Thursday, September 30, 2010


Year in, year out, the Philippines has been one with the rest of the world in celebrating "Oktoberfest". it is an annual celebration filled with beer, booze and alcohol - whatever you may want to call they or whatever drink you prefer. It is the season of merrymaking and getting a lil' bit tipsy.

As usual, the country's biggest brewery, San Miguel Beer has again made the forefront for the celebrations across the metro. The San Miguel "Oktoberfest" which actually has its launch last September 10 is a series of events culminating into the month of October. A lot of performances from different acts and bands are scheduled to the enjoyment of the Filipinos - beer drinkers or not. The San Miguel Oktoberfest will be highlighted by a light and sound show that they say would parallel those of  New York, Paris, London, Sydney and Tokyo.

In line with this, SMB is also introducing a new promotion with their beers. Bannering thier world-class quality and taste, all of San Miguel’s 8 multiple award-winning brands of beer, namely: San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Miguel Premium All-Malt, San Miguel Super Dry, Cerveza Negra, San Mig Strong Ice, Red Horse Beer, San Mig Light and Gold Eagle Beer will be poured on all events across the metro. Added to this one is a new brew specially made for this event. The brew named "Oktobrew", their first ever all-malt light beer.

So prepare those bellies for more and more drinking this October.


I know this might be a bit late of a post but I have not seen anyone publish the results of the evening so here it goes.

Vivre Fort's 100 Bachelors: "The Perfect Ladies' Night Out" saw months of campaign and promos end with a big bang. The SMX Convention Center was flocked by bachelors (contestants or expectators), bachelorettes, gays and even people from the biz & press as they try to push their bets into taking the top prize. Though it started a tad late at around 9:30 or 9:45 PM, the show did not disappoint. The guys owned the ramp as viewers were just put into awe by their majestic looks and immensely sculpted bodies.

The night ended with 20 year-old Ryvin Canido taking the Top Bachelor plum as he received the most number of internet votes and live ballot votes. First runner-up is 29 year-old Valenzuela City Councilor Adrian Concepcion Dapat. Second runner-up is given to Khalid Gunting who hails from Marawi City and the third runner-up spot was grabbed by 26 year-old dragon boater Kristoff Guela.

Some of the sponsors include Axe, Unilever, Mint and Mossimo. To Vivre Fort and the winners, congratulations. We're hoping for another event of this scale to happen again.

Picture from top: Logo of 100 Bachelors, Ryvin Canido, Adrian Dapat, Khalid Gunting and Kristoff Guela (lower right).

Photo Credits: Vivre Fort's 100 Bachelors and the contestant's Facebook pages.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


A major blunder happened in the live finale of "Australia's Next Top Model" as model-host Sarah Murdoch (top picture) announced a different winner. Yes, the live finale saw Kelsey Martinovich (left) emerge as winner over Amanda Ware (right). Kelsey was celebrating already and giving out her speech when suddenly Murdoch became quiet and a shocked look was drwan all over her face.

A stunned Murdoch announced on air that there was amistake with the name of the winners. As the entire audience and the contestants hear it, they all went silent. Murdoch further explained that the competition was so close that during the show the actual lead changed most of the time and she was given the feed of an unofficial result. Kelsey graciously accepted the fact that she was not the winner and she was only runner-up. A more shocked Amanda could just say thanks with the commotion that has happened.

Amanda walked away the winner bringing home an agency modeling contract, a $25,000 gig with Levi's, a new car, $20,000 cash and an eight-page spread in Australia's Harper's Bazaar. But Kelsey did not go home empty handed. She was offered to join Amanda to New York to meet with Elite Model Management. She was also given a $25,000 consolation prize.


Yup, you heard it right. After fans went gaga with the news that country singing sensation Taylor Swift is coming to Manila, news bombed out that the concert is indefinitely cancelled stirring a lot of upset fans.

The supposed concert by Swift dated on October 22, 2010 at the Araneta Coliseum won't happen - at least for now. Fans would have to wait for further announcements on the new date of the concert. This is based on statements made by Renzie Baluyut, president of Divan Media who is organizing Taylor’s upcoming concert here in Manila. It also created a lot of buzz as we all know that 7/11, partner of Divan Media for the event had launched several campaigns for free tickets to the said concert. As of date, all the campaign posters have been removed from all 7/11 establishments across the metro.

