Sunday, May 12, 2013


For 9 months you carried me effortlessly in your womb. 29 years and so you're still trying to carry me with all your might and strength. No exact words could describe you. You're strong, lovely, sweet, superb and whole bunch more. 


Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Election fever is up and we are again faced of choosing 12 senatoriables who we wish to make some changes in our country. I will give some of my points on some of the hopefuls for this 2013 elections. At the end of each simple thoughts on each candidate is a YES for a sure vote from me, NO for definitely not and MAYBE if I might possibly still include in my list.

Angara, Sonny
- I would have to say that for me he is very likeable candidate, although his image is not as relatable to the masses as the others. I like that he focuses only on few items to really trigger if he gets elected and that is education. YES

Aquino, Bam
- For me, I think his plans for the Senate are a bit too dreamy but hey he's a newbie so I say let him be. Although I am not particularly liking him by much, his aspirations and youthful energy might just infuse a different vibe into the Senate which is currently becoming a bit too old already. YES

Binay, Nancy
- Before I liked her honesty in saying that a big part of her popularity is her last name attributed to her father. But after seeing her defend herself in almost all tirades against her, I was like, is this for real, is she running for senator???? Simply put it, NO

Cayetano, Peter
- His plans and platforms from the last time he ran for Senate remained. What does that mean? Nothing changed? The answer is no, there were some changes but not really noticeable ones. I'd rather have those small changes for good than no changes at all. YES

Cojuangco, Tingting
- My first reaction was okay but where will this take us? I did not see any concrete plans. She would be a fresh blood at the Senate but I doubt her motives of entering such. MAYBE

Estrada, JV
- I like the way Estrada and the rest of his clan has been performing on any level of governance. It might just be a sad thing that their father has had a tarnish on his record but I see him as one with will and confidence. I believe he will do what is necessary when placed in the Senate. YES

Enrile, Jack
- He is a bit more likeable than his father but from what I see his father has something more in him. I do not see him as someone that could last the rigors of the Senate world. Plus his lousy TV ad campaign just makes me a bit off. MAYBE

Escudero, Chiz
- Has been one of the usual frontrunners in the senatorial races. But his recent flops (most recent ones I could remember about are the Cybercrime Law clause on libel and his involvement with star Heart Evangelista). He used to be in my top list but now maybe just fillers. YES

Gordon, Dick
- Has a good track on Governance but his alliance is something I am quite unsure of. He has made some tremendous jobs while in local government and even when he served as Senator. Small yet very charismatic guy but his luster may have faded through the years. MAYBE

Hagedorn, Ed
- I liked what happened in Palawan during his term but what I do not specifically admire is his sometimes stubborn attitude and his over-the-top way of thinking. Although, that may help the Senate, I like something a bit safer. MAYBE

Hontiveros, Risa
- She really has very good academic and political credentials and is one of the tops in terms of that area. But she lacks a bit of charisma that regular masses look forward but that could be developed. Hope voters could see what she could do. YES

Legarda, Loren
- Ever since her love-hate relationship with Batanguenos thanks largely to her husband, I disliked her attitude and demeanor. Her loyalty is something also questionable to me. Her plans and what she has done while in  Senate are of course unquestionable as she done quite a lot but I guess it's time to have room for new blood. NO

Maceda, Ernie
- All I could say is I need fresh blood. Well, in the Philippines that means son, cousin etc... But I think he has served his best. NO

Madrigal, Jamby
- I still remember her debut in Senate when she was endorsed by one of the hottest showbiz properties Judy Ann Santos. And who could forget her caps, baller IDs, fans and other small items as giveaways. She was given a chance at the Senate and did well but is well good enough? Maybe not this time around. NO

Magsaysay, Mitos
- I don't have anything to say about her as I don't know much about her. That being said. NO

Magsaysay, Jun
- He has done quite a lot already in his Senate journey and I guess it's time for him to rest and enjoy and see what he has done. He can still help without being in Senate but if really need to fill those slots he might just be one of those first ones. MAYBE

Pimentel, Koko
- Koko Pimentel has showed that he really fights for the right and for justice as he waited to be seated rightfully on the 12th slot on the last elections. Now he's back and raring he can perform well on a full term. I believe his ideals. YES

Poe, Grace
- Grace may be riding on the popularity of FPJ's name but i believe on his basic credentials and that he wants to continue the legacy of his father and what his father really wants, So sad that his political ads are somehow comedic than realistic. YES

Trillanes IV, Antonio
- Firm, strong and very confident. Trillanes may have served a different route on the way to Senate but he has shown some grit and responsibility along the way. With what he has done from before, I'm just a bit concerned. MAYBE

Villanueva, Eddie
- Former presidential candidate Brother Eddie hasn't lost hope on landing a good post in the Nationals but I do not see him doing that well. NO

Villar, Cynthia
- She may be often referred to as Manny Villar's wife but she done quite well in public service as well and has pioneered some good projects on her own. She is one that could make a fresh thinking on making jobs in the Senate, something we usually rely on international investors lately. YES

Zubiri, Migs
- Save for the good looks, he has done a good job in his local governance in the province and continued that in his Senate days. His name may have been constantly dragged into several controversies but he remains one of the better bets for a Senate seat but for this time I am a bit unsure. MAYBE


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