Tuesday, August 31, 2010


GMA-7 has finally unleashed the latest season of Survivor Philippines. This time around, celebrities and well known personalities will compete and battle it out to be the ultimate survivor. This season gathers 18 celebrities to outwit and outlast each other. This is a list of the Top 5 celebrity contestants who I think will make big noise in this year's edition.

- Even when he was still with rival network ABS-CBN, Ahron is a very likeable character and still is up to now. Not as strong looking as the other male contestants (Hall, Sato, Vijandre) but he sure has developed into a gym buff person. Since he is not an imposing figure, he is somehow safe from early votes in the tribal council. Let's just hope we see the good side of Ahron and he is well on his way to the last few stages of the contest. Early on, he's turning to be one of the favorites by viewers.

- In terms of brute and physical strength, I fancy John's chances in this contest. Yet that could be a double edged sword on him as well as most people might see him as a threat. But he might be staying long in this game as long as he keeps his girls in his company (girlfriend Michelle Madrigal and ex Aubrey Miles). That's 3 votes already including his own. If he survives the early eliminations, he's bound to have a run at it in the finals.

- Bubble Gang regular Myka is an adorable figure. Her demeanor and kind nature might bode well for her as she can have the sentiment votes from most of the people in the tribe. The fact that she is not a physical threat in terms of challenges could also do well as he's not an early target in tribal councils. I expect her to have her ways into the individual rounds but once there, the idea of sympathy votes by viewers might get her kicked off sooner than we think.

- Of all the lady participants, I think the strongest is sprint queen Elma Muros-Posadas and that could mean she's a threat and could be sent home packing early on. With that of the girls, Solenn has the statisitical chance of moving through the final stages. She can be seen as nimble and fragile by her co-contestants and might be one of the free riders for this season. Although, I have a feeling she can charm her way into the last few days of Survivor and there pounce the others unexpectedly. I think, she's more than meet the eye.
- Never mind if his claim to fame is being Marian Rivera's ex. He's one of the few contestants that really is not that big of a name yet. That can bring wonders to him as he might not be the target early on. I think he can go toe to toe during challenges and could even take out Jon and Akihiro. There's a boit of mystery in this guy as well which makes me want to discover more.


Just this year, it came to no surprise that China finally catches up with Japan and finally overtakes the latter as the number 2 biggest economy in the world (behind USA).

Several economists have already forecasted such change in the leaderboard but not all are impressed. Yes, China may have scored and landed the number 2 spot worldwide but they are constantly plagued with several issues still to be addressed. The big boost in the economic growth has been continuously questioned to have just made the rich richer and leaving the marginally oppressed still behind. Second quarter of 2010 shows that China's valus is pegged at $ 1.28 billion, way behind US who is at $ 14 billion and just slightly above Japan at $ 1.22 billion.

Another thing to consider is that while China vaulted in terms of overall country growth, its economic output remains to be a question. A very low GDP and a per capita ratio still puts a shadow in doubt to its real value - showing that the country is rich but it's people not so.


Yes, you heard it right. While many people say too much office work could actually make you lose weight. Guess what, it's the other way around. No it's not just a myth but a truth. Why is this so?

Too much work oftentimes create a stressful environment. In a world full fo stress, people oftentimes look for stressbusters. One of the best ways to relieve stress is to binge and grab whatever food you could munch on. Add this particular thought - when pressed with deadlines and all, one has no time to stand up his seat therefore resorting to deliveries from fast food chains. We all know, most of the food in fast food chains are rather unhealthy - full of calories, fats, oils, sugar etc.. The idea of a sumptuous oftentimes too much of a meal, somehow releases stress and therefore keeps one working. But that could only last for a while. When stress sinks in again, food may be the answer yet once more. Chocolates, candies, sodas, chips - name it and you have a complete list of food items that are always there and ready to bloat you up.

Monday, August 30, 2010


The Primetime Emmys has just been finished and yet it has created one of the best buzz ever with notable snubs of early shoo-ins and favorites on most of the categories. While Glee led the nominations, it came up short in mist of the categories. I think the Emmys deliberately did that so that they can have a whole lot of buzz in the face of declining ratings. Here are my three noted snubs in this year's Emmys. For me they are the winners in their respective categories.

Never mind if none of its stars win for their acting chops (save of course for Jane Lynch who was simply exceptional), but Glee should have won the top Comedy plum this year. I don't say that Modern Family is not good but I think Glee deserves this award. It has somehow revolutionized the whole concept of musical in the small screen. That alone combined with the great story lines and the relatively good acting by its ensemble surely deserves to be given merit. Well, maybe next year.

Another big snub was "Lost". The sympathy votes did not reflect this time around but for God's sake, they should have won. I personally don't like Mad Men and for them to score this victory somehow ticks me. At least, the Emmy voters should have given "Lost" the plum since after all that was their last season. Even stand-out Terry O'Quinn did not grab the award for Supporting Actor. Too bad, in their six years of run they failed to win the top prize and will never get to.