The postponement is said to be linked to the release of Swift's new album. "Speak Now" will be her third studio album and set to be released in October.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It was the usual end to the Bar Exams. Students, teachers and supporters flock the streets of Manila like the area of the De La Salle University-Taft. But this year was a bit different. An explosion has changed to mood from happy to sad.

Based on initial reports, a grenade was thrown by a student that has caused 47 injured in the offset. The explosion was hardly heard because of the usual noise of merry-making as a sign of the end of the Bar Exams. A witness was said to have seen a man pull out a grenade from a paper bag and rolled it on the ground where Alpha Phi Omega and Tau Gamma Phi fraternity and sorority members were gathered. Reports released saw a witness identify the alleged grenade thrower as Jed Carlos Lazaga, a fourth year law student at the University of San Jose Recoletos in Cebu. Lazaga is member of Alpha Kappa Rho (Akrho). After the explosion, several students have told the media that they heard chants of "Akrho, Akrho" in the background.

Most of the injured were from San Beda College.  Joanna Ledda, a student of San Beda College and a member of the Alpha Phi Beta sorority was the one with the most serious of injuries. She sustained sharpnel wounds and her right leg was amputated at the Ospital ng Maynila.

To all the injured students and their loved ones, our prayers are with you. May the truth regarding this event be revealed soon and justive be properly served. After all, justice is what all of these Bar takers are aiming for that's why they took up Law.

Monday, September 27, 2010


The UAAP Men's Basketball Finals has started in a somewhat obscure way. The fans expected a tight match like how Ateneo and FEU have played in the eliminations. On 2 occasions, the Tamaraws both defeated the Blue Eagles with one or two points margin.

But Game 1 last Saturday was not near those two games. Ateneo came out blazing hot. The two-time defending champion have drawn first blood as it treated FEU to a whitewash. Ateneo crushed FEU 72-49.
It was Ateneo's masterful play and great coaching from Norman Black that has pushed them ahead of the Tams.

But coach Black has reiterated that he feels FEU will bounce back so fans might be able to see a big fight on Game 2 this Thursday. Ateneo is gunning for a rare "three-peat" as it has already taken the championships last 2008 and 2009.


If Filipinas are hot, you can never discount the men's burning hotness as well. Filipino men come from all walks of life from regular employees, athletes, bachelors, actors and superstars in their respective fields.

So how would you define hotness? Is it just plain looks and body or plus the attitude? If athletes are your thing, you can name Treat Conrad Huey, Matteo Guidicelli, James Yap and Doug Kramer. Models who have bared to their essentials include John Hall, Jon Avila, Kalani Ferreira and a whole lot more. Plenty of singers can also hit the hotness spectrum including Billy Crawford and Christian Bautista. Bachelors from searches such as Cosmo and 100 Bachelors also make the mark. Does the names Prince Stefan, Visam Calimlim, Ryvin Canido, Fritz Baum, Louie Vito and Kristoff Guela sound familiar? Or maybe Brapanese models are your thing - Fabio Ide, Akihiro Sato and Daniel Matsunaga are the names. Thespians and actors of course lord over with old reliables Wendell Ramos, Richard Gomez, Piolo Pascual, Dindong Dantes and Jake Cuenca ringing a bell. The new ones are also equally burning. Care to say Aljur Abrenica, Enchong Dee, Gerald Anderson and Coco Martin.

But it's you who would decide who's the hottest of them all. Your votes count.
There are several ways of voting:
1. Vote for the Top 5 Men by posting comment in this post.
2. Vote by going to my Facebook Page "Confessions Of An Eccentric Mind" and write to the wall or phot page signifying your choices.
3. Vote by giving me personal messages in Facebook (Bluecloud Serrano)

Winners will be announced on December 1, 2010. Random voters will get to grab some tokens from me as a form of my appreciation.


 And yes, Filipinas have a whole bunch of hot ladies. When I say hot, I say burning hot. Even as many of us have different standards in hotness, Filipinas are arguably one of the hotter people in the planet. Since we're a mix of cultures and blood lines, the beauty of the Filipinas really stand out.

