Sunday, July 31, 2011


Countdown is up!
It's official. My first year blogging is finally coming. As I usher a new year in writing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank of all of you readers who have been with me all through the way. I promise things to be bigger, better and more wonderful. I would like not only to teach or entertain but also to inspire. I started blogging anew in 2010 during my most difficult times. The magic of words and colors of each picture made each of my day better as I was able to survive the storm.
This is Bluecloud, and hope to still be with you in my blog's 2nd year! Thank you!

- Jericho

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Beyonce dethrones Lady Gaga from the top spot while Pitbull/Ne-yo and Chris Brown/Justin Bieber finisehs at 2 and 3. Auburn's "All About Him" is this week's top debut at No. 9.

Friday, July 29, 2011


The Philippine Football team more popularly known as the Azkals have lost in their bid to qualify for the World Cup 2014 as it loses its Home game to Kuwait 2-1 eventually losing the tie in an aggregate score of 5-1.

The Azkals did make a game on its home turf as it scored the first goal courtesy of mid-fielder Stephan Schrock much to the frenzy and delight of the home fans. But that was as fas as it could go as it failed to score another one for the rest of the game. It is good to note however that the Philippine team has made strides in their efforts to build a stronger and better program for football. The World Cup 2014 goal may already be out of the eqaution but with this renewed popularity and interest in football, we could see only bigger things for the Azkals.

For now we can focus on winning the SEA Games and then probably the Asian Games. 2018 World Cup is now becoming more and more of a possibility. The Azkals have shown that they can match par for par with the rest of the world. Kuwait is not a shoo-in team specially in Asia so to limit them to a 2-1 scors at home is one feat. The Azkals have proven how strong they are on the defense side but in the next years, I think they should also give focus on offense. You can't win games with defense alone in football, you need to score. For all their efforts, congratulations Azkals. The Filipino people are all at your backs.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Lady Gag remains unbeaten in the top but Pitbull and Britney are pushing their way up to finish 2 and 3. Beyonce storms her way to a No. 4 debut while Selena Gomez and Jay Sean both move in to the Top 10.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Just a few more days and Bluecloud's Confessions will be celebrating its first year. Yup, it was that fast. Last August 2010 was the first time I got into regular blogging again and a year has almost passed that quick. There would be changes as I usher my 2nd year at blogging and I hope all of you regular readers would still be with me and I encourage you to let others know about my blog so as I would continue reaching other people through my random ramblings.

There will be surprises for the whole month of August like new items, new charts, promos for avid viewers and a whole lot more so do stay tuned for that.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


After 3 successful movies, the Spiderman franchise gets a reboot. While many fans are divided as to the new Spidey movies, I think it's fair to give it a chance. The teaser trailer lets us peak in some of the characters and even have a glimpse of how new Spidey Andrew Garfield would look like. I am excited to see Spiderman and thinks that the 2012 Comic Book adaptations (Batman, Avengers) will be better than 2011's batch (Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern).

Here's the teaser for the upcoming reboot of this Marvel powerhouse:

Photos and Trailers: Columbia Pictures


It is a sad day for the music industry as another one of its talented stars has left us again. Jazz contemporary singer Amy Winehouse died last July 23, 2011 at the age of 27 much akin to Kurt Cobain who also died at the same age. The details if the death is yet unknown but it is not a hidden fact that she has suffered from drug and liquor problems and handful of personal and legal conflicts & battles in the past few years.

Winehouse shoot to fame in 2007 when her sophomore album "Back to Black" made it big in the States after she got 6 Grammy nominations and went home with 5 wins including 3 of the BIG 4 trophies - "Best New Artist", "Record of the Year" and "Song of the Year". Her most famous song still remains to be "Rehab" which has sold millions not just in the US and UK but also worldwide. My personal favorites aside from rehab are "You Know I'm No Good" and "Tears Dry On Their Own".

Truly such a wonderful and brilliant musical talent gone adrift. If only she was stronger in her battles in life, she should have been a regular concert fixture and record sales would have just keep on going. For where she may be right now, all we can do is pray and thank her for the brief yet superb time she shared with us. Let us make sure that her music lives on in the future to come. Goodbye Amy!