Conan O'Brien can also be considered as someone who was snubbed this year. It would have been good to hear him take an acceptance speech after all the drama that has happened with his career. Well, it seems the Emmy people did not actually want more drama.


Are You Really Just 40%?
by Bluecloud

Decisions should be made. Choices should be done. But a lot of things need to be considered. Each one should be carefully weighed. Which ones are more compelling? Which of the options is better than the other?

On each day of our lives we are trapped with making decisions. It’s usually this or that. We can never choose both. We have to at least pick one and make the most out of that choice. Before making choices, we tend to lay down all the cards. The pros and the cons are equally laid to see which outweighs the other.

Is there a need to go? What holds me from going? I guess I know you are a big part of that. The fear that happiness may not be there is quite daunting. I’ll never leave for a place I know that I won’t be happy. Leaving has always been an option but the idea of not having to go really heightens. I don’t want to leave since because of various reasons – 30% is the uncertainty of life, 30% is family and 40% is YOU. But are you really just 40%? Maybe I’m just fooling myself that you are just 40 well indeed you are something more. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re the only reason why I can’t….

Friday, August 27, 2010


After releasing her latest album Bionic, Christina Aguilera ventures into film this time around. She hits the big screens this time with her debut film, Burlesque. Nah, your naughty might should stop from there. But prepare to see a matured Christina Aguilera in this flick (like you have not enough of “Not Myself Tonight”).

Aguilera’s character is Ali, a small-town girl from Iowa who moves to Los Angeles and is hired as a waitress at an aging burlesque club. Typical plot for a story but what makes it good is a fresh new take on the world of burlesque. Also adding much hype to this movie is music icon Cher who makes her return to the silver screen with this film. She plays the owner of the theater and who was once a burlesque dancer.

Questions still linger if Christina can deliver big time in this movie. It’s for us to find out as Burlesque hits theaters soon.


I recently bumped into someone new in my life…

Of course like what normal people who just met do, we talked and got to know each other’s basic info – name, age, etc…

But I have never thought that my life would change in a drastic way with this new found friend. I was shown how important I am. I was made to feel I am special. Never has a day passed that I was not happy. I found a new breather in life. For some people, they might not understand. I am different, as I always tell people, I am eccentric. I am someone who’s always out of the box. I have made a strong face in front of a lot of people. I want to make people believe that I am not weak and I can handle everything. But this someone has made me realize that it is normal to feel fragile sometimes – that crying is part of life and it is totally normal. I, for most of my life have been accustomed to being lonely. I was actually looking at it as if I was born to live a lonesome life. My friend slowly but surely pulled me off from the dark cave I am hiding. At first I was hesitant but I gave in. Never in my life have I been shown so much trust, care, love and respect. It is an emotional rollercoaster but I am willing to give it a ride each time. I am starting a new life and I know things will just keep on getting better. Why? because my friend is here with me all the way… My rollercoaster ride suddenly became more special ever since my friend came along. It is still indeed a rollercoaster but I know it’ll be safer, it’ll be more fun, it’ll be better and this time around I hope it never stops…


Never mind if a lot of people are fighting over her "major, major" answer in the pageant's top 5 interview portion. One thing's for sure, Venus has etched her mark as one of the notable beauty queens of Philippines and that was shown by her 4th runner-up finish at the most recent Miss Universe 2010.

I actually thought Venus has a chance. Other then Australia and Philippines, I did not particularly like the Top 5. I thought Thailand, USA and Guatemala have their chances. Guess the judges saw something I did not see. But as far as appeal and confidence is concerned, Venus really blew the competition. Her statusque figure was one of the best I have shown in the entire evening. Her confidence in the way she handled herself on the ramp was way magnificent. I also liked the pre-pageant hype she made. She commanded attention and everyone took notice. She got the highest marks in the internet ratings. And she even made a bold stand of refusing to go topless for a photoshoot. That's what you call guts. Like many of us expecting, I pretty much think she should have done better but at any cause Venus is still a winner and will always be.

Great timing for a country that's certainly looking for more good news. Congratulations, Venus!
(image from Miss Universe website)

Monday, August 23, 2010


It was a rather long day for Philippines today as the drama of a hostage taking incident lasted for 12 hours or so before finally being resolved. The gunman who was identified as former senior police inspector Rolando Mendoza was killed by a gunshot from one of the snipers on the field. There was no immediate confirmation of any other casualties in the daylong standoff but news reports have been reporting at least 4 more casualties.

The hostage taking was part of his plan to let him be reinstated from work. Reports have shown that he was among five officers discharged of their duty as they faced several complaints including robbery, extortion and grave threats back in 2008.

