a bold effort to look different and by different means being great as well. This is my favorite on his set.

Overall, the Axe Men's Wear collection was a diverse set of designs but nonetheless it really was a very nice show. Kudos to all the designers. Will try to make individual features on their set in the next few days.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


10.30.10 marks the celebration of the 2010 Black Party in Manila. This is in celebration of the Annual Halloween Street Party. What I love about this event are the campaign posters/teasers that they did. (some are shown above) The party will be at Orosa-Nakpil in Malate and music will be provided by "The Panty Monsters". Happy Halloween!

Photo Credits: Tsard Chua Photography


Finally after a long while, one of my favorite singer Josh Groban will release a brand new album and it's coming really soon. Entitled "Illuminations", this album is set for release on November 15, 2010. The long wait is finally over. I am excited with this new album as I have enjoyed all Josh albums from "Josh Groban", "Closer", "Noel" and "Awake".

The official video for its carrier single "Hidden Away" will premiere on November 3, 2010. While we are waiting for that, let us hear his voice on an audio clip of that song. Other nice songs to watch for are "Higher Window" and "Voce Existe Em Mim".

Youtube Link:


I expect a better Day 2 of the Philippine Fashion Week and it was indeed a great one.
I have 2 tickets for that day, October 27, 2010 - one for Axe Men's Wear Collection and a VIP ticket for Rajo Laurel's show for Wharton. But before those shows, I just went to MOA earlier to catch the happenings before the show and take some pictures here and there.

There were booths from several of the sponsors like San Marino Tuna, Ipanema, Whisper, Sony and of course Axe. Axe has fun games before the show across the main fashion ramp. The beautiful Axe girls challenge the guys around in 2 games - Twister and Best Pick-Up Line. Winners get Axe giveaways. I don't want my body twisted just for that. =)

Me and Ulysses King
Me and Nico Agustin
And then I took pictures with 2 of the designers for the Men's Wear Collection. Ulysses King and Nico Agustin. Ulysses collection is "Cross Border" while Nico's ensemble is "Tightly gripped ; elegantly WAIST~ed". Thanks to both of you for the pictures and the time.

Me and Best Friend Chris
Nico's Support Group (Officemates)
And since I'm a bit early. We lined up to get in the seated area of the Main Atrium with my friend Chris and some of Nico and his colleagues at the British embassy. It was fun waiting while having some picture moments (plus the Sony Vaio girls). I took a pic of my friend with one of the ladies. (He posted it in his blog already - )

Chris with one of the Sony Vaio girls
It was a nice start for Day 2. Next post would be the runway shows. =) Gonna sleep first. Hohumm...

Friday, October 29, 2010


Fashionissimo: The Male Super Model Search for 2010 was recantly held at the Music Museum last October 21, 2010. And of the 28 aspiring models, Fil-Iranian Michael Elhag grabbed the top prize. Aside from bagging the title, Michael also won special awards for Best in Swimwear and Best in Formal Wear.

From Left: Mark Lopez,  Miguel Masigan, Michael Elhag, Arjem Solas, Ward Mendiola
Rounding up the list of winners are Miguel Masigan (First Runner-up), 2nd runner-up Arjem Solas, 3rd runner-up Mark Lopez and 4th runner-up Ward Mendiola.
The event was hosted by KC Montero, Carla Abellana and Cheska Garcia. Markki Stroem was among the performers on the night.

Here are more pics of the Top 5.

Michael Elhag
Photo: Alf Reis

Miguel Masigan
Photo: Boyet Ocampo

Arjem Solas
Photo: Boyet Ocampo
Mark Lopez
Photo: Alf Reis

Ward Mendiola
Photo: Boyet Ocampo


Well, to take a break on the barrage of Philippine Fashion Week at MOA, I'd like to feature one of my beloved stores - Krispy Kreme.

And yes another theme based doughnuts for Krispy Kreme. They are well known for giving us theme doughnuts for any occasions - Summer, Valentine's day and Christmas. And since it is Halloween time they give us 4 flavors that would make you shiver (in a good way).

The 4 new doughnuts are "The Skull", "The Spider Web", "The Halloween Sprinkles" and "The Crazy Pumpkin". These doughnuts truly retain the flavors of our beloved Krispy Kreme doughnuts while injecting a fun twist and nice designs on it. At first, I was hesistant to eat them but hey Krispy Kreme doughnuts are just delicious. Truly great. My personal favorites are "The Spider Web" and "The Crazy Pumpkin"

 Hurry as these doughnuts would only be available until October 31, 2010. Grab them now.

Happy eating and Happy Halloween!!!