Disney's Prom promised to give teens a reason to look forward to that penultimate day in high school but I guess it came short. Prom had the promise of being a good film but somehow everything turned to be not so good.

The film focuses on the life of class president Nova who has dedicated herself to making their high school promenade the best ever in history. You can say that she has it all - beauty, fame, wealth and brains but it seems she is without a special someone yet. The story could have been good if it would have focused on her more and her adventures the mischief guy Jesse. But instead a whole bunch of sub plots were scattered all over the place moving the storyline from one area to another. While the momentum has been building then a switch in the story totally kills it off. It could have been good as yet again the cast were from a diverse set of people from different descents but again too much was the killer in the movie.

I personally like Nova (Aimee Teegarden) and Jesse (Thomas McDonnell) but I guess the spark was not that much. The love factor is not that strong between the two which caused the love angle to somehow fail. Aside from the stuff mentioned above, the movie tried too hard to be wholesome as it is distributed and produced by Disney which makes it likeable to parents but not so with the real teens. We all know what generally happens during prom and those stuff featured in the film are not much of it, It's like too bubblegum pop and too fairytale like.

The occasional fun antics of the other casts make some good moments plus some of the good songs in the whole film. Other than that, there is not much to expect to "Prom". It's 3 out of 5 popcorns.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Cosplay is one of the hottest and fastest rising communities in the metro. It is a gathering of anime and cartoon fanatics who all dress up to look like their favorite characters in events specially for the cosplayers. In showbiz, one famous cosplayer is sexy vamp Alodia Gosengfiao who is already doing rounds in TV and print ads.

But for the men's sdie, one famous name always comes to front - JayEm Sison. The tall and hot hunk is creating waves everywhere he goes with his nice costumes and of course his exceptionally toned physique. He is a fan favorite among cosplayers and it is often than not that girls and gays alike flock to him to have a pic or even sometimes just marvel at his sexiness. Here's some of his wonderful pics in costume.

Picture Credits: Lea Navarra and JayEm's FB

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Almost 28 years of existence and I think I have experienced quite a lot. Each day was a continuous learning experience and a never ending search for purpose. Life may have presented a rather roller coaster ride with me but still all the days I have breathed life is just simple bliss. I had my highs and had my lows but through it all, I have lived to survive. We oftentimes always struggle to search for our meaning - our value and our purpose but me I think I know some answers. I am a glass and this is my glass called life.

I likened myself to a glass - initially boxed and ready to be opened. Element of surprise is always there as I try to unravel myself. Like a glass, I start out as clear and just waiting to be of use, to be filled and be cleaned after. In the process I am filled with all sorts of things. And all of them serves purpose, makes reasons. There are times when milk is filled in. It represents the times of innocence, purity and youth. It lets me live life as simple as it may be. Everything seems just so simple yet so nice. But not all times does my glass get filled by milk. Instances are it may be filled with water - hot, ice-cold, lukewarm or whatever type you may want to think of water. The sheer clearness of water pictures my life in those instances where there is peace, there is calmness. These are times when things are but normal, nothing extraordinary yet a part of what my life has been. Days may come that the glass is not used and kept to dust. Emptiness and somber embraces myself during these days. I have experienced quite a lot of these instances from people leaving me, people not loving me and people not wanting to love me. I felt so alone yet continue to expect and wish that the glass would be used again - to feel important and loved.

And times do come that the glass is filled with sodas or juices, representing vibrance and color. I have been through wonderful times in my life meeting people, reaching places, learning cultures and feeling loved. These are the happy times! And sometimes we tend to try some stuff that we have not tried much so when my glass starts to be filled with liquor. Throw out all limitations and sometimes crossing borders. These are times when the glass almost gets bumped and shattered. I got lost and have been through difficult times like this and somehow did came through.

And even if I try to live my life as I want it to be certain unexpected events do happen. My glass began to tumble - falling off the corners of my table and eventually falling down. As it slowly falls down, I was treated to a flashback of everything that has been and then it all went black as the glass touches the ground and break. My glass has been broken. These are the times when I really struggled. I fought through fear, pain and sufferings. They were all too powerful that there were points I am willing to succumb and give up. I thought that now that my glass is broken I don't have any purpose anymore. My life is a mess and I won't be able to patch things together.

