Monday, January 31, 2011


2011 was off to a great start for me as things are falling into their places one by one. But suddenly things changed. Darkness once again looms...

Just when I thought the showers of blessings won't stop, then suddenly a storm of problems creep in... slowly flooding out the happiness with never ending sorrow and grief. I have been in too many emotional roller coasters and yet I am back in familiar territory yet again. The barrage of rain falling coupked by the rage of the strong winds just won't cease. Helplessly I sit and cry... And then I held my head up and looked at the dark sky.

"It'll soon end!" Now, it's just time to wait for my rainbow bend...


Philippines has another person to really be proud of. Our very own Danica Flores Magpantay was hailed as 2011's Ford Supermodel of the Year. After winning the crown to be our country's representative last year as part of the PFW 2010, she has proven that she is a worthy winner as she bested 70 other contestants in the said pageant. The contest was held last January 22 in New York City.

This is the first time a Filipina grabbed the top prize in the said pageant and only the second time an Asian has ever won. South Korea won it in 2008. Let's all congratulate Danice for this wonderful feat!

Phot Credits: Yahoo Images

Friday, January 28, 2011


For a few days already, SM Mall of Asia has ushered in the coming of the Chinese New Year. 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. And as part of welcoming the new Chinese year, MOA has placed 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal figures at the Main Atrium together with several forecasts for the year ahead.

I did get a chance to post on my chinese zodiac animal which is the PIG (I'm born in 1983). My bestfriend did his share of posing as well. He's a ROOSTER (1981). The zodiac says it would be a better year for me and I really hope so! Keep fingers crossed.


Bed is back. After a fire has made them close shop for a while in 2010, BED Manila has once again opened its doors for more fun and music since last December. I have not been to the new BED but will do so when time permits. By the looks on the photos on their site, this is definitely bigger and much more sleek BED.

So. let's celebrate once more and have the parties of your life with friends and strangers alike. BED Manila is back and destined to stay.

BED Manila is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays and doors open at 10 PM.

Photo Credits: Bed Manila website


It has been a while since a Grand Slam final does not have the name of Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal on it. But in 2011 Australian Open, it surely was the case. An injury to Rafa has caused his dream of a "Rafa Slam" shut as he bowed in straight sets to cuntrymen David Ferrer in the quarterfinals. It was not long enough that rival and world number 2 Roger Federer followed suit. He was unceremoniously dispatched in staright sets as well by Novak Djokovic in the semifinals. Nole will be facing the winner of the other semifinal with pits Ferrer and British hope Andy Murray.

Who will win this AO 2011? My bet is on Djokovic.


The first movie review I'll be doing for 2011 is for "Love and Other Drugs". Based on the Jamie Reidy memoir "Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman", this film lets us follow Maggie (Anne Hathaway) and Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) as they discover more about themselves and found out love with each other. There were a lot of conflicts in the story beginning with Jamie's womanizing ways and the idea of how a player could fall for a girl in the purest and most sincere of ways. There's also Maggie's character who has Parkinson's and just sees guys as a pasttime for her to do sex with. That and a whole lot more of emotional drama is packed in this film.

Though not as compelling as other love dramas I have watched in the past, it still did justice specifically in the latter part of the film wherein Jamie follows Maggie to confess how important she is to him. Not your conventional love story but surely people can still relate. I shed a tear or two on that scene. And let's not forget that it has also some of the steamiest scenes where Hathaway just blatantly exposes her tits which makes jaws drop and Gyllenhaal doing his butt exposing tactics. I might say both are hot.

For me, Love and Other Drugs was okay. Now, up to you if you want to be under the influence of this film. 3 out 5 popcorns.

Photo Credits: Yahoo Movies


After their successful run at the Vivre Fort's 100 Bachelors last September 2010, the guys of Vfort are now back and are ready for big time fame. They are recently recording singles that they are planning for release this 2011. The guys are indeed here once more to swoon you and sweep you off your feet. Despite one of the former members leaving the group, still the five left sill surely bring nice sounds to your ears.

They have released demo singles already - a version of Uncle Kracker's "Follow Me" and an OPM song "Mahal na Mahal Kita". Here's the latter song and enjoy listening. Congrats and hope for more success in 2011 to the five of you. Kristoff Guela, Kerwin Caballero, Miguel Lago, Visam Arenas and Brian Galicia.


Youtube Link:
Photo Credits: Vfort Fb Page


Well, it has been days since I finally read this news that with the upcoming "Dark Knight Rises" movie, Catwoman will be one of the villains. And while a lot has been speculating who would eventually land the role as Selina Kyle, it was a big news as Anne Hathaway was named to play the role. Well, I like Anne and for me she is indeed pretty and can be smoky hot. Let's see how she can fit into the role made famous by Michelle Pfeiffer and made infamous by Halle Berry. Can't wait for that.

While we are waiting for that, we can catch Anne as one of the hosts of the Academy Awards together with James Franco (127 Hours) and of course the romantic caper "Love and Other Drugs".


