Monday, November 28, 2016


Out and proud! Loud and happy!
The LGBT clubbing scene was again injected with a brand new energy that reinvigorated the way gimik nights will be spent moving forward. It has been years since a dedicated club for LGBT community has been established and Nectar is set to put the dance floors ablaze as it opened its doors to the public last November 25, 2016.

Despite Nectar being a club for the gay community, it has combined the brains and glitter of both the straight and gay clubbing scenes. From the brainchild of local clubbing's giant players like Valkyrie, Republiq, Opus and Bed plus the most renowned LGBT event series in the Philippines, Jungle Circuit Party, usually held in Boracay, Nectar promises to be a big hit and if the first day is a good indication then this club is destined for greatness.

Nectar promises to be the haven of electronic sound and mainstream music that is set to put your dancing shoes to great use. As sweet sounding as its name, Nectar will sure fill the space of gay clubbing in the metro and a brave move to have it at a center place like Taguig. Monday is a rest day for the club but the rest of the week is definitely filled with a lot of stuff.

Tuesdays are dedicated for the lesbians and hosted by local celebrities Kaye Morales and Divine Smith. Wednesday nights would never be the same with DJ Mike Lavet and hosted by Austin Castaneda and LGBT icon Paulo Castro. Thursdays will keep the fire burning with Fame Night at Opus’ Lounge hosted by Kris Nuevo and Toy Armada as their premiere DJ. Friday nights will definitely sizzle with former BED resident DJ Brian Cua and Saturdays will be on blaze with Jungle Circuit Party's Kris Nuevo and Prince Stefan, with music from resident DJ Jay Santos.

Photos from Nectar FB page.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Star Wars: Rouge One, Twilight, Moana, Dr. Strange, Surf's Up and ImPopster pops all coming in this 3-day event happening from November 25-November 27, 2016. Guests include Rob Prior, Stefan Kapicic and Tara Reid (American Pie). Loads of surprises and fun activities are in line for all people and the best part is admission is free.

Pop! exclusives will be all over the place plus exciting new releases that are definitely a good addition to your growing collections. Prize giveaways will be plenty in the 3-day activity so be sure to visit Solaire in any of those days. Here are the schedules for the meet & greet of the guests.


First things first, I was never a big fan of Dr. Strange in the entire Marvel Universe so to begin with I was not too keen in watching this film. Add the fact that the titular role of Dr. Strange went to Benedict Cumberbatch, who I am not a big fan of and who I just knew from his roles in Star Trek and the Hobbit film series. But nothing to take away from the film. It was good but did not blow me away.

As the 14th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was actually expecting more as I know Dr. Strange's character has a lot to do with the next films in the MCU but I was left hanging by a bit. Story wise I felt it was a bit lacking at some points but definitely this film has excelled in some ways or another. The stunning visuals were just great and I think that alone did justice in the new world MCU is trying to introduce. But for an intro film of a relatively new character, I believe this should have been better. It was cool and again Marvel and Disney did well in the visual spectacle and once more limped a bit on the story line aspect.

The action scenes were plainly filled with spectacles more like you are in trapped in the worlds of Inception and The Matrix. You will feel like you are inside one Rubik's cube and feel such a kaleidoscopic effect or as some may say a bit dizzying flurry of visuals. The film however failed to capitalize on the rich story behind Dr. Strange and just focused more on the aesthetics leaving people to actually yearn for more. The emotional part of the film somehow felt insufficient. I think only when the film was showcasing its lavish visual effects was it able to leverage on Dr. Strange's character. It was good but not close to excellence.

8 out of 10 popcorns!

Monday, November 21, 2016


What is in every drop of the rain that makes me feel the emotions of melancholy - a subtle sadness emanating from within? In our lives we are often caught into different situations, some of which test our strength, our courage and our will to survive. There are instances when we feel so down that we can't seem to believe that we can hurdle such obstacles. In those moments, all I could ask is a little help from the rain. That somehow each drop conceals the pain and the sadness and that the true feelings be hidden where no one else would notice.

That is why I love the rain so much. The rain somehow douses the pain. It eases the hurt that is lying in the innermost portion of the heart. It is when it rains that I can freely let go of my tears so that they would not be recognized and that they fall in sync with the raindrops making it seem like a nice moment despite the difficulties. The rain is there hoping to wash away the aches. The rain will be there to take out the hurt and the pain. It may be a way to hide everything but who am I not to succumb to those instances. I don't want people to see me sad and I don't want myself to feel so hopeless and lonely.

The somber mood brought about by the rain helps. Hope that when the raindrops cease from its downpour, the same sad feelings would also put into a stop. I just hope that at the end of every rain, the next few days won't be into hiding anymore. I wish that life after each storm is way much brighter - that one day I can effortlessly flash a smile back into my face.

