Wednesday, August 31, 2011


What if we are destined to lose the person we value the most? Will we fight back and continue yearning for that bond? Or would it be wiser to let them go?

It's a given dilemma for most of us to fall in love and then have roadblocks along the way. The difficulty is when we say it's over. It's not easy to end something so wonderful. Loving someone takes time to really blossom but I guess calling it off just takes one moment - although its aftermath could take a lifetime. I don't know if it is better to fight or let go. When the person you love is in a status of uncertainty, how long will one hold on to the emotions? I guess I have waited long enough. I tried my best to hold on but time to move in separate ways. It has been years of wonderful memories and fond experiences - things forever etched in my heart. Those are priceless stuff nothing could ever replace.

If everything else is saying that it's time to stop - maybe it is really the right time. I don't want to lose that person. I don't want to leave but I need to. Though it pains me by much, the end of our journey is already reached. I'm letting go. As to how I would move on and how my next few days would be, I am not sure. I'll just cherish the memories. Gloomy Wednesday everyone...

Song: "The Art Of Letting Go" by Mikaila

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The women's side is more open than the men's side and I get a feeling that anyone from the lower seedings can take the crown, say Serena? With the absence of defending champion Kim Clijsters in the field we are sure that 2011 is up for grabs. But who are my picks for this year's 2011. Here they are.

First Quarter: Daniela Hantuchova

This is a free for all bracket. Even if No.1 Wozniacki is in here, I don;t expect her to make a big run this time around. She might be there up to 4th round but if she runs into an error free Hantuchova then its adieu to her campaign again. French Open champ Li Na could also be in the mix but she has to defeat some stingers along the way.

Second Quarter: Serena Williams

Serena might be 28th seed but she is definitely one hot player on the loose. Her recent wins going into the US Open has shown that she is back and she means business. Azarenka is scratching her head as she is bound to face Serena in the 3rd round.

Third Quarter: Maria Sharapova

Seeded 3rd and currently ranked 4th in the world, Sharapova has a good chance of advancing into the semis and even to the finals. Her stern test might come to a possible quarterfinals meeting with Kvitova, the lady who defeated her in the Wimbledon final this year. Her first round encounter with talented Brit Heather Watson is also a must0watch.

Fourth Quarter: Sabine Lisicki

Her recent form is great after months of recovery from injury. Sabine is one of the few ladies that could actually match the power of the Williams and has a good gameplay in her. This is another open quarter this 2011. If ever Lisicki fails to capitalize, Zvonareva could step up and move into the semis.


The  road to the US Open has been quite straightforward for the men as there are 4 front-runners for this year's title with the names of Djokovic, Nadal, Federer and Murray. Now looking into the draw, here are my picks for the crown.

First Quarter: Novak Djokovic

Nole is the top seed this time around and the top ranked player as well. With a 57-2 record currently on tour and 9 tournament titles under his belt for 2011, he is truly the hands-down favorite for the crown. He has won 2 of the 3 Slams for this year and is expected to win his 3rd in 2011. His only losses this year comes from Federer at Roland Garros and Murray when he retired injured. A possible 4th-rounder with Richard Gasquet is gonna be interesting and Quarterfinals with Monfils is also a big possibility. For both matches, I still see Nole advancing.

Second Quarter: Roger Federer

I am gonna get wild on this one. I don't know but I really fancy Fish's chances in this quarter. He has shown great form going to the US Open and is currently the American No. 1. The pressure that will be put in his shoulders might be something that can hinder his progress. That being said, I go to old reliable Roger Federer. After all, he is only one of the 2 players who was able to defeat Nole in 2011.

Third Quarter: Juan Martin Del Potro

While Andy Murray is in this bracket, I am not seeing him get past Juan Martin Del Potro if ever they meet in the quarters. Question however is in the fitness of the Argentine. Delpo has the ability to dictate play in the hard courts of US and is raring to get back to the scene of his previous glory - his lone Championship in 2009.