The former officer took control of the bus that contained 25 people including the driver. The tourists are here on a 3-day vacation and includes 20 Hongkong nationals and 4 Filipinos. There were 3 children aboard. 9 of the original hostages were earlier released leaving 16 people in the bus. Negotiations fell off when police apparently hurt his brother. Later during the day, the driver escaped through the window leaving the rest on board.

What was dumb founding on this incident is the fact that it took them 10-12 hours before finally resolving the hostage crisis. It could have been resolved much earlier and could have avoided bloodshed. Innocent lives have been taken and all of thes in front of the whole world. Philippines is in another headline but another bad one. As the world looked on, the identity of the Philippines was once again tarnished. It was a clear show of our police force's incompetencies. Let's just hope the images of this emotional rollercoaster be quickly erased. Prayers are what we need in times like these. Philippines is just not like this...


Just this year, comic fans were presented with the new look of Wonder Woman. The public were divided as to liking it or not. My reaction, nah!! What were they thinking?

Wonder Woman has been a solid icon in the land of superheroes. When asked of a female superhero, it's almost automatic that the name of Wonder Woman be mentioned if not the first one said. That Wonder Woman is the sexy amazon girl with her dazzling costume (well, more of a swimwear). But that what makes her a comic book icon. If you could see, not only girls are fans of Wonder Woman. She has a solid male fanbase maybe because she is that attractive and the idea of idolizing someone that hot is nothing but normal with guys.

But the new one, ??? Whoever told that Wonder Woman needs to have a fashion makeover totally blew this one out of proportions. Dark leggings, heeled boots and something like a red tube covered by an obscure studded denim jacket of all sorts was way boring. From sizzling, Wonder Woman fizzled.  She was a total disaster- a fashion wreck. We want the old lady back. She's way much better.


What if the best option given is dying? Would you take what's best or just settle for a life in endless sadness? In these instances, can anything get any worse?

In our lives, we are oftentimes given at least two choices. But what if it comes to a point that the 2 choices laid down to us are choices we rather not choose? Being given the chance to choose between endless sadness or death, I would take death at any note, any time. In death the pain stops, the hurt ends. We find eternal peace in death as finally we'll get a chance to be with HIM. We may be exiting our human bodies but that's only the thing will be leaving behind. I believe that after life we'll have so much more. Only in HIM we must believe and never be afraid of the face of death. Die and thou shall be resurrected.


Accountancy is one of the more difficult courses to take (I attest to that). Aside from having crunch time with numbers and vocabs, you don't stop with just the college years. After the collegiate years, one will be treated to almost half a year of review of all subjects taken during college and then dive into the dead pool (2 weekends of CPA Board Exam). Mortality rate is often rather low with passers ranging from 15 to 30% of total examinees.

Before one try out getting BS Accountancy as a collegiate course, it is wise to note the top schools one might consider. Here are my top 5 schools with the best Accounting programs. Other notables which did not land in my top 5 are USC-Cebu, San Beda College and FEU.

1. University of the Philippines - Diliman
- UP Diliman has consistently topped its category on any given Board Exams. Passing rate for the Board Exams is anything above 90%. Also, UP boasts of a 5-year program in college in compared to conventional 4-year programs in other campuses. That would seem to be a review already on their side.

2. University of Sto. Tomas
- Thomasians usually don't top the Board Exams but their numbers show of the quantity and quality of their Accounting graduates. They are regular fixtures in the Top 3 of any category any given Board Exam period. And who could not forget to mention that the best known Audit firm in the metro, SGV has Sycip and Velayo, both of which are Thomasians.

3. De La Salle University - Manila
- Never to be outdone is DLSU-Manila. We've seen several names from DLSU topping the Board Exams but unlike UP their passing percentage is a bit lower. Usually on the range of 60-85%. Still consistent showing year in, year out. And still, a lot of companies like Accounting grads coming from DLSU.

4. Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Sta. Mesa
- Quantity is what PUP usually banners in terms of CPA Board Passers. From almost all years, they produce the most number of board passers. Their passing rate may be a bit lower in comparison to others but the quantity of their passers show that their college program is really working and most of the students have good chance of passing.

5. University of San Carlos - Cebu
- Outside the metro, one Cebu-based school was able land on my list is USC-Cebu. Usually placed in Category A (100+ examinees), USC has consistently landed in the Top 3 of that category with passing percentage ranging from 40-75%.

Kids Aiding Parental Alienation Awareness Organization (KAPAAO)

Information sharing is one of the goals of me blogging again. Another goal is to serve as a channel for issues and causes to be adressed to the general public. That is one way of getting back to the society - making sure we all live in this world as happy people as we all should be.

KAPAAO (Kids Aiding Parental Alianation Awareness Organization) was created as a place for adult children of alienation to come together, help each other, and also help PAAO in how to be able to help children going through Parental Alienation (PA) now and in the future.