But for now, thanks for the rain....

- Bluecloud's Confessions


After a 6 year hiatus, The Amazing Race Asia returns to TV via AXN for its fifth season and once again the challenge and the race promises to be great and challenging at the same time. Allan Wu returns as the main host while Tara Basro, an Indonesian actress served as Wu's co-host while they were in Indonesia.

Rei & Keiji

Vicky & Rachel

Lisa & Nicole

A total of 11 teams started the race in Jakarta but to some big twists and surprises. First time in the team's history that a team will be eliminated right at the start of the race causing the Vietnamese team of Lisa and Nicole to be eliminated from the get go. Malaysia gets 3 teams in this edition of the race followed by familiar countries like Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore who have 2 teams a piece. Thailand also gets one team into the race for this fifth edition.

Brandon & Alphaeus

Will & Alex

Tom & Anita

Early on favorites include Malaysian School friends Brandon & Alphaeus, Muscle Brothers also from Malaysia Will & Alex and dating couple from Thailand Tom & Anita. All of which have been already eliminated after 6 legs of the race so far.

Parul & Maggie

Yvonne & Chloe

Treasuri & Louisa

3 all-female teams which includes two beauty queen tandems - Parul & Maggie (Philippines) and Yvonne & Chloe (Malaysia) plus the early leaders Indonesian Treasuri and Louisa were surprisingly among the 5 teams left currently together with couples Eric & Rona (Philippines) and radio DJs JK and Mike (Singapore). With each of the team not showing complete consistency, I am still pinning my hopes on Eric & Rona to take home the title again for the Philippines. Outside of the first edition where RP team were the first 2 eliminated, the country's representatives have done well in the next 3 editions placing in the Top 3 for each of the editions - Season 2 (Marc & Rovilson - 3rd place); Season 3 (Geoff & Tisha - 2nd place) and Season 4 (Richard & Richard - Winner).

JK & Mike

Eric & Rona

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Pinoy Big Brother has had great share of young upstarts introduced into the world of showbiz. And for this edition of PBB, it seems they have one gem found yet again. Meet PBB's hottest find for this season - Tanner Mata.

Filipino American Tanner Mata, towering at 6 foot 1 inch tall has surely caught attention to a lot of TV viewers and netizens alike as after his introduction as one of the regular housemates, search engines went berserk as every page or picture he has in the web has suddenly went viral. This hottie model definitely is a looker. His great face coupled with his sexy body has surely been one to watch in the newest edition of PBB. Not only is his strong and appealing looks makes him likeable but his nice demeanor in front of the camera as well.

The brown-eyed Tanner hails from Nueva Ecija, but grew up in the US with his mother and stepfather. He was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and started strutting the runway on Philippine shores just this May when he decided to settle in Manila. He has been a regular already for some ramp and print campaigns as well as a household name amongst photographers. And that is a no-brainer. He has all the goods that is in the making of a great celebrity.

Tanner can be regularly seen as he is still inside Big Brother's house but for sure ABS-CBN has already a lot in line for this hunky guy. We can't wait for his return to the outside world as he will surely be a staple name in the TV giant's growing roster of talent.

Need I say more? I don't thinks so. Let the pictures do the talking.


The National University Pep Squad was successfully anew as they grabbed the top prize in the UAAP Cheerdance 2016 besting 6 other schools in the collegiate league. The NU team found themselves doing a rare 4-peat as it takes home the top prize for the 4th year running besting out Far Eastern University which settled for 2nd and Adamsons University which placed 3rd overall.

The Annual cheerdance competition was once again missing former powerhouse UP Pep Squad but the battle was never short of intense. NU proved to be the more consistent and more technical among the 7 teams fighting for the top spot. Their formations, pyramids and transitions were simply on spot and everyone was just waiting for the formal announcement as from the get-go NU was already the obvious winners. Congratulations to the NU Pep Squad.


The Morning After finally opens its newest branch in Makati. Located at 2F Eton Towers Makati, Rufino cor. Dela Rosa Street, this new food haven takes you to a treat of different breakfasts from all around the world. The Morning After offers breakfast to its customers as all-day comfort food for family and friends.

Not only does this restaurant boast of its breakfast treats but it also makes a good selection of other dishes such as pizza, pasta, desserts and a whole lot more. Since this is the first time I have tried this resto, I am giving out my review for some of the points that should be noted for on your every dining visit.

Food Taste: 9 out 10
I have only tasted their Sisig Vigan Bagnet and I truly enjoyed the sumptuous taste of it. It captures the essence of the 2 dishes Sisig and Bagnet and carefully combines them into one wonderful dish. The egg on the side when combined with the sisig bagnet combo added flavor to the entire meal. The food grows within as you do your every much which makes every bite really tasty.

