Wednesday, November 3, 2010


People Flocked to the Jellybean/F&H show

Well, the lines were so much and there were a lot of people awaiting outside Hall 2 of SMX. I was left alone now since my friend went home and can't bear to stand for so long. Show was about to start at 7:30 PM but actually began a little less than 9:00 PM. Jellybean and Folded and Hung was truly the most jampacked show so far in the whole of PFW Spring Summer 2011. Was it worth the long wait? It's for you to see.

Let's start off with Jellybean. Great vibes at the start of the show as we are treated to wonderful sounds played live. Songs that stuck to my mind while the beautiful ladies walked the ramp were "The Remedy" and "Wonderwall". The models made their way to the catwalk sporting colorful attires showing the bubbly trademark of JellyBean. Ribbons, dresses, cool sombreros, colorful necklaces and layered skirts were all abound in the set.
Model Fretzie Bercede

Photo Boyet Ocampo

Model Maja Salvador
Photo Jr Sala
Guys were all eyes on the models which include Fretzie Bercede of PBB and grand finale for the night was Maja Salvador who was so bubbly and pretty in her pink/purple laced skirt. Nice start to this double header show. Up next is Folded and Hung.


  1. ganda talaga ni Fretzie! mikka

  2. hi mikka. thanks for the visit. yup she's pretty.

  3. Ang cute ni fretzie at ang pretty ni maja!



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