So who is hot for you? Is it beauty queens like Miriam Quiambao, Carlene Aguilar, Precious Lara Quigaman or Venus Raj? Or maybe TV land has got you glued on the screens with beauties like Marian Rivera, Angelica Panganiban, Cristine Reyes and Angel Locsin. Even the catwalk is filled with hot babes - Angel Aquino, Georgina Wilson and Sollen Heusaff are just few names. And maybe the new guns in the industry are what you want - Andi Eigenmann, Bella Padilla or Carla Abellana. The list is seemingly endless and we could just go on and on.

But you have the power to declare the ultimate hottie. Your votes count.
There are several ways of voting:
1. Vote for the Top 5 Women by posting comment in this post.
2. Vote by going to my Facebook Page "Confessions Of An Eccentric Mind" and write to the wall or photo page signifying your choices.
3. Vote by giving me personal messages in Facebook (Bluecloud Serrano)

Winners will be announced on December 1, 2010. Random voters will get to grab some tokens from me as a form of my appreciation.


Drop dead gorgeous. Stunning looks. A body to die for. Are these the traits you look for a girl? Are these enough to be labelled as hot?

A lot of girls yet only few women. Women with substance and with feistiness. Women who can utterly call themselves hot. Who among the ladies in the world do you think are hot? Are models you're thing? Then there are countless names to think of - Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen to name a few. If movie stars are your thing then there are timeless beauties - Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie. The new breed of talents are also hot - Kristen Stewart, Frieda Pinto and Emma Stone. Music has its fair share of hotties from Rihanna to Beyonce to Shakira and a lot more. TV land has hot ladies in the house as well. You have Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher and many more. Or maybe power ladies from sports is your thing - Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic and Danica Patrick may ring a bell.

It's in your hands on who to put as the top lady in terms of hotness. Your votes matter.
There are many options to vote.
There are several ways of voting:
1. Vote for the Top 5 Women by posting comment in this post.
2. Vote by going to my Facebook Page "Confessions Of An Eccentric Mind" and write to the wall or photo page signifying your choices.
3. Vote by giving me personal messages in Facebook (Bluecloud Serrano)

Winners will be announced on December 1, 2010. Random voters will get to grab some tokens from me as a form of my appreciation.


How do you measure one's hotness? Is it on his looks? A gorgeous body perhaps? A killer smile or maybe an oozing self-confidence?

We celebrate hotness by choosing and ranking who in the world are the best. Presenting the Hottest Men International. Is David Beckham your ultimate hottie or maybe athletes like Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo or Kobe Bryant? How about on TV? Who puts you in awe everytime you see them? Matthew Fox, Allan Wu, Mario Lopez or Zac Efron? Do movie actors win you over? Old reliables like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Cruise and Jude Law would still ring a bell. Or maybe you're fond of the fresh bunch of stars like Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner. And maybe some people in between - Paul Walker, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum, Chris Evans to name a few. Or maybe it's models that you dig. You can choose from Tyson Beckford, Kellan Lutz and Joshua Kloss. And you can never discount the performers - Justin Timberlake, Usher, Chris Brown. And the list just won't stop.

It's in your hands on who will be ultimately chosen as the hottest. Make your votes count.
There are several ways of voting:
1. Vote for the Top 5 Men by posting comment in this post.
2. Vote by going to my Facebook Page "Confessions Of An Eccentric Mind" and write to the wall or photo page signifying your choices.
3. Vote by giving me personal messages in Facebook (Bluecloud Serrano)

Winners will be announced on December 1, 2010. Random voters will get to grab some tokens from me as a form of my appreciation.


Just over a week ago, I have made a soft launch of my first online poll about the Hottest Men and Women in the World. I was not expecting quite a lot of responses in my blog, Facebook page and even my Facebook inbox. There were a lot of names that were cited for both men and women from all over the world. With this, I am officially launching the online poll with 4 teasers that would come to you all within the day.

I have now grouped the voting into four categories. Hottest Men International, Hottest Women International, Hottest Men Philippines, Hottest Women Philippines. Your previous votes still count and I will just tally them to their respective categories.

Hottest Men International
1. Anyone from around the world (outside Philippines) can be voted from models, TV actors, moviestars, celebrities and even your friends.
2. You will get to vote 5 people who you think is hot.

Hottest Women International

1. Anyone from around the world (outside Philippines) can be voted from models, TV actresses, moviestars, celebrities and even your friends.
2. You will get to vote 5 people who you think is hot.