And then I realized a lot of things, every situation brings out a different purpose and serve a different reason. Yes, the glass from which I used to pour liquid is gone and broken but then comes the value of the broom and the dustpan. It just means that in even in my most down of times, I still serve a purpose and that is to bring out the value in others. When I was down, a lot of people stood by me and helped me through. They became stronger for me, my family, my friends and my loved ones. They never gave and up and held on. And from these people, few would rise up and become inspirations. The glass may be broken but there might be things to be done. My family served as the glue that did patch each broken piece together. My friends became the designs and decorations full of colors that made up for the cracks. And my belief in GOD served as the flowers. The glass may be history but after putting all pieces together and decorating and adding wrappings on the patched up glass, a new one was born. Not a glass anymore but a vase. One that can be filled with flowers to serve as joy-bringers and inspiration to others.

My purpose as a glass may have not been existing anymore but after all the trials and hardships, I have resurfaced and shed all negativities. Now, I am a newly created vase - ready once more to serve a new purpose and continue living my life. My life is not gonna stop with one trial. When other difficulties come along the way, I am ready coz I know I can get by.


And the verdict is out. We have a new Number 1 in FHM. Model turned actress Sam Pinto is 2011's Sexiest Woman in FHM. She bested former winners Marian Rivera, Angel Locsin and Cristine Reyes in one of the more hotly contested years so far. Former Kapamilya Pinto makes a big leap from No. 32 last year to No. 1 this year leapfrogging last year's Angel Locsin who settles for 3rd and 2009 winner Cristine Reyes who settles for 4th. She also nipped past 2008's sexiest Marian Rivera who has to settle for 2nd this year.

Sam first grabbed attention in Pinoy Big Brother before gracing FHM's cover in July 2010 and jumping home stations to the Kapuso network. She has numerous commercials and endorsements as of date. Movie wise, she has been part of 2010's Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote and 2011's Catch Me I'm In Love. She will be seen next in the movie adaptation of GMA series Tween Hearts.

Congratulations Sam!


Here are the songs that are currently playing in my music list based on preferences, Billboard charts, music channel charts. radio charts and others. Lady Gaga remains glued for a 3rd week at No. 1 as Pitbull and Ne-yo becomes this week's biggest gainer moving in to No.3 while Jay Sean makes the highest debut at No.11.


I have not made lengthy blogs of late, thanks to an ever erratic schedule with work. Well, that's the price I have to pay for being an accountant. And that being said, I just noticed that I failed to actually put something about the Thai movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" or also known as "A Little Thing Called Love" or "First Love".

This love story is something that really everyone could relate to. It surely touches one's heart. Have you ever remembered the time during school days when you have a crush and he/she seems so far away? I guess everytime a premise like this is presented into a film, people could actually relate that quick. The story focuses on P'Nam played by actress Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol whose transformation in the film from ugly duckling to gorgeous swan was that remarkable. Even when she did not have her makeover, it is evident that she is indeed a pretty girl. She has an undying crush to Chon played by cutie Mario Maurer who seems to have it all - looks, talent, good attitude, pleasing personality and all. What is shown in here is that love can grow and blossom into something spectacular. Once one feels it, then it should be nurtured. The difficulties presented in the film is generally the same issues youths face in everyday's life. Love, fame, popularity and acceptance.

What makes this film striking aside from the love angle is that it was presented in a very funny way. This is one  of the more brilliantly directed comedies I have seen in a while. The comedic timings of both Mario and Pimchanok were both worthy of applause. The support cast also outdone themselves. The triumvirate friends of Nam were all perfectly witty and funny. I also liked the character of Top played by Acharanat Ariyaritwikol who had a great crush on Nam and eventually became her boyfriend at some point. He's a looker as well. But if we are gonna spell funny at its best, then it should be attributed to Teacher Inn who was perfectly portrayed by Sudarat Budtporm. She was just hilarious and convincing as the not so pretty teacher who has a great crush on one of the hottest professors on campus. Her antics makes me laugh by much.

Crazy Thing Called Love would have not been extra special if not for its wonderful musical score. It makes people really dive into the situation. You'll feel happy when they want you to and you'll shed a tear on scenes that you need to. Overall, this is a great movie. Maybe our Filipino directors, producers and writers could learn a thing or two on this Thai film. It does not need for a film to be overly casted and complicated. What usually works is a simple story base to start with a great script to go on.