Value for Money: 8.5 out of 10
The serving is really good and could pass for a sharing meal but for people eating alone, this may not be a perfect choice on a regular basis but once in a while casual dining would be good. The amount of rice on the meals were more than the usual serving size. As for the peso value of the other meals, they all seem reasonable but not for your usual daily eating habits.

Customer Service: 8 out of 10
For a new resto, I was expecting more for them to actually be more inviting with the guests and do the occasional checks and suggestions but I think they lack on it somehow. The staff however remain smiling specially when serving the food and asking the orders.

Ambiance: 9 out of 10
The interiors were definitely great and nice to take pictures at. The over-all size of the store together with the design and placements of the furniture and designs were well put thus making it a great sight to look at. The spacing between tables makes mobility a great pleasure which adds to the over-all feel and ambiance of the resto as something that is a second home.

OVER-ALL RATING: 8.5 out of 10
Definitely worth the try, I am willing to take a stab at some if its dishes some other time to be able to assess further on whether most of their food are good but my friends who ate Bangus with me did enjoy the food as well. I think there are rooms for improvement but The Morning After is one place you should give a visit.


2016 Miss Supranational pageant is slowly approaching and some of the contestants have already arrived in Poland. As of date, 100 beauty queens from all across the globe will compete for the coveted crown and this early a lot of watchers are looking on for early favorites and some bets on who will be crowned this year.

I am giving out my fearless forecast on the initial list of contestants and from what I currently see from pictures of contestants in the websites and all across the web. I have my Top 10 bets who I think will do well in the pageant proper provided they do well in the pre-pageants as well.

1. Ecuador - Maria Isabel Pineyro
2. Philippines - Joanna Eden
3. Bolivia - Yesenia Barrientos
4. Czech Republic - Michaela Havova
5. Vietnam - Kha Trang
6. Venezuela - Valeria Vespoli
7. Malta - Dajana Laketic
8. Malaysia - Julylen Liew Gizelle
9. Australia - Silka Kurzak
10. Thailand - Chatchadaporn Kimakorn


2016 is a year of great local films and Star Cinema's "The Third Party" is of no exception. This romantic comedy packs itself with some surprises as well as it gives out a heartfelt message about love and the complexities of relationships in general. Love is definitely the centerpiece of this film and with that it did not fail to make audiences feel the wonderful emotion.

Featuring an ensemble cast of Angel Locsin, Sam Milby and Zanjoe Marudo, this film revolves on the dire complexities of love and having someone as a third wheel but this time with a twist as it involves an unlikely love affair between former lovers Andi played by Locsin and Max played by Sam Milby and Max's new partner Christian (Marudo). The couple adopts Andi for the purpose of adopting her baby when she finally gives birth.

The Third Party has some great funny moments but when it suddenly makes its shift to the more dramatic scenes it somehow loses its brilliance. Though the actor's performances were all great, some of the more serious points of the story somehow lacked the greatness of the comedic parts. Laxamana who is more known on indie projects rather than mainstream/commercial flicks somehow gets lost in the translation. Relatable at most times this film makes great use of the human emotions and the complexities of the new world with the addition of the gay concept conflict.

The Third Party was good nonetheless. 8 out of 10 popcorns!


Pokémon Go is the hottest online gaming app as of today came from a well beloved traditional game (Pokémon) from Nintendo DS family. This wonder made headlines across not just the Philippines but stormed its way to popularity all around the world. What made it a big hit? It brings together old and new players of the globe as traditional gamers who lived their younger years playing the DS game came in hordes trying out this new game from the loved game. Them and the host of new gamers who were just as curious on how this works all tried the new gaming experience. Available both in the Google and Apple Store platforms, Pokémon Go instantly became a global hit - a phenomenon.

This location-based augmented reality game created by Niantic takes each player into an adventure going out to several places in efforts of catching different Pokemons and battling out several gyms in the process. The game is a collaboration between Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. The first wave featured 151 Gen1 Pokémon Monsters which includes the 3 Legendary Birds (Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos) which are the 3 teams Insignias (Valor, Mystic, and Instinct). It also includes two legendaries (Mew and Mewtwo) and 4 regional monsters (Farfetch'd, Kanghaskan, Mr. Mime and Tauros).

Though the game's popularity has waned in the past months, Pokémon Go remains a well loved game with the advent of the next big updates including the events where the legendaries will be introduced and the new Gen 2 monsters will also be unveiled. And I hope Ditto becomes catchable soon.

We can expect more to come from this game. I wonder how some of the games concepts will be introduced in the next patches like the stones, breeding and trading. But for now we'll have to wait for these changes.


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