This organization is geared to help and bring out social change. We can't change what has happened from the past. KAPAAO builds from past experiences and through that tries to make sure that incidences of parental alienation be reduced or the effects of such be minimized. Such a wonderful cause that is worthy of noting. Some past child experiences may be cruel and unjust but each day as each one grows is a present opportunity for change.

For more info on KAPAAO, please visit their website at kapaao.paawareness.org.

Sunday, August 22, 2010



If the Men's Open field is put wide open with the recent developments in the US Open series tune-ups, the women's field is even more unpredictable. With current World No. 1 Serena Williams and former top ranked Justine Henin out because of respective injuries, the rest of the field could take home the trophy this year. Big question lies on who will step out of the challenge and win it all this year.

Who could not remember the unexpected runs of Sam Stosur and Francesca Schiavone at the French? And with names like Sharapova, Ivanovic and Safina all coming of and recovering from injuries, 2010 US Open sure looks like an interesting one. Add that to the rollercoaster results of some high ranked players like Clijsters, Venus Williams and Dementieva and you have a puzzle to sort out. Well, the US Open may turn out to be a tournament of big surprises as well. It's anybody's ball game at Flushing Meadows. I list down some of the names that might slug it out for the title or go deep in this year's last Slam.

1. Maria Sharapova (Russia)
- In an injury laden women's field, Sharapova could have advantage. Of those top ranked players, she's the one that's currently on the rise. Despite her loss to Clijsters in the Cincinatti final, I still favor her chances. The 2 players who have somewhat a winning advantage over her (Henin and Serena) are both out and a good draw could spell victory for MaSha. Also, he has won 3 Grand Slams already, all of which coming in an even year (2004 Wimbledon, 2006 US Open and 2008 Australian Open). Did I say we're on an even year? This is her last chance to keep the streak.

2. Kim Clijsters (Belgium)
- with both Serena and Justine out of the picture, I could not help but bet with Kim to contend for this title again. What's important to note is that she is the defending US Open champion and will be hoping to retain her crown. Plus her recent title that came against Maria Sharapova in Western & Southern Financial Group Women's Open  is a good sign. Although doubts are now in the air as she apparently has a hip injury and that was evident with her quarterfinals loss to Vera Zvonareva in Montreal.

3. Elena Dementieva (Russia)
- Perhaps one of the best players never to have won a Slam yet, I am still pinning my hopes that Elena wins this one. Although her recent form has been in question, she has always been a fighter. Currently ranked 8th, she has suffered two straight second round losses into the US Open. Let's just hope that aside from her nerves, her health stays okay during the duration of the Open.

4. Venus Williams (USA)
- Venus will bear the Williams flag alone at this year's Open. But she herself isn't one hundred percent sure of participating in Flushing Meadows. Her health is in question and without match play ahead of the last Grand Slam of 2010, her chances have dwindled down by some points. Although let's not forget she was once a champion here.

5. Jelena Jankovic (Serbia)
- Jelena has been fairly consistent all year round and she is surely one of the players to beat for this year's last Grand Slam. She was a semifinalist at this year's French and reached the 4th round at Wimbledon. But her hard court preparations are not as good. She lost in the 3rd round at Cincinatti and bowed at the first hurdle in Montreal.

6. Svetlana Kuznetsova (Russia)
- Her recent slide is coming to an end. Being outside of the Top 10 (currently ranked 16), she has somewhat found her form in the hard court events prior to the US Open taking the title at Mercury Insurance Open before being stunned in the first round by Sharapova in Cincinatti. In Montreal he has currently reached the semis improving her chances of doing well in New York.

7. Victoria Azarenka (Belarus)
- 13th ranked Vika (as she is well known) has been considered one of the contenders in the last Grand Slam of 2010. Her victory over Sharapova in Bank of the West Classic has surely planted herself as a strong contender but just like that she came falling in the first round of Cincinatti to former top-ranked Ana Ivanovic. Her recent form is put back into gear as she has reached the semis in Montreal.

8. Vera Zvonareva (Russia)
- Vera is considered one of the better players in tennis but her emotions have been her waterloo so far. Currently ranked 11th in the world, she had a career defining runner-up trophy in this year's Wimbledon. However, after that she has been in odd form losing early in the 2 tournaments prior Montreal. She seems to be recovering as she is now in the Semis of the Rogers Cup.

9. Ana Ivanovic (Serbia)
- Despite her lowly ranking at 39, I still think with the right draw, Ana could strike gold once again. Once the world's top ranked player, she has struggled in form in the first parts of 2010. She has recently shown vast improvements so far defeating the likes of Azarenka to reach the semis in Cincinatti. Although her injury which cause her to withdraw into match against Clijsters puts doubt into her chances.

10. Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark)
- Ranked No. 2 in the world, Wozniacki is one of the few people who could go deep in the tournament. But I really don't fancy her chances. She might string a few surprises or two but she has not proven her mettle in the big stages yet. If she can repeat her run into last year's final into this year, then we're up for a good tournament for her.