This is definitely a 5 out 5 popcorns.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Oftentimes, movie franchises end up losing steam as it age with time but Harry makes a wonderful exception. With its decade long existence in the movies scene, the Harry Potter movie series only got bigger and better with each installment. And this franchise ending deserves a round of applause and a standing ovation.

All i could say about Harry Potter could not be summed up with few words as it is one of the greater films of the year and of all-time. Harry's adventure comes to an end after 10 years and 8 books brought to life on screen. This last film showcases the ultimate battle between good and evil and how the good triumphs amidst adversities. Although, the film did depart from the book at some way or another, it has somehow given justice to the wonderful journey of Harry, Ron and Hermione. This is the first Harry movie that makes it in 3D format and it did not disappoint. The visuals were wonderful and well crafted. You'll feel the somber of the moment with the darkness of the scenes and feel the drama with every moment. The cinematography was once again splendid and breathtaking. it is like you are really there in the scene and sharing the moment with Harry and the rest of Hogwarts.

I can also say that this has the most of hearts in all the Harry movies. Rather than just focusing on magic and battle scenes, David Yates never feared in giving us stand-out performances from the cast. The film made sure that it touches one's hearts. The deaths of some of the main characters in the film were so touching. One dateh really made me weep by a bit. I won't tell as some might have not watched the film yet. Plus more touching moments come when Harry discovers his true fate. What if everything is already planned and you are destined to die at the end? That's Harry's dilemna at the latter part of the movie.

The performances of the cast were commendable. Daniel Radcliffe was again convincing as Harry so as with his superfriends Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint). The others on supporting cast were also convincing as usual in their roles. Ralph Fiennes who played Lord Voldemort has evil written all over him and was such a nasty persona on screen. Helena Bonham Carter was ever so annoying and convincing while playing Bellatrix. And I just loved Severus Snape more in this film as he was effortlessly played by Alan Rickman. Even the subtleness of Maggie Smith's performance is to be noted in this one.

Overall, Harry Potter last hurrah was a bag full of greatness - from directing, storylines, acting, effects, sounds and as many more you can mention. For sure Harry will be missed. But remember one thing, help will come to those who deserve them. Harry Potter's wonderful cinematic journey comes to an end. Definitely 5 out 5 popcorns.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Just this morning, a breaking news has awakened me and the rest of the community in Pasay where I stay. A fire has started and OMG, it is just blocks away from our house. The fire started at one store in Inquimboy Street along Taft Avenue. The fire started at Alert Level 5 and caused panic among a lot of people in the area. Our valuables were secured just in case the worst thing happen.

Good thing the fire alert level has been downgraded to Level 3 as of writing but the smoke in the area still persists and is causing some difficulty in vision and even in breathing. Bad thing is that the unofficial news has 4 people dying of suffocation in one of the boarding houses affected near the scene of the fire.

The firemen are still closely monitoring the fire and let's all pray things would go back to normal as soon as possible. The photos above are taken by me through my Blackberry.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am a big fan of Christian Bautista as far as the OPM scene is concerned. There's a certain magic in his voice that makes you feel so happy and contented. His voice soothes one's heart and could really sweep a girl off her feet.

His star continues to shine even brighter as he now releases a new song, "I'm Already King" together with this nice video you can see below. This song is theme song to his international movie "Special Symphony" which will have its special premiere night on July 31, 2011, 7 PM at SM Megamall. The film will have its regular run starting August 3 across Metro Manila theaters.

Video Courtesy of Universal Record Ph
Youtube Link:


Well, one of the items I usually crave for is the Blizzard of DQ. Such tempting feast for the sweet tooth, the blizzard has lots of flavors to choose from and each one is definitely good. And as usual, what sets them apart from the other ice cream houses on town is their serving of the ice cream upside down. Truly they have some of the most delectable ice creams I have tasted. all of them and definitely have my favorites like Chocolate Chips and Oreo. Also I love their Mango Cheesecake among the newer flavors they have. Wow, yummy yummy yum!!!

Here are some of my pics with my bestfriend Chris and his brother Christian doing the rounds at SM Mall of Asia and enjoying the best of DQ's Blizzard.


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