2010 was my first full plunge into the world of blogging ang the responses were really overwhelming. Over 100 followers in FB page for my blog and 60 followers via google. It was so nice to be one of the nominees for the Philippine Blog Awards as well. But the more encouraging citations and awards are really the ones coming from your fellow bloggers. Thanks Hazel for this nice award. =)

To accept this award, there are certain rules to follow:

1. Thank and link back to who gave the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to seven blogs you've recently discovered and enjoyed.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

And so as the rule says, here are the beans I will spill about me. =)

1. I am an accounting graduate so I like numbers (a lot). But I'm not boring as what most people think of Accountants. Maybe them, but not me. =)
2. I like the performing arts as I sing (even tried out for Philippine Idol) and I dance as well.
3. I like to travel a lot - meeting new people, exploring cultures and seeing all the scenic views of the Philippines and the world.
4. I love pictures - may it be a picture of me, my family, my friends or all the beautiful things this world has to offer. The simple thought of taking shots amazes me and makes me appreciate life.
5. I love watching movies. I can watch movies for the entirety of the day. (just need food on the side to keep me busy) I am a sucker for drama and love story. But just about anything interests me as well.
6.  I do some sports as well and have tried most of them except swimming (dunno how to swim) and biking (dunno how to ride a bike, hahaha). I play badminton, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, bowling, frisbee, I run etc. etc.
7. I am definitely unique. If you are looking for someone who is a bundle of everything, then find me. I find interest even in the nothingness of things. Eccentric as I may say or weird by some perspective. At any case, pure human being with a heart that loves and soul that cares.

Here are the seven people that has somehow made my daily blogging and reading fun an nice. Keep those writing pens going as you are truly great people. =)

Thanks to all. Happy 2011!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The Men of Hollywood really ruled most of the tinseltown's releases and headlines. For 2010, here's my Top 10.

1. Johnny Depp
- Alice In Wonderland is one of the highest grossing films for 2010 and one of its wonders was the enigmatic Johnny Depp. And despite being criticized for his role in the film "The Tourist", he still prove to be too much of a hot selling pancake. In 2011, we'll see more of him in the newest installment to the Pirates of the Carribean franchise.

2. Taylor Lautner
- GQ posts, magazine covers and headlines were a big part of Taylor's year. Let us not forget his role as Jacob Black in "Eclipse" and his bit role in the film "Valentine's Day" with then fling Taylor Swift. And man, does he have a gorgeous body. While few people still wonder if he can draw audiences outside a "Twilight" film, I don't mind watching him as Jacob.

3. Leonardo Dicaprio
- "Shutter Island" was good but "Inception" was just great. Leo has really grown into one of the finest actors in Hollywood, graduating from the teeny bopper and boy next door image he once had. It was in Nolan's epic that he once again showed his box-office draw.

4. Andrew Garfield
- Flashback to 2009 and for sure you won't notice Andrew in "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" with his bit role as Anton. But after a relatively huge success with 2010's "The Social Network", he has now become one of the fastest rising stars in the land. And I simply could not wait for his superhero turn in the reboot of "Spiderman".

5. Robert Pattinson
- We all know him as Edward Cullen and yes that really made him much of a celebrity he is right now. But 2010 saw Robert venture into some projects as well most notably "Remember Me" which did just good in the tills. Now, question is where will he be after the end of the Twilight series in 2011?

6. Justin Timberlake
- Although JT is relatively quiet in the music industry, he has somehow kept his busy schedule in movies. He voiced over for "Yogi Bear" and was one of the bigger revelations in the acclaimed movie 'The Social Network".

7. Zac Efron
- High School Musical brought success to Zac and he has since then been one of the young draws in Hollywood. Even if "Charlie St. Cloud" received luke warm reception both in the box-office and the critics, I still find that movie endearing and shows that Zac can act.

8. Daniel Radcliffe
- Mr. Harry Potter himself has once again made big numbers on part 1 of "The Deathly Hallows". We would be missing him as he bids goodbye to the silverscreen with Part 2 scheduled this 2011. I wonder what's next for Daniel?

9. Ryan Reynolds
- 2010 saw him voted as the Sexiest Man Alive and with a hot babe on his side (Scarlett Johansson), his hot meter seems to just go up and up. "Buried" did not make big bucks but we're sure eager to see his upcoming film, "The Green Lantern".

10. Channing Tatum
- "Dear John" worked for me even if others don't specifically like it. Oh I miss the days when Channing dances his way ala "Step Up".

Photo Credits: Yahoo images

Saturday, January 22, 2011


2010 saw Hollywood rely mostly on seasoned veterans and a few young stars on the rise. Here's my Top 10 ladies who made my viewing pleasure really a pleasure.

1. Angelina Jolie
- Brangelina news was just everywhere, anytime and anywhere and Ms. Jolie made things more interesting last year. She gets back to the action scene in the big screen with a very successful film "Salt". Though at the end of the year she was panned for her performance in "The Tourist", well oddly enough she gets a Golden Globe nomintaion for it.

2. Emma Watson
- Hermione sported a new look in 2010 with a boyish crop but she has really grown into a fine lady. And while her stint in the Harry Potter movies is shortly coming to an end, I hope that she'll get more movie projects along the way. For 2011, HP8 is gonna make us see her again.