Saturday, August 21, 2010



The last grand slam in tennis which begins August 30 is shaping up to be the most open in recent years. The city of Flushin Meadows will once again host the top men and women's netters. No one has made himself as the clear favorite to win this tournament. As in the buildup tournaments, several of the top players have defeated one another and some even make surprising exits (Cincinnati,  Rogers Cup).

In the men's side, a few names are cropping up as possible contenders for the title. No one however has steered clear of the others and be the hands out favorite. As we try to see who will take the trophy this year, let us look on possible contenders for the crown. Here are my choices on who could possibly take the title in New York. These are some of the names to watch out at the 2010 US Open. Some are familiar names but some are names you would not thought I'll put in the list.

1. Roger Federer (Switzerland)
- Back at No.2 in the world, it still is difficult to bet against Roger Federer in any Grand Slam event. He has won 16 Grand Slam titles already and has vowed earlier this month to add 4 more. He is currently in the semis in Cincinatti and the only Top 4 men to remain there as Nadal, Djokovic and Murray have all bowed out in the quarters or earlier. Though, his last chance to hoist a trophy is at this year's Australian Open, he is sure eager to go one better than last year's runner-up finish.

2. Andy Murray (Great Britain)
- World No. 4 Murray has always been touted as a Grand Slam contender. He was given a boost in his US Open campaign with consecutive victories against Federer and top ranked Nadal in Rogers Cup where eventually won the title. His chances were however downplayed once more as he lost in Cincinatti to World No. 36 Mardy Fish. Still at his best, he can almost automatically take out Fed, Rafa and Nole.

3. Rafael Nadal (Spain)
- Hunger is what could push Nadal to finally grab the US Open crown - the only Grand Slam he has not won as of yet. He is in impeccable form as he did the French-Wimbledon double for the second time this year. His hardcourt game has always been questioned still. His results were rather disappointing as he lost the semis in Rogers Cup to Murray and bowed to Marcos Baghdatis in the quarters at Cincinatti.

4. Andy Roddick (USA)
- A-Rod has slipped to No. 13 in the world but the last Slam is in the US and Andy is an American. Fans would put and added push to Roddick as he tries to close out his year with a high note. Plus he really wants to add to the first and only Grand Slam he has so far, which is coincidentally at the US Open. He lost to Gilles Simon in the Legg Mason (3rd Round) but his victory with world No. 3 Djokovic in Cincinatti is a good premonition. With that, he is poised to return to the Top 10 again.

5. Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
- Nole continues to be one of the favorites in all tournaments. But his hardcourt season has not been spectacular as of late. His loss to Roddick in Cincinatti has put doubts to his chances in Flushing Meadows. However, he might look at his semifinal run in Rogers Cup as inspiring as he took Federer to 3 sets before bowing out. He is eagerly wanting to permanently dislodge Nadal and Fed at the top of the rankings as well.

6. Mardy Fish (USA)
- Currently World No. 36, Fish is one of the few outsiders who might grab headlines in the US Open starting this August 30. He has won 2 titles (consecutive at it) this year and has reached Cincinatti semis dispatching Verdasco and Murray (QF). He is one to watch for and could knock out some of the best names when he's on.

7. Juan Martin Del Potro (Argentina)
- I won't fancy his chances in thie year's Open. He is still recovering from injury but he is still a force to reckon with. If given a kind draw at Flushing Meadows, he still has his chances. After all his drive is one to be considered as he'll definitely try his best to retain his crown. Let's just cross our fingers that he's close to 100%

8. Thomas Berdych (Czech Republic)
- 2010 has been the best year for Berdych. His semifinal showing in French Open and a runner-up finish in Wimbledon are proofs to his best season. Currently ranked 7th in the world, his wins with Federer, Murray and Djokovic (all in Grand Slams) is something to note at. I also have a feeling that if recent results stay true, he might strike it higher than a runner-up finish.

9. David Nalbandian (Argentina)
- Finally, he's getting his way back. Formerly only one of the few names to have scored victories over Nadal and Federer, his recent battles with injuries is slowly coming to an end. At the start of August, he won at Legg Mason and bowed to Murray and Djokovic at Rogers and Cincy. A good draw could bode well for his US Open campaign.