Hottest Men Philippines
1. Anyone who is currently a Filipino or a citizen of which is entitled to be voted. Voters can also pick from famous celebrities who ar non-Filipinos but has established a working status here in the Philippines (ex. Brapanese models Ide, Matsunaga etc...)
2. You will get to vote 5 people who you think is hot.

Hottest Women Philippines
1. Anyone who is currently a Filipino or a citizen of which is entitled to be voted. Voters can also pick from famous celebrities who ar non-Filipinos but has established a working status here in the Philippines (ex. Carmen Soo etc...)
2. You will get to vote 5 people who you think is hot.

Vote through leaving comments in the posts for Hottest Men and Women in the World and through the official Facebook Page of "Confessions Of An Eccentric Mind"
Regular updates on the votes will be given in this blog plus in my Facebook Page.
The final rankings of the Top 100 for the 4 categories will be announced on December 1, 2010.
Random voters will get tokens of appreciation from me. Prizes to be announced on later dates. Same winners will be announced on December 1, 2010.



Lucky Me, one of the most loved brands in pancit canton in the Philippines has made launched two new products - Baked Mac and Mac & Cheese. Of the two, I simply love Mac & Cheese.

Merienda time is oftentimes characterized by the quick cook pancit canton but with the new addition to Lucky Me's family, it sure became even tastier. Mac & Cheese is definitely doing wonders for me. Though a tad higher in price than the regular noodles(Price is around PHP 14-15), it simply is a good buy with its nice smell, great feel in the mouth and its good taste. I for myself would not expect a macaroni and cheese done in just minutes. Lucky Me has successfully branched out of it regular pasta/noodle genre and it is gaining a lot of popularity from people.

All I can say is I love Mac & Cheese. Congrats Lucky Me.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


And what was he thinking? This is not the Lenny Kravitz that I used to know. Where is the hot, totally rocking and cool Lenny? I would say that when he resurfaced months back with a new hairstyle and a new album it was huge smiles for all of Kravitz fans all over the world.

But this fashion crime can not remain unnoticed. In this piece, he looks like a cross-dresser and someone caught between the lines of the old Kravitz, J. Lo and Lady Gaga all combined. Meaning this is total disaster. The 46-year-old Grammy award-winning rocker Lenny Kravitz was recently spotted in NYC in a an absurd ensemble and choices of clothes and accesories. Look at the cowl neck blouse, leather pants, and wedge-heeled boots which is more reminiscent of Lady Gaga. Add the mirrored aviators and his bag which is more lady like than fashionable.

Could someone give Lenny a fashion consultant?


One night, I was about to go to bed but could barely get to sleep. My eyes won't shut and my mind just won't rest. It seems like the day does not want to end. It was a day full of thinking and a whole lot of thoughts have crowded my already full and tired mind.

And then I looked outside and peaked through the window pane. There I saw the heavens and it was all red. I was left staring at the redness of the heavens covered by the darkness and fullness of the clouds. As if it was about to rain and the heavens have been by my side in this very time of distraught and chaos.

There I was looking and constantly staring at blankness. If only I could change things, then I would. But I can't. I'm still here on earth battling on and hoping the heavens will soon make its beautiful sunrise greeting. I did not notice how long the stares were. All I knew was the next thing I know was it was already morning.


After placing runner-up to Kris Allen in American Idol two seasons back, Adam Lambert has made quite a big name in the industry already. I think he's even bigger in scale than Allen is right now. His visibility in the concert scene in the US and all other locations in the world is a further proof to which.

And Lambert fans can start screaming. Yes, Adam is finally doing a concert here in the Philippines. Adam Lambert Live in Manila 10.10.10 is scheduled at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on October 10, 2010. This is a remarkable concert as he will most probably sing out his best hits like "For Your Entertainment", "Whattaya Want From Me", "Time For Miracles" and "If I Had You".

Ticket prices are as follows:
VIP - PHP 6310
GOLD - PHP 4510
GA - PHP 640

For more details on tickets and venue plus info on VVIP tickets, call 750-0791


 Toy Kingdom in cooperation with SM Mall of Asia and Disney has launched a new event last September 25, 2010 at the SM MOA Main Atrium entitled "Mickey Mouse Express Yourself Figure Toy Launch".