The start of the Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer Collection looked very promising as 4 seasoned designers go together to showcase their designs in the show "Pond's Presents Gold". When I saw the names of top notch designers Dennis Lustico, Jun Escario, JC Buendia and Rajo Laurel, all I could say is this is gonna be great. Added to that, models and well known celebs are running the catwalk for them. Stunning models Marina Benipayo, Patty Betita and Rissa Mananquil were just stunning. Familiar faces in TV and print like Tweetie De Leon-Gonzales, Joey Mead, Sarah Meier-Albano, Kelly Misa and Phoemela Baranda also graced the catwalk. Here are my favorites from each designer.

Dennis Lustico
JC Buendia
Jun Escario

Rajo Laurel
The gold concept was just befitting these designers and models. But after the show, there was something lacking. Or was it just a ploy to let us spectators crave for more? Each designer has only 6 designs to display so the show ended in a blitz. And it is to note that some of the designs lack the glamour we all know from these 4 artists. The start of the PFW was a rather mixed one. It is still good as expected but I know it could have been better.

Photo Credits: Style Bible.Ph (Style Bible Digital/Yayay De Castro


The Philippine Fashion Week kas officially kicked off last Tuesday, October 26, 2010 and will run until October 31, 2010, Sunday. The festivities are all happening at SM Mall of Asia. Some events are happening at the SM MOA Main Atrium while soem are at the SMX Convention Center.

For a complete guide of the Fashion Week schedule, please see below schedule.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well, PFW has surely made a lot of the headlines so far here in the metro and to have a breather of sorts, I'll post some items that has happened in the past week as well.

I'll start with an interesting one in the field of sports, specifically Nascar. I know, most people know only few stuff about NASCAR and maybe some of the guys only know Danica Patrick. Can't blame them she's pretty. But a there's a big buzz in the race nowadays as not only one but two ladies have joined the big guys in racing.

Making their debut at the Camping World Truck Series race last Saturday, the Cope twins have made headlines as the first twins to compete in NASCAR. Angela and Amber has been racing karts since childhood and has been also busying themselves with fashion.

And they are quick to point out that they are not just there to race but also to look great. Well, I don't know about that but they somehow showed they could race. In Saturday's race, Amber Cope, driving the No. 6 Dodge, finished 26th, three laps down while twin Angela Cope finished 30th a further 3 laps adrift.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Metro-masculine and Desirable.
These are the words Ulysses King use to describe his collections. One of the budding fashion designers in the metro, Ulysses is focused more on men's wear and has vowed to make the face of men's fashion more posh and stylish giving young professionals a wonderful time at work and feeling good about how they look & feel trendy at the same time.

Ever since his first invite at the Fashion Week last May 2010 everything is getting to its proper places for Uly. Considered as one of the "New Generation" designers in the locale, he wowed audiences then with his wonderfully crafted designs for men. Edgy, modern and interesting are some of the praises he has received and is continuously receiving up to now. And what else would make you admire Uly? Not only is he a true great designer and a passionate artist, he is also a professional and a business oriented person. He is a Certified Public Accountant and an alumnus of Ateneo Graduate School of Business where he completed his Master in Business Administration. Wow!

And aside from that he co-founded "Bobon", a designer shop , collaborated by the most sought after designers in the country such as Puey Quinones, Eric delos Santos, Roland Lirio, Yako Reyes and Estien Quijano. The shop is located at the 4F of The Podium in Ortigas City.

In his own words: “Fashion is an instrument that I embrace on my quest to perfection and beauty. There is a science that you have to follow for guidance but one thing that may not be written in stone is my inclination to art and the passion to bring out the best in every idea. It’s so dynamic that you have to keep abreast with the changing trends but the foundation of it emanates from your values, beliefs and creative thoughts”

Truly a class act and a someone who is very good at his craft. See more of him at the Philippine Fashion Week today at the SM Mall of Asia Main Atrium at 6:30 PM.

Photo Credits: Ulysses King Facebook pages
Photos: Jerby Tebelin
Other info courtesy of Ulysses King


I have watched Petrang Kabayo a week ago and I still could not get over it. Why? It was downright funny and I almost fell of my seat from laughing. So what particularly did hit in Petrang Kabayo?

Let's start with the lead actor Vice Ganda. His comic timing was superb and as usual the punchlines were just superb. His facial expressions usually speaks for himself and that is a very tough act. Only few people can be funny by just batting an eyelash. He is in his element so as like when he is judging in Showtime. I am sure Roderick Paulate who previously brought this role to life is happy that Vice was the one to reprise the role.