Fourth Quarter: Andy Roddick

Nadal's fitness and current mental strength is in question and with danger players in his draw (Nalbandian, Melzer and Gulbis) he might be up for some early exit. His pre-US Open campaign has been erratic thus I need to look for someone else in this quarter. Andy Roddick has also struggled but has advanced to the Finals of his last event. And his draw is a bit friendly with no major challenges lurking in his path.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Just want to share you guys the sumptuous servings showcased in the pilot episode of Junior Master Chef hosted by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. All I could say was wow! And to think that the ones who actually cooked these dishes are just kids. That has something to say about talent. The show was good and the location/set was just superb. Happy viewing and happy eating! Here are the Top 5 food dishes in the pilot episode of this cooking contest that i personally like.

All I could say is yummy!

Photo Credits: Junior Master Chef Facebook page


This is one of the few remakes/reboots Hollywood has actually offered this year. And we have a relative mix of hits and misses in terms of these films. So where does "Apes" stack up?

The new "Apes" is actually a good movie. The movie did well on the technical side - stunning cinematography, commendable visuals and effects including how they manage to make the apes look like they are in one scene with the human characters of the film. The sound effects were also good making you feel the intensity of the film. What makes it better than the first few films is that this one's action sequences are very good. Each scene was carefully done making the actual fight scenes realistic and spectacular. Seeing man vs apes was a wonder to watch but at times scary as well.

The cast did well in the film although the humans are easily beaten out in the screen presence by the apes much more by Andy Serkis who is more commonly known for his portrayal of Gollum in the Lord of The Rings series. James Franco was okay and so as with Freida Pinto. Save for some lapses in story lines and some scenes that can be cut off, the film really passed the mark easily besting its predecessors. This one's a 4 out of 5 popcorns!

Friday, August 26, 2011


One of ABS-CBN's prized talents of the new generation is Erich Gonzales. 20-year old Erich has been a Star Magic talent ever since she began her showbiz career. She first burst into the scene by winning the Kapamilya network's talent search Star Circle National Teen Quest way back in 2005. After that she took some bit roles in her mother studio and people thought that was just about it.

Her big break came when she starred in the TV adaptation of "Katorse" where she played a teenage mother. Her image was changed from teeny bopper to sexy teenager on the rise. The film did well in the ratings and her acting skills were also noticed. And then everything was just history after that. She has also made sterling performances in other Kapamilya soaps including "Magkaribal".

Her latest project in ABS-CBN is also doing well in the ratings war as she stars as Maria La Del Barrio, the Philippine adaptation of the successful Thalia mexicanovela. She has truly grown into one fine lady and all I could say is that she is gorgeously hot and blazingly sexy.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's another week of great music and this time we have yet another new number one. For you to find out, view the video charts of the Top 50 songs that are currently hitting the airwaves. Yumi and Thyro's "Kiss" becomes only the 3rd OPM to hit the Top 10 as local bands continue to charge up the charts with Spongcola, Pupil and BBS making their presence felt in the Top 30. Cobra Starship and Sabi's collaboration "You Make Me Feel" becomes the week's highest new entry. For more of the charts, watch the video!


My fave fastfood chain has yet released another food in their menu and this time they are bringing out desserts. While most of us have been treated to the Chocolate Mousse which is on their regular menu, we are now given 3 more options to binge. And all of which are only for PHP 29.

Aside from our beloved Chocolate Mousse, we now have Choco Banana Pie, Chocolate Tiramisu and my new favorite Mango Cheesecake. So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest KFC outlet and grab this sweet treats.

Photo Credit: Facebook

For more on KFC Philippines, like their FB page:  KFC Facebook Page

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It just hit me today that I really missed performing in front of others. Good thing I have a video copy of our performance before for P&G back when I was still there and I am an active member of Galaw, our dance crew. This performance is definitely one to remember. I am the one in yellow by the way! Enjoy!

Monday, August 22, 2011


When this movie was announced to be released in 2011, there were already huge amounts of buzz as the film will join together two big names in the industry namely Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. And the interest just peaked when they released their trailers showing a what could be an action packed sci-fi outing. But did it live to the expectations?