The event saw several participants from kids, teens and even adults join as they design Mickey Mouse figurines and make a different looking Mickey. The event is open for everyone who has purchased a MIckey Mouse figure on site. Hundreds of designs were on display and audiences were put to awe. You can see a pirate Mickey, a sorcerer Mickey, a merman Mickey and a whole bunch of other ideas. Everyone was treated to different colors, props, designs and ideas that truly made the Mickey figurine a different one.

The event show that Mickey Mouse is still one of the mose beloved Disney character of all time. Great stuff.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well, aside from Filipina and international pop star Charice, there are are other notable characters that are added to the newest season of your guilty pleasure Glee. These new characters are added to spice up the competition and give a different level to performance and talent.

One guy who seems to be heading in a bigger recurring role in the series is Sam Evans which is wonderfully played by actor Chord Overstreet. You may have heard his name already as he is a friend of Demi Lovato (Camp Rock) and has landed roles in ICarly.

Blonde and big mouth (as in literally taken), but Chord is definitely an addition to the cast. He has the looks that is somehow a mixture of Justin Bieber and Macaulay Culkin. And aside from that he has the voice. His Billionaire version with the rest of the guys was a-hot. That song was never easy to cover. And I know his locker room/shower scene also poked your interest. For more on him watch the Season 2 of Glee.


Multi-Grammy award nominee and winner John Mayer is finally arriving here in Manila. This October 1, 2010, John Mayer is gonna have his concert here at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

Mayer who has spawned such hits as "Back To You", "Say", "Bigger Than My Body", "Waiting On The World To Change" and my favorite of his songs "Your Body Is A Wonderland". Boosting of 4 albums to date and growing worldwide fanbase, it is about time for John to finally let his Filipino fans hear his wonderful voice.

The concert is in cooperation with SM and Channel V. Ticket prices are as follows: SILVER - PHP 5,280, BRONZE - PHP 2,112 and General Admission - PHP 633.60. Tickets are available at TicketWorld (02) 891 9999 and TicketNet (02) 911 5555. For premium tickets, call Channel [V] office (02) 929 2151. Concert starts at 8 PM.


GSP - George St. Pierre.
Truly one of the best pound for pound fighters in the UFC. Current welterweight champ St. Pierre has graced Philippine shores and everyone was in total frenzy. Mall of Asia was again jampacked as GSP graced the land to the amazement of his fans. Doing some sparring sessions in front of the audiences, he squared with some of the MMA artists here in the Philippines. Big applause was even given when he called out a child to spar with him (lucky child).

MMA and UFC is continously growing in terms of popularity here in the Philippines and the recent visits of some of the hottest mixed martial arts stars in the world has further sparked local interest in the sport. St. Pierre is one of the pillars in MMA and it was a sure treat to his fans getting to see him up close.

St. Pierre's visit to Mall of Asia was in cooperation with SM, Balls and Colt 45. It was a short but still a jampacked and exceptional experience. To GSP, all the best


Time really flies that fast. I did not notice that it was already a year gone by since that tragic "Ondoy" thing that has hit the Philippines. The typhoon was so devastating that it has affected a lot of people from all over the country. "Ondoy" started building a lot of strength on September 24, 2009 and make its destructing run towards the archipelago before leaving on September 26, 2009.

The typhoon has shown how inefficient our government was in rescues operations during natural calamities like typhoons. A lot were stranded and some even left to the cold. The rescue operations were a far cry from the ones you see in the movies.

But putting that aside, what makes "Ondoy" memorable is the fact that Filipinos came together as one and helped one another. Some even celebrities were actively doing their own rescue operations (Richard Guttierez, Jericho Rosales, Angel Locsin to name a few). TV networks staged marathons/telethons urging the general public and the big names in the industry and in the business sector to give out their share of donations. I could never forget how Kris Aquino utterly mentioned that even if she's an endorser of one brand, she is actively accepting donations from competitor brands saying that it is for everyone's benefit.

