Wednesday, March 1, 2017


And as usual with every awards night there are definitely misses on the red carpet but definitely a whole lot are hits and would simply make you say you wanna wear those stuff as well. Here is the Top 10 best dressed celebrities in the recently concluded 89th Academy Awards.

1. Kirsten Dunst
This black dress was perfect for Kirsten and it just was elegant, classy and simply on point. The dress really emphasized the curves in Kirsten's body and the fact that her shoulders was showing on this dress made it the more sexy.

2. Priyanka Chopra
Classy in white. Priyanka is overall a goddess and this dress simply made her feel more like one. The intricate details on this gown is just gorgeous and it makes her feel the aura of regal in her.

3. Brie Larson
Stunning and sexy. This gorgeous black dress by Oscar De la Renta seemed like it was tailored fit for Brie. The waves in the dress provided sexiness to the already sexy persona of Brie and with her red lips on the red carpet she was simply jaw dropping.

4. Viola Davis
Viola. Viola. Viola. All I can say is wow! This flaming red ensemble really brought out the best in Viola. The great complement of the dress color with Viola's color was exquisite and the gown truly showed that indeed the girl is smoking hot.

5. Taraji Henson
Black is sexy and Taraji showed that all too well. With that plunging neckline and the nice slit to the gown, it was simply one hot dress done in perfection. Add the great necklace and she was plain drop dead gorgeous that night.

6. Leslie Mann
And Oscar De la Renta makes us wow again. Yellow is not the usual dress we normally see at the red carpet but we can't help but applaud this dress that Leslie dons that night. Whimsical and really feminine with its curves and cuts, this simply make our cut as one of the better dresses that night.

7. Halle Berry
While most fashion pundits does not like Halle Berry's over-all feel noting her bizaare hairstyle that night, I still put her in my top list. This Versace ensemble looks playful and sexy but chic and classy at the same time.

8. Emma Watson
Simple and sexy, this young best Actress winner was all beaming that night on the red carpet and even as she accepts her trophy for her award.

9. Auli'i Cravalho
This is perhaps the most feminine piece I have seen that night and this white ensemble with all its trails and layerings was just on point with every detail. Auli'i's smile even made the dress stand out the more.

10. Scarlet Johansson
While most people see this as too casual for the Academys, I still believe Scarlet rocked the walk and with her sexy new look she was simply someone who also made heads turn.

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