Saturday, June 30, 2012


When I heard that this is another Tim Burton-Johnny Depp collaboration, I never had second thoughts of watching it and when I saw the trailer I was actually persuaded to watch it. Overall, the film did quite well but not as appealing as the duo's previous collaborations - Alice In Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The content is more mature therefore not really connecting much to the audience. Unlike what was presented in the trailers, Dark Shadows was not really a full comedy thought it's comic scenes really stand out and make for a good laugh or too. As usual, Johnny Depp was his usual best - witty, engaging and talented. His lines and take on his character of a vampire (Barnabas Collins) cursed by a witch were really good and well acted. Even the acting of Eva Green who played witch Angelique Bouchard was commendable. She succeeded in being both sexy yet cunning and evil.

There were a lot of scenes that tend to drag and some of conversations are not really relatable on today's setting. What it failed in the storyline and script however was compensated with its great effects and cinematography. Dark Shadows did not really impress but still a good one to watch. 3 out of 5 popcorns.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


One of the highly anticipated events this June would have to be the 11th White Party. White Party is Philippines' Culminating Celebration of the Pride Month. Again, the LBTG crowd is once more gathered to celebrate a wonderful life of fun and excitement in a night full of entertainment, drinks and merry-making.

Ad Campaign

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FB Event

GEN AD Php 150
VIP Php 500
*VIP Access
*Access to VIP Only Area
*Unlimited Drinks by Wild Cocktails, Jose Cuervo, Jagermeister, Tanduay Ice and Manila Beer

Mentorque Productions
Pride Circuit Philippines

Together with

Tanduay Ice
San Miguel Brewery Inc.
EZ Lubricating Jelly
Frenzy Condoms

In Cooperation with

Androgyny Productions
Don Cristobal
Mj Suayan Photography
Task Force Pride
Gaudium Pilipinas


30 JUNE 2012
9PM Saturday
Orosa Nakpil Streets Malate Manila

Music by:
DJ Cal Soesanto
Androgyny Productions

DJ Jay Santos

DJ Jepoy

DJ Stone

Brought to you by

New Solanie Hotel
Fernbrook Gardens
Manila Beer
Jose Cuervo
SM Cinema
Wild Cocktails

With Participation of

Obar Ortigas
Obar Malate
Pride Exchange
The Library

Tickets Available at all SM Tickets Outlet Nationwide
Call 02-4702222
*VIP Tickets are Limited

Rainbow Flag Philippines

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Rocks and Soil collection of Ulysses King was indeed one of the eye catching sets in the Men's Wear Collection at the Holiday 2012 edition of the Philippine Fashion Week.

Uly's pieces were bounded on browns, gray and black but of course not without a much needed twist. Stunning was his great contrast of color used in his airburshed pair of pants which every Filipino guy would love to wear and strut. It is being stylish and flamboyant without compromising the machismo and sexuality of a man. This collection is surely one that will make you rocking. The knitted sweaters and the pastel-colored shirts were a great combination with the super hot pants. Sleek and fashionable indeed. And who could utterly forget those bags - basic in tone, style and color but wait till you see the edges - brightly colored sides, bottoms and edges.

Another one on the bag Uly. Truly a nice set that would make people wanna wear them.

Photo Credits: The Manansala Photography

Saturday, June 23, 2012


The past few weeks have been different. A lot of things have happened which have made a permanent dent on my heart and on my mind. I miss the old times when I used to smile with you. Those were the moments when we can just stare blankly into the sky without doing anything just marveling and taking awe to the beauty and majesty of the clouds.

I don't know what happened but I guess it was partly because of me and partly because of you. I am truly afraid in the past few days as I feel the unexpected could happen. I sense the coming of an apparent ending. A finish to a wonderful story we have once shared. A lot of people may not understand but what we have wasn't just simple - it was way too complex. But for what I know it was real and precious.

I miss the old times but I guess that would not happen anymore. I am now preparing to let go of the final strand I am holding on to. The time has come to live a new life - a fresh start. It does not mean I'm forgetting every single moment. Things might come to a halt and an abrupt ending but I won't dwell on the ending alone. It is far more fruitful to cherish the entire story - each wonderful moment. And though the story is coming to an end, I am wholeheartedly accepting the idea that a new story will soon unfold. Thanks for everything....


We always look at things that end and things that fail. Oftentimes we deal with them with so much pain, anguish and emotion that we rarely see the new opportunities coming. Sad but true.


I have not written any movie reviews in a while but it did not necessarily mean I did not watch any films in the past few weeks. In fact I have watched quite a few - local and international titles. So let's start with "Born To Love You".

Under the helm of director Jerome Pobocan, this film is one of the few risks of Star Cinema doing a fresh pairing for a love story. The film stars Angeline Quinto and Coco Martin as the love interests. This film was not bad but not good either. The story seemed like an emotional rollercoaster wherein the romance, drama and comic relief were scattered all around for the audience to munch upon. The film lacks any great premise for a good story. Indeed it has the injections of love that most Filipinos look for but the overall story was too much of a fairytale and make-believe world. If that is what they intend to convey then they were successful.