I watched Cowboys & Aliens and all I could say is that it was good but not great. Cowboys and aliens just really don't mix well for me. The visuals and the seemingly fast paced trailer induced me to watch the film but other than that, the entire film did not really excite me. The beginning of the film was good as it capitalizes with the Western genre and the cowboy feel much to the fitting of Daniel and Harrison's character. Then it starts to become chaotic as the scenes just continue popping and popping. There was never a real momentum to build character therefore the movie stars did not actually grab limelight. The main selling point of this flick is the gun busting battles of the aliens and the cowboys. Yiha! And who would have thought the yiha boys would win? What, for real?

Jon Favreau missed on this one unlike his iconic Iron Man movie. And the fact that Steven Spielberg was even part of this film raised expectations but did not deliver. Each scene was just put into patches never really explaining how things happened, what things meant and what the actual emotions were. The storyline was boring and lacked pinnacle points. Save for the nice location and the lead stars presence on this film, nothing much is offered. And the aliens looked bizaare, more like gooey and not frightening. Overall, this one's a 2.5 out 5 popcorns


Philippines has another thing to be proud of. Two of its very own talents are now part of the Musical series "The Kitchen Musical" which is about to air in Singapore and all other Asian countries. And those two will not just play bit parts but form part of the triumvirate of leads for the said series. Karylle stars as Sous Chef Maddie and Christian Bautista stars as Sous Chef Daniel Ray. "The Kitchen Musical" combines the elements of music, cooking and dramedy to juice up a wonderful dish for television.

Aside from the great singers, 3 other Filipinos are in the cast Thou Reyes, Ikey Canoy and Art Acuna who plays Avilon's General Manager. The other lead star who plays the Executive Chef is Stephan Rahman Hughes of Bombay Dreams. One other cast member who is poised to make some noise is Rosemary Vanderbroucke who is Selena, Avilon's cunning Sommelier.

While most of the people thought it is Glee-like, well one would think otherwise when they see the preview to the series. I am so excited to finally watch it soon. In the Philippines, everyone could watch it in ABS-CBN and in Studio 23 in the coming months. Stay tuned for announcements. While for the rest of Asia, it will start airing under AXN by October 15 in 18 territories. Here's a teaser of the first episode! Enjoy!

Videos: Property of The Group Entertainment
Photos: The Kitchen Musical Facebook Page

Saturday, August 20, 2011


It's fun to have some time with your peers at work. It's Julie's birthday and we celebrated it with a treat from her at Kopi Roti. Nice!

It was an evening of food, chat and of course pictures. Times like these are sure nice to remember.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Good Monday morning to all of you! Just to make your rainy Mondays into a scorching one, let us start the week with the blazing hot pictures of Azkals hottie Neil Etheridge. While the metro went gaga over the Volcanoes and some of the Azkals donning their tight undies for Bench, the whole nation was surprised to see Neil take a different turn - not that we're complaining about.

He has showed what is hot by donning tight undies for Bench rival - Folded & Hung. And man, those are mouth-watering shots. I bet these photos won't grace any of the billboards of Edsa. Let's all hope that all F&H stores will have them in big posters or tarps. That is sure to boost their underwear line.

Now the Azkals have shown they can go toe to toe against the muscular hotties from the Volcanoes and they sure know how to tickle your fantasies. Etheridge is one of the most talked Azkals or sports figure in the country right now. Our national goalkeeper isn't just saving goals but also saving us from a dry spell. Too hot to handle.

Photo Credits: Folded & Hung Facebook Page


Last July we were the first few ones to get Transformed as Nuffnang in cooperation with PLDT MyDsl gave out free invitations to the special screening of  "Transformers: Dark of The Moon". Well, me and my friend came a bit late when all of the the cocktails and photoshoots were already done. We still came from Makati and this time around a new venue for the film was chosen - Shang Cineplex.

I was browsing through the blog posts on Nuffnang when I saw this one nifty pic and I could not help but smile. Me and my bestfriend were in the pic. Since we're a bit late, we actually got to sit at the front seats. I encircled the two of us for your viewing. :) The movie was nice and the change of venue was also commendable. Kudos, Nuffnag! Till next event!

Photos courtesy of Nuffnang

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Our movie review for the week takes us back to one 2007 film. I am not shy to confess that I only got to watch this one just this month. And to tell you honestly, I think I missed a lot. While there are several Mario Maurer news specially his upcoming visit here in the Philippines for his endorsement with local clothing line Penshoppe, it's good to go back to one of his more successful films - The Love of Siam.

