Sunday, March 26, 2017


This time it is the men's turn. In this edition, they are topbilled by their newest model Pietro Boselli who I would have to say is really hot and very charming. This set shows us some great choices of wonderful clothes to wear for this summer. Comfortable, easy to the eyes and fashionable, these designs grabbed more attention with the great selection of gorgeous models donning the clothes. Here are the Top 10 guys who made headlines in the Bench event.

Photos courtesy of Preview

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Bench is really the trailblazer in terms of Philippine fashion with their easy, fashionable and wearable clothes and for this Spring Summer Collection, they have once more proved they are the brand to beat in the RP market. Here are the top 10 female models who did their fair share of ramp at this year's event.

Photos courtesy of Preview

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


After appearing in a bunch of X-Men movies and a few stand-alone movies of his own, Wolverine finally says adieu with what has been tagged as the final chapter on the story of Wolverine at least on Hugh Jackman's perspective. Aptly playing the role since 2000, Jackman surely saved the best for last on this caper as this is both a commercial and critical success as well.

Logan is based primarily on the comic series "Old Man Logan" which lets us see an older much mature yet deranged Wolverine in the near future. This future is a place herein the X-Men seemed to cease existence. The weary Logan takes care of an ailing Professor X which is played by Patrick Stewart and hopes to protect him and hide him from the outside world. Things become complicated when he meets a young mutant Laura (Dafne Keen) who is very much like him in any way possible.

The conflicts began to pile up as he tries to protect both Charles and Laura while battling all the dark forces that want to capture her. The Reavers made a full pursuit to the escaping group which led to a series of very dark scenes which includes bloodbath and deaths. Professor X was killed in a way where Logan finds himself helpless but just let his friend and mentor bite the dust.

Logan is movie packed with wonderful fight scenes and that is not its only power. It is a wonderfully written story that touches the heart and thrusts right to where your emotions lie. It shows how great an actor Hugh Jackman is as he effortlessly showed himself as someone who seems to not care anymore but still shows the compassionate heart that really reveals that care is one thing he truly possesses. Dafne Keen portrayed X-23 well as she showed promise in possibly taking on the mantle used to be carried by Jackman's Wolverine. The result was a heart wrenching film of epic proportions. It did not focused much on the extravaganza but touched more on where it hurts more - the heart. 9 out of 10 popcorns for me.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Survivor ushered in its new season with an All-Star Cast that combines previous season's greatest players dubbed as "Game Changers". This season sees 20 returning contestants battle it out for the title of the Ultimate Survivor. For this season, I am listing my top picks on who would go deep into the competition factoring in game play, tactics, over-all personality and a dash of cunning personality in them.

My best bet would have to be Cirie Fields. This is Cirie's 4th appearance in the series and is a well loved player. Not necessarily the strongest but definitely thrives on her social game. That and being a team player could push her deep but during the final stages, that kind personality may be her undoing as no one may want to face her in the final vote-offs. Brad Culcupper is agruably the strongest physically in the field but his social game is a bit of a question. However, if he joins the correct alliances and wins pivotal immunity challenges he is definitely one to watch for.

Sarah Lacina may seem like an innocent and harmless lady but wait for her to pounce as she is one cunning girl who could strike out the best there is in the game. Her gameplay and over-all performance is commendable specially in puzzles and mind games. Tai Trang is as cunning as it can be. Never be fooled by that smile cause he is one to watch out for. He plays and plays well. He plans meticulously and makes every move at the best possible moment.

Michaela Bradshaw is young, energetic and definitely one that could go toe to toe with challenges. Her downside might be her wearing her game up her sleeves making it possible for foes to attack her. But if she stays quiet and non-confrontational, she can go deep into the competition. Andrea Boelhke is pretty and she can make use of it at her advantage. She might seem fragile and not so strong but wait for her in challenges and she can definitely make a mark of her own. Her downside is her trusting nature that might cause a ploy for her opponents to blindside her.

Ozzy Lusth is one that possesses great charisma and audiences love him by much. He is also a great individual physical and mental threat which could bode both well and bad for him as the game progresses. His over-all personality that makes him so likeable is a good enough reason for his foes to vote him off. J.T. Thomas is another great physical and mental powerhouse. But unlike Ozzy, he is not much loved which could be either his passage to the next rounds or his early downfall. If he can stick with the right people, then he can go far.

Aubry Bracco values alliances well and that could push her to the top with great gameplay and wonderful social game. However, she is not the strongest in terms of challenges which would make her a target early on if her team loses a lot of challenges. Hali Ford is likeable and very much at it. That being said couple that with a great insight of the game and how it is played, she can go deep without much noticing her. She could be a free rider but could attack at the right times.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Prepare to be in heat as you are treated to a wonderful set of great and scorching hot photos. Cezar Augusto is a Brazilian born model who is currently making the waves in the country. This tall hottie can be seen as one of the models for Oxygen and has graced Cosmopolitan Philippines as it January's Hunk of the Month.

What more can you ask for this hot gorgeous gentleman. He seemingly has it all - from that striking good looks that could melt people's hearts to his super blazing hot body everyone is envy of. He can turn every single frame and every shot a wonder to watch. You will be at awe with Cezar and we could not blame you if you just keep asking for more.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


 The Survivor series has continued to make people glued watching even after so many years and so many seasons. Their recent season puts together a select few prior contestants that have shaped the Survivor world and are tagged as "Game Changers". A total of 20 castaways are joined together to make a pretty interesting story of great game play, tactics and whole lot more.

I will be running my power rankings on these contestants on who I think would be voted up first up to the possible winner for this season. This I will be sharing on a separate post.