The leads did their share in bringing their characters to life. Coco Martin was again convincing both as a bad guy and a good guy. Angeline's first foray into acting was a mixed bag. She could definitely improve but she has done quite well. What makes the film work was the good theme song which was carefully placed into most of the scenes making the moment much more "kilig".

This film is a 3 out of 5 popcorns.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


They have been good friends and ever since their successful launch into the world of music, Kristoff, Visam and Kerwin known collectively as V-Fort has been on great ride to stardom. Thanks for the fansign guys. I'll always support all of you!

Friday, June 15, 2012


The A&F family sure knows how to do fun as well. With the ongoing popularity of Carly Rae Japsen's "Call Me Maybe", the hot hunks of Abercrombie and Fitch all around the world does their take on the fun song. Clad in their jeans and their killer looks & gorgeous bodies, they did put hot in the word fun. Enjoy guys! 

Credits: Abercrombie & Fitch and Youtube

Monday, June 11, 2012


Well, these posts may have been a tad late but yes I still did enjoy the Holiday 2012 edition of the Philippine Fashion Week despite my rigorous schedule at work. And the first show I got to attend to was Premiere A. The show combines designers Dimple Lim, Jeffrey Rogador, Odelon Simpao, Roland Lirio and Xernan Orticio.

Before going to the analysis of the designs presented by the designers, I have to comment first on the lackluster attendance on this show. It seems the show suffered advertising combined with the difficulty in snagging tickets this year. Well, that makes room for better viewing pleasure so up to the show.

Dimple Lim starts the show with her collection which is a mix of futuristic and tribal. At first I did not see much cohesion with the entire show but I found one simple thing that strikes with most of the pieces and those are the wonderful neckpieces. As for the clothes, drapes, overlays and silhouettes were evident.  Overall, the collection was good individually but as a set it lacks cohesion.

Up next was Jeffrey Rogador who's theme for this year is "Glass of Milk". And for sure it was not just an ordinary milk as his set was filled with whites, golds and browns. Despite the simplicity of color selection by Jeffrey, his collection was overall a stand-out from the female pieces with drapes and belts up to the more adventurous male pieces which includes overlays, hoodies and even plastic made jackets. He gave us some clothes that are readily wearable yet very intriguing and different.

Odelon Simpao's set was filled with metallic embellishments adorned in free flowing dresses and gowns for the girls. While his men's collection was predominantly black and gray and is mainly filled with leather pieces.  The male pieces were a bit safe and normal but the designs for the girls made up for that as sexiness was portrayed with a bit of an edge.

Roland Lirio's pieces were cuts of elegance and chic. Filled with fur, brocade and sequins, Roland's collection played with gold and silver on top of blacks. I would have to say that the ladies' pieces were all stand outs making you visualize some high society people actually wearing them. His set was all glitter and in good ways.

As if it was saving the best for last, Xernan Orticio did exactly that. He again wowed me with his intricate designs which I know he has honed for being a regular in the Designs Fusion & Vision and Trends shows in PFW. But his striking red collection truly made the mark. His designs were fiery indeed from the cuts, overlays and symmetry and has made each of the models really sexy and gorgeous.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao surprisingly lost his boxing match against American Timothy Bradley today via a split decision 115-113, 113-115 and 113-115. While most of the people watching in the arena and on their television sets see the match otherwise, the inevitable happened and the Pacman lost to the still undefeated Bradley.

Most of the top sporting officials and the media as well were all rooting for Pacquiao to take this fight again as he demonstrated sheer talent and raw power in most of the rounds of the title bout.Speculations began that the fight was rigged and that it was already a pre-determined loss for Manny so as to fuel interest to the boxer and ignite a possible rematch with Bradley.

Whatever the true story is, I still salute Manny. He has done us proud for so many instances already and this one bleep is nothing compared to his contributions. Manny is still the people's champ!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


First of all, personally I did not see anything wrong with their campaign. It's another one of those that just want to really make a big buzz out of nothing. I am not seeing why they cry foul with a campaign that only says people should find their own mix and show them to the world. It is not taking away being 100% Filipino. Plus do we really need to make a big fuss out of it. How ever small the percentage of being Filipino one has the fact is that he/she is still Filipino.

I'm just sad how narrow minded people are for such statements and ads like this. I pity Bayo for having to deal with this mess other people have done. The campaign was outright good. Filipinos are in essence a big mix and we are a mix of good qualities. Some people need to wake up and see that doing some stupid stuff won't do us any good.

Nevertheless, Bayo issued a statement of apology which just shows have gracious they are. Kudos to Bayo! And get a life for those who keep on seeing bad things on beautiful stuff.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Today is the day when I braved the storm. It is time to show all the people who I truly am. I am gay whatever you may want to call them but I am. It is a choice. It did not happen by chance and I am happy with it. For those people who I have shared the info initially, I am eternally grateful. For those who may have just known it now, well i guess you saw that coming.

Thanks for a wonderful life. Even if it is filled with conflicts and complexities, being gay is still the life I choose to live. Happy and Gay!


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