Thursday, December 29, 2011


It was relatively a big risk on the part of Tom Cruise to release a 4th installment to this franchise moreso as the last film, MI3 was panned by critics and did not do much in the box-office. But as he loved his character by much and with a supposed great storyline for a 4th film, Cruise is back as Agent Ethan Hunt.

I am a big Mission Impossible fan so I went on to watch this newest film and admittedly I was not disappointed. It was a vast improvement from the last MI film. The "espionage" feel is seemingly back to this film which was taken out for stunts and actions on the 3rd one. Intrigues, questions and secrets are all intertwined to each other making it a memorable watching treat. The story is the basic spy plot that you know very reminiscent of the old MI tricks but what I liked about this film is its depth. It captures the characters more than the story. We are given glimpses of who they truly are and was able to share with each of their emotions.

The casting was superb and was just the right fit. Again, Tom Cruise is admirable for his performance as Ethan Hunt. But the addition of Jeremy Renner into the foray brings a different dimension to the plate showing that Mission Impossible may not be a one-man show for so long. A second lead agent might be on the works and Jeremy played the role aptly well. The female lead Paula Patton shows both the vivacity of a true lady and the bruiser feel of a very talented agent. The funny antics of Simon Pegg is also commendable and his geek-like feel completes a great set of agents.

The sound, visuals and editing were highly commendable and so as the stunts. Another great spot on this film is the cinematography. The location choices were wonderful and they were able to showcase the best on each locale they have set as a scene. Dubai was majestically presented in the film and contains some of the nerve-wracking scenes on the entire movie. The beauty of India, Kremlin and the US were all given justice as places in the movie.

A lot of secrets have been revealed from this film some dating back from storylines from the first few movies. If you want to know them, then you should watch. It's a 5 out of 5 for me.


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  2. Hats off to tom cruise for doing that burj khalifa stunt..........(one can only understand when one himself stands at observation desk and see around). Movie Good but not as charismatic as previous parts....watching Anil kapoor surrendered to such filthy piece of role makes real uncomfortable............ as he himself is gem of its own kind but alas!



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