But aside from Vice, the support cast was wonderfully great as well. Luis Manzano's over the top cry scenes was okay and elicited laughs from me as well. One thing to note is he is not afraid to look ugly in screen just to make people laugh. Makisig Morales was a young Petra was also off the hook. Playing gay, playing hurt and playing bitchlike was just an effortless task for this young actor. Good job. Joy Viado, Candy Pangilinan, Deejay Durano, Eagle Riggs and Gloria Romero all made sterling performances worthy of praises. And as usual Eugene Domingo was hilarious. It's nice to note some cameos as well from Anne Curtis, John Lapuz and Jason of PBB. But another cast to make me roll over laughing was the young girl who played Petra's sister who is portrayed by budding young actress Abby Bautista. At a very young age, she held her own and did grabbed a lot of laughs from me. I could not forget her lines "Sa Kasamaang Palad" and "Maganda Naman". Truly hilarious.

But aside from the wonderful cast, I think what hit me the most is that this is not just a comedy film. It has a story and whole set of morals to teach. Wonderfully crafted by veteran director Wenn Deramas, it touches the inner depths of ones heart with its story. It is universal and it shows us that carrying grudges in our lives won't do any good.

Overall, Petrang Kabayo was just a marvel to watch. 4.5 out of 5 popcorns.

Photo Credits: Petrang Kabayo Facebook Page
For more details, visit their official website:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Yehey! Another one in the bag. When I first saw the Philippine Fashion Week schedule, I was so excited to see some of the shows. Before this I already grabbed tickets for Nico Agustin and Ulysses King's show on October 27, 2010 and the Penshoppe show on October 30, Saturday.

When I saw on Rajo Laurel's twitter account that he is giving away tickets for his show, I was actually hesistant to try as I am thinking that there might be a lot who will join and I may not be lucky. But still I tried and hoping to snag at least General Admission tickets. So me and my friend registered for the event and whoa! I was so surprised to see my name in the list as one of the 30 people to receive the Premium tickets. I'm number 3 on the list.

Sad thing however as my friend got only the General Admission tickets. I hope he could be bumped up to Premium. Is it possible Mr. Rajo? I really hope so.


Yup, November is fast approaching and one of most eagerly anticipated films of 2010 is coming really soon. I am talking about the first part of the last Harry Potter films.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part I is something I am really looking forward to. If the trailers stay true to itself, this one should be a great film. I personally opt not to read the last book so as for me to fully enjoy the cinematic experience of this last installment to this great movie franchise.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows will be showing on November 19, 2010 in the US.


by Drama Princess

i’ve always been a romantic…

in dealing with a psychiatric patient, it’s a no-no to ask ‘WHY?’ so i applied the same principles to X’s and leave as fast as i could out of the same ground. holding on is the least correct thing to do when one said goodbye to you. so now, you wonder "why are u still there? ", forgetting about the first idea i just raised. You decided u did something wrong when u asked me why but u still wonder and u try harder to suck the sense u hope was left. but even sensibility is in scarce. we both ran out of words. and u try to start a small talk. i wasn’t the easiest person to deal with minus the broken heart, and i’m sorry u had to deal with me.

3 years ago, u know a love song would will always be followed by a sigh, a story of longing and countless tales of sweet moments radomnly picked from love stories, other love songs and hopeless daydreams. but gone was the heartbroken girl, torn and tattered by some not even deserving stupid jerk. sensibility, once more was abundant but asking why is still, quite not right. u wondered where i kept the scar of the wound we tried to stop bleeding.

yes, i’m changed. but quite not healed, for somewhere hidden behind my smiles is a wound still throbbing and in rare occassions, bleeding. i am still the same person. i am still the same girl. i only got used with pain, that it cannot shake me or break me anymore. i know, it worries u that my cynicism will make me bitter. i daresay not at all. because, i know somewhere out there is someone right for me. u see i never really lost hope. i’m just on the look out for someone real and right for me.

stop aching for me. will u? because i never lied when i said "i’ve always been a romantic…  it’s just that i never really had so much cause before to believe in to."

* Drama Princess is my high school classmate Love Hernandez. One of the more exquisite minds in terms of writing, this is one of her works.

For more of her posts:


One of the more controversial underwear campaigns of the year is from fresh brand Piss & Vinegar. The underwear line which was created by Jsaon Sutherland surely brought a lot of talks with his campaign for this line. Piss & Vinegar is a British slang for living young at heart.

In its latest campaign, the brand takes on a religious take with its "I LOVE" series. It focuses on two religious themes - "I Love Jesus and Buddha". While many would argue on the use of the religious theme on such a product such as underwear, Piss & Vinegar presents it in a way that questions people specifically men.

The brand's design is targetted towards the guy in his boldest sense who appreciates life in its fullness. It for those guys who can brave past through life's challenges. It piques interests and asks men the question "You think you have enough?" The question does not only focus on one's ability to fill his briefs but also referring to a guys intellect, fortitude and beliefs.

Truly a nice line of underwear for men.
Locally, in the Philippines you may grab their latest designs at Sherman Boutique in Makati Avenue.

Picture Credits: Piss & Vinegar Facebook page


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