10. Marcos Baghdatis (Cyprus)
- Ranked 20th in the world, Baghdatis has been a crowd darling ever since his success at the Australian Open way back 2006 where he finished runner-up to Roger Federer. He is a constant contender but as of late fails during the big stages. If he can string together matches in the US Open like his defeat of Nadal at Cincy then he's gonna go deep into Flushing Meadows.


by Bluecloud

Kung minsan, hindi mo alam kung ano ang mga bagay o mga tao na darating sa buhay mo. Hindi ka sigurado kung anong iyong aabangan. Darating ang panahon na me isang tao na biglang susulpot sa harapan mo at bigla mong pagbibigyan ng panahon at pakikipagkaibigan. Sa bawat sandal na kayo ay magkasama ay walang itago ang kasiyahan. Parang hindi mo na gustong matapos ang araw na iyon. Pakiramdam mo ay nasa langit ka. Para kang ipinaghehele sa magandang saliw ng kanta. Bawat bagay na inyong pagsasaluhan ay ubod ng tamis. Ang mga lugar na pinupuntahan ay puno ng magagandang pangyayari. Bawat paghinga, bawat paglagok, bawat kibot at bawat tibok ng puso ay tanging kasiyahan lang na walang pagsidlan. Punong-puno ng pag-ibig, kasiyahan, pagkakaibigan.

Sa bawat maliit na detalye ng buhay na inyong nalalaman ay unti-unting nahuhulog ang kalooban sa taong ito. Bahagyang nakakaramdam ng ibang kurot sa puso. Para bang ito yata yong tinatawag na pag-ibig. At dahil sa nararamdaman na ito ay buong pusong tatanggapin sa buhay mo ang espesyal na taong ito. Ituturing mo na siyang parte ng puso – isang malaking bahagi ng pagkatao. Ngunit pawang lahat ng kasiyahan ay pahiram lamang. Ang masakit, ang taong nais mo sanang makasama ay hindi pala kailanman magiging sa iyo. Siya ay pinahiram lamang – para muli mong maramdaman ang saya ng buhay, ang ligaya ng pag-ibig. Masakit minsan, pero iyon ang katotohanan. Ang mga taong malalapit sa ating puso ay pawang hiram lamang. Darating ang panahon na kailangan na silang pakawalan – kailangang ibalik. Mahirap ngunit kailangan. Yan ang katotohanan. Sana nga’y wala ng puso na pinapahiram lamang. Masakit sa oras na ito ay kailangan ng isoli. Bakit ganun? Iyan ang hindi ko matanto. Basta ang alam ko habang nasa akin pa ang pahiram na puso, patuloy akong magiging Masaya kahit pa bahagi ng pagkatao ko ay malungkot na nag-aabang ng panahon na mawawala na siya.


by Bluecloud

I am nice… I am good… I am a happy person… Oh really?

There are things we thought we know of ourselves but sometimes we really don’t know them yet. Thus the question, “Do I know me?”. We sometimes mistake ourselves from choosing between who we truly are and who we want be. Most often we set our minds that we are these because we don’t want people to look at us differently. We are afraid of being judged and scrutinized. But does that really matter? What’s wrong with being who you really are?

We are all created as unique individuals – different traits, diverse personalities and varying preferences. What we need is to trust in what we really are. Once we have that trust, it will rub to the people around us. If we know that we are living in this world without doing any harm to others, then we should not fret. Being who you are is something that really takes out all barriers. It is freedom and it is a happy feeling.

So go on and release your true being so that when the time comes that you ask if you really know yourself, your answer is gonna be a definite YES.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have travelled several countries and places in Asia and I might say I loved every moment of it. But of course, there are some places which left a big mark in my heart. I have enlisted my Top 10 Asian destinations, landmarks and places of public interest of which I truly loved and would love to return over and over again. (excluding places from Philippines)

 1. Disneyland, Hongkong
- If we are talking of theme parks and recreations, top on the list would have to be HK Disneyland. It is mesmerizing, wonderful and fun. Disneyland lets you bring out the inner child in you. I never thought I would enjoy it by much but the colors and sounds of Disneyland really captivated me. I ride almost everything in there including those kiddie rides. What I enjoyed the most is the "Space Mountain" ride. Also notable on the list are "It's A Small World", "Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters", "Jungle River Cruise" and "Philharmagic". A great thing to cap it off is the fireworks display at the evening.

2. Universal Studios, Singapore
- New into the theme park market, USS has grabbed a big share of the clients in Asia competing with HK's Dinseyland. Too bad Battlestar Galactica was still closed when I visited there. But even with that all the rest of the rides were truly amazing but I might say shorter in terms of time in compared to Disneyland's times. The best that I have experienced is "The Revenge of the Mummy" whidh is an indoor rollercoaster - creepy but nice. And I could not forget that I went home with wet shirt and pants as I went out soaked riding "Jurassic Park Rapids".

3. Ocean Park, Hongkong
- Another theme park in Hongkong that truly made me all smiles is Ocean Park. This is more suited to the teens, adolescents and older people but nevertheless kids would still enjoy it. Most of the rides are more fit for adults than children. What is enjoyable here is the cable car ride or as they call it the gondola lift system. I was so thrilled having to experience it the first time. And I also got wet riding the "Raging River".