"The Love of Siam" dates back from 2007. Then 18 year old Maurer stars in this touching gay-themed romantic drama that shows how genuine love can be. The movie has a telling storyline that shows us that love does not limit us from any age or gender. The strength of the script and the film as a whole was shown as it dominated the awards season in Thailand in 2007 picking up Best Picture in almost all award giving bodies. What makes this film work is the subtle take it did regarding gay love. It showed that love in the purest and most innocent of forms. The love from Mew (Witwisit Hiranyawongkul) and Tong (Mario Maurer) is truly impeccable and surreal. I applaud the film for tackling such sensitive topic and make it simple and not controversial.

The director did a great job in making us feel that both the actors love each other. That bodes well to both our lead actors as they really did shine in their separate portrayals. Witwisit's portrayal of Mew was magnificent as he showed a fragile yet true lover who only sees life a nice and wonderful. Mario's take on Tong was equally impressive as he was a picture of uncertainty yet showing a deep love of Mew.

The subplots were also good and did not interfere with the main story of the film. I also applaud how well the cinematography of the film was. Also to be noted is the nice music and sound effects translating the film into a sort of fairy tale love story. The movie's ending leaves us hanging and wanting for more. What happened after. Here's hoping that a sequel gets green lighted so that we can once again join the journey of Mew and Tong. We are reminded to let go and don't be afraid to love. But also we should instill in our minds that when we love we should always have the serenity to let go.

This one's a 5 out 5 popcorns!


I so love KFC and they always come up with great new dishes to serve us. I know this post might be coming off a bit late but for 2011, the best new item in their menu for me is their KFC Supreme Bowl.

It is a sumptuous serving of rice topped by your original recipe chicken fillet that and two pieces at that. They have two flavors from which you can choose from. Chicken Ala King is has a rice bowl topped with 2 original recipe chicken fillet, corn and creamy white sauce. This is my personal favorite. Then for those who like it a bit spicy, Kung Pao is just the right flavor for you. The difference is that this one is topped with the spicy Kung Pao sauce.

Both are delectable selections only from my favorite fast food chain - KFC!


Over the weekend, Lego showcased several displays of figures featuring Philippine sceneries, festivities and landmarks. It was a wonderful display of Lego figures which included some of the festivals in the country. Kids and adults alike took time to check on the several items on display and snap pics here and there.

It was a marvel to watch Banawe Rice Terraces, Palawan and weaving communities transformed to mini figures. Even foreigners were amazed and I was actually happy that one foreign buy actually knows the sceneries presented in the Lego fair. Nice! Proud to be Filipino!

Friday, August 12, 2011


It's time for your random hunk again for the week and this time it's really burning hot. Ever wonder if someone could actually have killer looks and a to-die-for body coupled with great personality and effortless charms? Then you don't have to look further as Jay Gonzaga is your man.

He has been a regular in the modeling world and the fashion dynasty for quite some time already and just melting hearts of girls and gays alike the metro. He has been in numerous print ads and magazine covers/centerfolds or features. But his big shoot to fame came from the staging of the widely successful "Orosman at Zafira" where he has shown that he is not just the hunk we picture him but also a great thespian. But nevertheless, his character still bared what we like most of him, his killer bod. There were several reruns of the shows due to good reviews and of course one of the reasons would have to be Jay.

He is currently being visible on print and specially in TV. He is the nerdy yet hottie guy in Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband's Century Tuna TVC and wow he was just plain hot! Aside from modelling engagements here and there, he is also busy taping for the GMA show, Sinner or Saint portraying the role of Abet. Aside from the Tuna TVC he is also briefly seen in the Champion Infinity TV commercial as well.

For avid fans and followers, he was also part of the 2009 Cosmopolitan 69 Bachelors. He was also part of the Cosmo event in 2010 where he walked the ramp much to the delight of his fans. For people who knew him from then, I can't blame them for loving him so much. See for yourself.

Photo Credits: Brian Philip, Fotomatrix Studio and Jay Gonzaga's Facebook Page


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