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Maalaala Mo Kaya, now more commonly known as MMK celebrates its 20th year on air giving us wonderful stories about life, love, happiness and reality. Hosted by Charo Santos-Concio, the show has been one of the standards in terms of drama and has had success in different award-winning bodies here and abroad. I have been a fan of the show and through those 20 long years, I have come to love 10 outstanding episodes. Here they are:

1. Lobo (Regine Velasquez and Piolo Pascual)
- Arguably the episode which really brought me to tears, Regine and Piolo did show that they are really good actors in the industry. This episode makes us remember that disabilities should not hinder us from loving people.  It lets us accept people as they are and just follow the greatness of the human emotions. We should not treat people as disabled but instead as special. It is great to note how one could fall in love with one's purity and innocence. Their on-screen chemistry was just a great click.

2. Rehas (Gina Pareno)
- What would you do if you have kids that are all mentally-ill? This is one of the questions of this episode from which Gina Pareno wonderfully and effortlessly portrayed the role of a  mother with mentally-ill children. It shows the strength and hope of a mother and makes us remember to love unconditionally. This si one of the heart busting episodes of MMK which made me flood for tears.

3. Skating Rink (John Lloyd Cruz)
- John Lloyd Cruz gave one of the better performances for MMK. He played the role of a guy, a skater who has cerebral palsy. It goes to show that whatever we want in our lives, hindrances are just challenges and that if we have will and determination, our dreams would be reached how difficult the road going there may be.

4. Abo (Roderick Paulate)
- It is one of the episodes where Roderick grabbed a victory at the Asian TV awards. Him not uttering any words could still elicit tears and he has showed that Filipinos are really good actors. The story was well-written and really emotional and Roderick just showed he is a pro.

5.  Kalendaryo (Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil)
- With a haunting song used for most of the tearjerker scenes "I Will Be Here", this episode truly made me cry to tears. The love story between two people wherein one is dying is always a sad sight to look at. But we are just reminded to express our love to our special someone each day as we will never know when will be their last. Billy and Nikki provided performance that is natural, innocent and real. Death could not set apart a love that is so strong

6. Song Book (Aiza Seguerra)
- Aiza Seguerra is one of the few celebrities who rarely do emotional roles but when given such would definitely put you to tears. The rawness of her acting made it more believable thus standing out from the rest. Her performance here grabbed attention and also brought her a Best Actress trophy at the Asian TV Awards

7. Bisikleta (Dolphy)
- Dolphy's potrayal of a father who is out to redeem himself is one heartfelt one. It was a struggle to convince everyone that he was at no case at fault. We all know Dolphy;s comedic timing but his drama chops was also way above spectrum.

8. Regalo (Vilma Santos, Ricky Davao, Maja Salvador)
- Vilma and Ricky was again stellar in this episode and Maja was just a revelation. How could one mother divide her time from working and taking care of a sick daughter who has cerebral palsy? It is losing at both ends. Each scene was just sad and much more to the hospital scene where you can really feel the pain and suffering of Maja much more Vilma's agony.

9. Tubig (Ryan Agoncillo)
- Ryan Agoncillo is a great host but occasionally dabbles into acting - and a good acting to boot. He played a "taong grasa" in this episode and has truly showed confidence in acting even as he was painted all through out with grease. Natural and simple, Ryan's scenes made me shed tears. Makes us realize that we all can change for the better.

10. Treehouse (Andre Tiangco, Dimples Romana, Dominic Ochoa)
- One of the more loved episodes on love and finding one's heart, Treehouse takes us to the conflict of forgetting someone and then suddenly meeting someone that would make one's heart beat fast. Dimples was good already from the get go and the support cast added glitter to this episode.

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