4. St. Paul's Church, Macau
- I enjoyed and marveled at the great architecture of this church in Macau. The picturesque features that bodes well with the stairs connecting it is a wonder and marvel to see.

5. Sentosa Island, Singapore
- The original Sentosa Island attractions (minus Universal Studios) was one of the place freaquently visited in Singapore. Travelling from Vivo City Mall through the Sentosa Express, one would be treated to see the much bigger version of the Merlion. Fun things to do here include the "Skyride" and "Tiger Sky Tower". But the best of them all is the "Sentosa Luge" which I loved. Even if with Universal Studios already established, Sentosa Island stil holds its own and continues to pack some visitors from different parts of the globe.

6. Genting Highlands, Malaysia
- Malaysia's prime them park boasts a combination of all the theme parks (Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc..). What sets it apart is the location which is located in the mountain peaks of Genting, Malaysia. Riding the rollercoaster sure makes you shiver not just because of the height but also because of the very cold weather. The best ride for me is their extreme rollercoaster: "Corkscrew". Plus I enjoyed their "Snow World" as well.

7. Maya Bay, Phuket, Thailand
- This is a wonder to watch, The clean waters and the nice amazon like background. Truly this is a nice place/spot to marvel the beauty of nature and beaches. And did I forgot to tell that this is the location of Leonardo Dicaprio's "The Beach"?

8. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
- All I could say was "wow". For me to see the structure up close and personal was really breathtaking. It's nice to visit this as you can see the rich heritage and culture of Cambodia. I thought I would only see its replica (located in the Great Palace in Thailand) but thank God I was able to marvel at this wonderful temple.

9. Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia
- One of the more famous beaches in Bali is Kutra Beach. Known to be the most crowded of all beaches, it is home to surfers that come from all over the world. The nice people, the great sand and the mix of entertainment around is truly exciting. Too many hot bodies around as well to feed your eyes.

10. Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- When I went to Malaysia, one thing that was set into my mind is to visit the Petronas Towers. The tall towers majestically standing in the hearts of Kuala Lumpur is truly one of the greater architectural structures in Asia. And how could I forget that I had a hard time capturing the tower in its entirety while making sure I'm still in the picture. Whew!


Results have been overwhelming and all I can say is thank you for everything. Since I started my return to blogging last August 1, 2010, I have received some good comments and a steady growth with my website. As of today, I have registered 33 followers already (public), not sure if there are any private followings.

For that I used WebStat starting August 15, 2010 and tried to look for details of visits to my blog. To my surprise, for the 2 days I have tracked, I have registered 74 page views already coming from 22 visitors. More appealing is the fact that page views do not come solely from the Philippines. While visits from the region are more, it is to note that visitors coming from USA, Ireland, Singapore, Kuwait, UAE and Great Britain are also present. It means my blog somehow reaches global audience. It is a good thing as I really intend to share my blog to everyone there is regardless of location.

Again, for all of these, thank you. May you continue following, reading and spreding the word about my blog.


by Bluecloud

Alpha signals the beginning
Born of life as we breathe air
Carving our lives in ways we never imagined
Dreaming of things we wish to reach
Expecting only for the best
Freely living our lives
Grabbing each and every opportunity
Harnessing all that was given
Imagining nothing but wonders
Joyously celebrating every gift
Knowing things and remembering
Learning the dire realities of this world
Mastering things on which we excel
Not just doing but experiencing
One is the target to be
Position being keenly eyed
Quietly moves on each step
Realizing each dream and goal in life
Slowly yet surely moving forward
To the pinnacle of success we aim
Up and above we soar much higher
Vaults even more to reach further
Winning battles here and there
X’s are not to be found but all checks
Yes, at last… Success!!
Zenith is finally reached


One of the top 3 animated films I really like is Toy Story (the others being Lion King and Up). And it was a nice treat that earlier this year, Pixar released the 3rd installment to successful movie franchise. Buzz, Woody and the rest of the gang returns to the big screen and to give its viewers a whole new experience, Pixar added a 3D treatment to the flick. I don’t mind if this film is only shown in 2D. Quickly, it etched its way to my heart.
The big question the movie posted was what will happen to one’s toys once its owner grows up? This is the main conflict presented by Toy Story 3. Andy finds his way to college, he is left with decision as to where his toys would be. With the thought that Andy no longer wants them, the toys sneaked to get out of the house and finally made their way to a Day Care. New characters were introduced (Lotso, Barbie, Ken etc…). New twists and turns await our toys as they try to survive and find their way back to Andy.

I might say this is the best of the 3 Toy Story films. It brings a sort of nostalgia to see some of your favorite characters return for one last time. The story is a heartfelt one as it seemed like the producers and writers are so emotionally attached to it that they find difficulty in saying goodbye. I cried to its ending as I felt how hard it is to say goodbye to the things you really love and value. But Toy Story 3 reminded me that sometimes we are not bound to stay together with our loved ones forever. What’s important is to keep them close to your heart and mind. Loving does not mean physically being together. It is the overflowing of emotions that can be shared even by people miles apart. And in the process of leaving sometimes you present better opportunities to both you and your loved ones. Toy Story 3 will forever remain as one of the best films I have watched. 5 out of 5 popcorns.

