Friday, December 16, 2016


Last time I have featured Nectar which is the newest LGBTQ home at the center of Taguig. And only after a few weeks, Nectar has spawned into something that is not just established as a party hub but as a game changer. The new club shows how loud and proud gays can be in this new world. Slowly the days of cruelty and discrimination are slowly fading into oblivion. Nectar is here and was established to celebrate not being gay but being human. Because whatever gender identity or sexual orientation one has, we are all human at the end of the day - equals in every facet of life. Kudos to the people who have brought together Nectar. I can only wish for better days to come and greater endeavors to ensue. And a great shout out to all. Look at the CR's signage! It just goes to show that whoever or whatever we are, it really does not matter. Coz we are all human beings.

Photo Credits: David Dennis FB page

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