Wednesday, March 1, 2017


In every big event like the Oscars, all eyes are on not only on who will win the awards but also who will don the best gowns and ensemble during the night. And this year was no different as the stars flocked and strutted their way to the red carpet. Some have really put us in awe with great choices and wonderful pieces but for some we were put into utter disappointment or a feeling of perhaps asking for more. Here is the Top 10 Worst Dressed in the past Academy Awards.

1. Jessica Biel
Normally Jessica stands out with her choices and with a body like hers she is always a regular hit but for this Kaufman Franco piece, I could not find the right words to explain how flat I felt for this gown.

2. Sofia Boutella
With a face like hers, she would definitely make heads turn but at that night she captured attention at the wrong reasons. This unflattering Chanel gown with the feathers at the bottom was simply unflattering.

3. Janelle Monae
Black is often a safe choice at any event but with a lot going on with this piece, I am simply lost. Could have been a sexy piece with a great upper portion but the lower parts of the gown was blown out of proportions not emphasizing Janelle's great form.

4. Dakota Johnson
This piece simply does not work for me. Whatever is Dakota's inspiration for this gown should definitely be forgotten. The ribbony feel at the middle of the dress looks more elementary in design than a simple skirt.

5. Felicity Jones
And this one is definitely a sleeper. Bland color, very weak design and the over-all feel was just way off. I thought Felicity was going to bed with this piece.

6. Hailee Steinfeld
Her look was spot on as I like the way she came add to her oozing confidence and appeal but overall this gown was rather flat with the designs seem to be scattered all over the place. One of the dresses that could have been done better.

7. Nicole Kidman
Blanc, plain, straight and too simple. Not much that you could take from this gown. Nicole had far better gowns worn at the Oscars other than this piece that looks like an cloth wrapped all over her.

8. Salma Hayek
It seems Salma was going to church and not the Academy Awards. This black dress was just nothing special and was an utter waste with the gorgeous Salma.

9. Michelle Williams
There's something about this dress that does not work for me or maybe it was Michelle's overall vibe that night. The dress failed to put sexy and sassy at the right places and turned to be just another dress.

10. Charlize Theron
There is nothing really wrong about this dress but that being said it does not mean that it is that great. Charlize looked matronly with this piece with the cuts design and the color just not working to her advantage.

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