Monday, August 16, 2010


It has been a long time battle for network supremacy for the 2 giants in Philippine broadcasting. And each camp has always said that they are the best and they are the number 1. Before TV5 gains momentum anytime soon, here's my take on who I think is better.

Ratings Partnership:
GMA 7 has AGB and ABS-CBN has TNT
This is a toss coin. Both parties have somehow tarnished credibility but at some point, their Mega Manila figures are usually almost identical. TNT covers nationwide ratings, AGB is more focused on Metro Manila. ABS-CBN for the point.

ABS-CBN has long been the powerhouse in terms of drama and tear-jerker soaps. And who coule forget the fact that Maalaala Mo Kaya is still there after so many years. It may have been rocked by others in terms of competition but while others come and go, it stayed. Kapamilya has the point.

Even with Comedy King Dolphy on their side, ABS-CBN usually fails in terms of competition for comdey shows. Save for some memorable shows Home Along Da Riles, Palibhasa Lalake, Oki Doki Dok to name a few (well, all of them are already long off the air) Their newest M3 is proving to be quite a dissapointment. Despite strong showings by its Goin' Bulilit and Banana Split shows, it still can't topple GMA-7's supremacy on the comedy lane. Pepito Manoloto, JejeMom, Bitoy and the long-running Bubble Gang are just some of the proofs for that. GMA-7!

Game Show/Reality Show/Contests:
I think ABS-CBN oftentimes come up with bright ideas to really spice up the game show/reality aspect of local TV. Who could not remember "Game Ka Na Ba?" and of course Showtime. They're new show are quite on the border of experimental but somehow makes up for good viewing as well - Twist & Shout and Panahon Ko 'To. GMA-7 usually comes up with game show/reality series which has its international versions - Family Feud, Survivor, Philippine Idol and Hole In the Wall. Let's not forget the Kapamilyas have a good roster to match that as well - Pinoy Big Brother, Fear Factor, Pinoy Dream Academy, Pilipinas Got Talent, 1 vs 100 and Deal or No Deal. ABS-CBN for another point.

News and Current Affairs:
ABS-CBN may have some of the more familiar/famous names - Korina Sanchez, Ted Failon etc. but GMA 7 has often been regarded by critics and viewers as the news bureau with the least bias. With Mel Tiangco, Mike Enriquez and Jessica Soho leading their pack, they surely have a lot to boast. 24 Oras, Saksi, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho and Reporter's Notebook are all very good. Kapuso grabs the point here.

Variety Show:
Bigger and veteran names are in GMA 7's roster - Regine, Ogie, Jaya, Janno. But I give the point to ABS-CBN. I like the way they mix and match and try to give budding talents a chance to shine. Plus I like their production numbers more. Kapamilya point.

Talk Show:
Credibility is hard to earn when you're in the talk show genre. And with the likes of KC Concepcion, Kris Aquino, Toni Gonzaga and Boy Abunda leading their forefront one could not bet against them specially if you have Lolit Solis, Raymond Gutierrez and John Lapuz on the other side. ABS-CBN for another point.

Noon-Time Show:
No question about this one. Undeniably, Eat Bulaga reigns supreme over any show it was faced with. MTB, Sang Linggo NaPo Sila and Wowowee tried but can't keep up. The new show on the competitor side "Pilipinas Win na Win" is turning to be a sleeper. Hohumm. GMA takes this point.

I pretty much think that more Kapamilya stars are known in comparison to Kapuso stars. Unless you're a fanatic Kapuso, you'll know them. In the case of ABS-CBN, their stars are more seen on billboards, news and the like. Kapamilya for the point.

For me, they are good in their own rights but combine all the stuff plus their other activities (charity, public service), I'll give the point to ABS-CBN. Kapamilya is broader in range and much more diverse than GMA. 6 points to 3.


by Bluecloud

I’m about to fall adrift
In a sober mood as you may see
Almost dropping off
Like a log without a fight

Tears are just but normal
Pain is but ordinary
Hurt is something I’m used too
Death almost inevitable

But then you came along
Saved me from oblivion
Took my hand and held it
So tight keeping me near

Almost done but then you came
Rescued me out of the limbo
Use your body to shield me
Made sure I’ll be safer

You came along when I was down
No ifs no buts, you helped me out
Provided shoulder to cry on
Gentle arms to feel comfort

Constantly lifted my spirits
Always makes me smile
Tickles in a way I like
You never left me, not by a mile

Thanks for coming by
Always making sure I’m okay
You are indeed my sanctuary
Stay forever… please do…


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