The Filipinos once again held hands and supported each other. Millions were damaged in properties and infrastructures. Lives were affected but again we have shown the world that we are known for our "Bayanihan" trait. Everything else was set aside as all of the people joined forces and united for everyone's good.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Since his big splash in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, there are no words but praise for Australian diver Matthew Mitcham. His feat was memorable as he prevented an all-Chinese sweep in the diving medals back then. Aside from that, he was the first Australian diver to win an Olympic Gold medal since Dick Eve in 1924. The last few stages of the games were nerve wracking as his first five dives were rather not outstanding and he entered his final dive at 2nd behind China's Zhou Luxin, 34 points adrift. But then the big drama happened as Zhou faltered and he grabbed four perfect 10s on his last dive ensuring him of the gold medal.

But the drama did not stop there. Then and there, he showed his affection to his beloved partner Lachlan Fletcher. And the rest was history. Aside from putting himself in the history books of Olympics and diving, he has etched his own mark in the pink community alongside famous gay athletes Greg Louganis (diving) and Rudy Galindo (skating).

Truly one of the braver souls who has completely embraced his sexuality and show the world that he is really good.


Celebrating their fifth year of establishment, Think Tank is on a big promotional run these days as it launches it 5th Anniversary Phot Contest which focuses on the theme "Be Ready Before The Moment".

This photo contest is open to all budding, aspiring and professional photographers everywhere in the world 18 years of age and above. A whole bunch of prizes aside from the prestige of being crowned the best awaits the best photo.  And who could not help but gaze at the $5000 USD prize money as well. Now that's just the top prize. A lot of consolation prizes are also up for grabs.

There are 4 categories from which contestants can choose from.
1. What does urban, gritty, or edgy mean to you?

2. The most creative, interesting, or unique “What’s In Your Bag” shot.
3. The most creative, interesting, or unique shot of photographer wearing/using Think Tank gear.
4. Any photo the entrant believes portrays Think Tank Photo’s “Be Ready Before the Moment” theme

All entries should be sent through their online link and must be in on November 30, 2010.

For details on the contest, you may try to visit their official facebook page.


Fresh from being included in Forbes 400 as No. 35 richest, founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is donating a huge paycheck this Friday.

Zuckerberg is expected to announce the donation of a whopping $ 100 billion at the Oprah Winfrey Show. He is set to donate it to troubled schools in Newark, New Jersey. The gift is coinciding with the premiere of "The Social Network", a film that is based on him but gives a connotation that he is power-hungry, a stealer of ideas and a genius of awkward proportions.

Many insiders have been specualting that the donation is part of Facebook's drive to eliminate the bad publicity being thrown to Zuckerberg. The oftentimes too private CEO is now finally reaching out to the public and showing who he truly is. Well, the donation was a good one for Mark who has actually raised Fecbook's net value to $ 23 billion.

Facebook has become a global phenomenon and it is but ordinary for him to get bad publicities from time to time. And for me the gift to the less fortunate ones is a big move from his camp to silence some of his critics.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's already September 23, 2010 and only one day is left before we get to witness who will be the Top Bachelor in Vivre Fort's 100 Bachelor's The Perfect Ladies' Night Out.

As we anticipate that event, let us focus on one of the contenders and a friend of mine - Kristoff Guela. What would make you vote for him? There are a hundred or maybe thousand reasons to think of but let's just mention some. He is dedicated to his work. Being a Story Editor/Script Continuity Supervisor is never a joke of a job. But he always flashes his smile even at work making him well loved by his peers. He's intelligent showing that his mind is in tune with his body.

He is utterly nice and has tons of friends and a loving family. He is not afraid to show people specially his friends that they are valuable and that he's there whenever you need them.

He loves what he does. He has a natural charisma on camera that you think that cameras just love him. An inborn model, truly. He is intense and puts the best in all the things he does. And did I mention he does a lot of things? He's a dragon boater and a good one at it. He knows how to act and definitely could carry himself in the dance floor. And for ladies out there, he's surely gonna sweep you off your feet as he swoons you with his beautiful voice.

What more can I say? He has it all. The face, the body, the brains, the talent, the attitude and the kindness. So for your votes not to go to waste, please vote for him in the 100 Bachelors event and make him your top bet. This is the last chance to vote online. Or better so, go and attend the event on the 24th and make sure to put only one name on the ticket/ballot - Kristoff Guela.

Good luck, Toff.

1. ONLINE - Register & vote for Kristoff Guela (page 6) at
2. BALLOT - Buy ticket. Voting at SMX on Sept 24: 1 ticket = 1 ballot = 10 points.


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