3. Kristen Stewart
- Kristen has once again been part of the headline grabbing "Eclipse", the third film in the "Twilight" saga. I don't know but I like her by much. She shows a bit of fragileness that makes her irresistible and delightful to watch.

4. Julia Roberts
- Julia has shown once again that she is indeed a very talented thespian. After a relatively silent 2009, she starred in the feel-good movie "Eat, Pray, Love". She was convincing in there making me wanna visit Italy, India and Indonesia. Well, I have been to Bali already and it was indeed nice.

5. Miley Cyrus
- Never mind if a lot of peole criticized her for fastforwarding her adulthood. She became sexier and added a new edge to her career. Her recent videos and performances were all revealing by some standards. Although Miley can be seen as her usual bubbly person in the film "The Last Song" which I liked.

6. Lea Michele
- Though Lea is conquering TV land only, she has stirred quite headlines and controversies along the way as well. Her GQ fold with her Glee mates sure did elicit publicity may it be good or bad.

7. Heidi Klum
- 2010 saw Heidi's departure from the Victoria's Secret fold. But that does not make her less of a hottie mom. She was seen in the steamy video of Seal "Secrets". And she still keeps her "Project Runway" show.

8. Jessica Alba
- Still flaming hot. Despite her not doing the rounds in the films recently, she still remains on my brain cells. Well, I just hoped that she gets more movies in '11. She ended the year with abit role in the "Little Fockers" film.

9. Megan Fox
- It was truly a roller coaster year for Megan and not really on a good way. She was dropped off the Transformers franchise after a feud with Michael Bay and her "Jonah Hex" film was jinxed and bombed at the box-office. But her good looks alone made it for me as she takes a spot on my Top 10. And also, she was nice in "Love The Way You Lie" video.

10. Scarlett Johansson
- Yes, sexy as ever. ScaJo has made it big in 2010 with her inclusion in the highly successful Iron Man series. Her role in there will also form part of the upcoming "Avengers" film. What's next for sexy Scarlett?

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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Photography has always been one of my interests and in 2010 I commend the 10 people who I admire with their shooting skills. And while the interest on female subjects has been around for so long, the focus on male photography is now getting more and more popular. Here are my picks.

1. Ian Felix Alquiros

2. JayD Ramos

3. Dan Santos

4. Ash Reginald Evasco

5. Brian Philip Galicia

6. Khalel Zantillan

7. Ahleks Fusilero

8. Jason Paul Calma Laxamana

9. Van Mike Burgos

10. JR Sala

Photo credits:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I might seem biased but most of the ladies on y list came from tennis, a sport I love to watch and also have tried playing. 2010 truly belong to them as the rest of the ladies from other sports did not really make much of an impact. Here's my top 10.

1. Serena Williams
- I don't mind the Serena haters. What I know is that when she palys and when she's healthy, she can beat the rest of the pack. Winning the AO and Wimbledon in 2010, she could not keep much of her ranking points as she failed to play in the US Open. But still for me she is tennis' top female.

2. Maria Sharapova
- Gorgeous. I simply love MaSha. Never mind her shrieks on the court, she still plays nice tennis. Slowly climbing back the rankings after injuries, she also graced several magazines and newspapers with her endorsements and her relationship with NBA star Sasha Vujacic.

3. Elena Dementieva
- You will be sorely missed. My personal opinion is that she is the best player never have to won a Slam. After an uninspiring campaign in 2010, she called it quits and the tennis world surely misses one of the best sportswomen in the game.

4. Michelle Wie
- The first non-tennis star in the list is ace golfer Michelle Wie. Long touted as one of the brighter prospects of golf, she somehow failed to live by the expectations. But in 2010, she has once again shown her great form and won one title in Canada silencing her critics for now.

5. Danica Patrick
- The world of racing is an often masculine heavy sport but with Danica Patrick in NASCAR, it has somehow added a different dimension. Not as competitive as the other drivers are, she still never fails to spring surprises in some occassions.

6. Aliya Mustafina
- Russian gymnast Mustafina has really made a big impact in 2010. Winning golds at the World Championship (Team and All-Around), she has stamped her class after suffering an injury early on in 2010.

7. Kim Yu-Na
- Immense pressure for the Korean as she entered the Olympics. Anything less than gold is considered a failure for her. After all, she is the 2009 World Champion , the 2009 Four Continents champion and 2006 World Junior champ to name a few of her achievements. And she delivered winning and adding an Olympic Gold to her already crowded shelf of trophies.

8. Ana Ivanovic
- Serbia's Ivanovic groped for form in the most part of 2010 but she managed to end the year on a high note, winning matches and tournaments along the way. But aside from that, she's on the list because I simply like her. For me, she's the prettiest face there is.

9. Lindsey Vonn
- Champion Alpine Skiier won the downhill gold in 2010 Olympics.

10. Caroline Wozniacki
- She is full of smiles and I don't mind if she is being criticized for reaching the number 1 ranking without winning any Slam. She's great and she's still young. I know she would win some one of these days. Kim Clijsters was like that as well sometime in her career, right?

Credits: Yahoo Images, Facebook


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