Friday, March 10, 2017


Bloody and profane - two words to describe "Get Out". This thriller surely is one of the surprise hits of 2017. While this film is packaged as a horror-thriller, it never fails to deal with some points in life like discussion on race on life in general. The film is not violently infused but on every scene that deals with fighting, kicking, stabbing and guns it totally puts brutality into its face.

This however is not the typical thriller as the film-making was done impeccably and smart. Get Out handles prejudice and racism through character interactions and performance, rather than preaching. Overall feel was fresh yet staying true to making people feel the jitters.

Overall, the movie was great. 8.5 out of 10 popcorns.


With the The Amazing Race 29 suffering record low ratings, the future of the series continues to be on limbo. I am still a relative fan of the show but things are looking grim for the franchise which has its 30th race pushed further back without any future concrete plans as of yet.

The decline in the popularity of the series has definitely put a chink on the once formidable stature of The Amazing Race. The fans have aired their concerns saying the series now lacks new ideas and suffers from non-interesting cast choices that is a literal cringe-worthy TV experience. They tried to drastically change the tone in the 29th season where in they let 2 relative unknown join each other to form a team which generally did not play well with the audiences.

Let us see what lies with the future of The Amazing Race. Hoping they will return to the small screens soon.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


And as usual with every awards night there are definitely misses on the red carpet but definitely a whole lot are hits and would simply make you say you wanna wear those stuff as well. Here is the Top 10 best dressed celebrities in the recently concluded 89th Academy Awards.

1. Kirsten Dunst
This black dress was perfect for Kirsten and it just was elegant, classy and simply on point. The dress really emphasized the curves in Kirsten's body and the fact that her shoulders was showing on this dress made it the more sexy.

2. Priyanka Chopra
Classy in white. Priyanka is overall a goddess and this dress simply made her feel more like one. The intricate details on this gown is just gorgeous and it makes her feel the aura of regal in her.

3. Brie Larson
Stunning and sexy. This gorgeous black dress by Oscar De la Renta seemed like it was tailored fit for Brie. The waves in the dress provided sexiness to the already sexy persona of Brie and with her red lips on the red carpet she was simply jaw dropping.

4. Viola Davis
Viola. Viola. Viola. All I can say is wow! This flaming red ensemble really brought out the best in Viola. The great complement of the dress color with Viola's color was exquisite and the gown truly showed that indeed the girl is smoking hot.

5. Taraji Henson
Black is sexy and Taraji showed that all too well. With that plunging neckline and the nice slit to the gown, it was simply one hot dress done in perfection. Add the great necklace and she was plain drop dead gorgeous that night.

6. Leslie Mann
And Oscar De la Renta makes us wow again. Yellow is not the usual dress we normally see at the red carpet but we can't help but applaud this dress that Leslie dons that night. Whimsical and really feminine with its curves and cuts, this simply make our cut as one of the better dresses that night.

7. Halle Berry
While most fashion pundits does not like Halle Berry's over-all feel noting her bizaare hairstyle that night, I still put her in my top list. This Versace ensemble looks playful and sexy but chic and classy at the same time.

8. Emma Watson
Simple and sexy, this young best Actress winner was all beaming that night on the red carpet and even as she accepts her trophy for her award.

9. Auli'i Cravalho
This is perhaps the most feminine piece I have seen that night and this white ensemble with all its trails and layerings was just on point with every detail. Auli'i's smile even made the dress stand out the more.

10. Scarlet Johansson
While most people see this as too casual for the Academys, I still believe Scarlet rocked the walk and with her sexy new look she was simply someone who also made heads turn.


In every big event like the Oscars, all eyes are on not only on who will win the awards but also who will don the best gowns and ensemble during the night. And this year was no different as the stars flocked and strutted their way to the red carpet. Some have really put us in awe with great choices and wonderful pieces but for some we were put into utter disappointment or a feeling of perhaps asking for more. Here is the Top 10 Worst Dressed in the past Academy Awards.

1. Jessica Biel
Normally Jessica stands out with her choices and with a body like hers she is always a regular hit but for this Kaufman Franco piece, I could not find the right words to explain how flat I felt for this gown.

2. Sofia Boutella
With a face like hers, she would definitely make heads turn but at that night she captured attention at the wrong reasons. This unflattering Chanel gown with the feathers at the bottom was simply unflattering.

3. Janelle Monae
Black is often a safe choice at any event but with a lot going on with this piece, I am simply lost. Could have been a sexy piece with a great upper portion but the lower parts of the gown was blown out of proportions not emphasizing Janelle's great form.

4. Dakota Johnson
This piece simply does not work for me. Whatever is Dakota's inspiration for this gown should definitely be forgotten. The ribbony feel at the middle of the dress looks more elementary in design than a simple skirt.

5. Felicity Jones
And this one is definitely a sleeper. Bland color, very weak design and the over-all feel was just way off. I thought Felicity was going to bed with this piece.

6. Hailee Steinfeld
Her look was spot on as I like the way she came add to her oozing confidence and appeal but overall this gown was rather flat with the designs seem to be scattered all over the place. One of the dresses that could have been done better.

7. Nicole Kidman
Blanc, plain, straight and too simple. Not much that you could take from this gown. Nicole had far better gowns worn at the Oscars other than this piece that looks like an cloth wrapped all over her.

8. Salma Hayek
It seems Salma was going to church and not the Academy Awards. This black dress was just nothing special and was an utter waste with the gorgeous Salma.

9. Michelle Williams
There's something about this dress that does not work for me or maybe it was Michelle's overall vibe that night. The dress failed to put sexy and sassy at the right places and turned to be just another dress.

10. Charlize Theron
There is nothing really wrong about this dress but that being said it does not mean that it is that great. Charlize looked matronly with this piece with the cuts design and the color just not working to her advantage.


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