Sunday, July 3, 2011


It has been over a year already but from time to time I still play Plants Vs. Zombies, perhaps not as frequent as before. What makes this game so addicting is its simple premise and gameplay. One could easily get into it without reading too much game instructions. Rule: Never have your brains eaten. So protect the house with your plants and exterminate all the zombies trying to attack it.

There are several stages wherein you'll have different levels of difficulty. Different plants would be unlocked as you move and advance through stages. Along the way, different zombies will be littered and would try to eat your brains. There are actually 4 levels/stages - Daytime, Nightime, Pool and Roof. It becomes tricky as you move and advance but great planning and timing could spell victory.

Aside from the main game, one could collect plants and complete their garden. There are also minigames and survival games ready for free play anytime. It is still addicting and anyone who has not played this game surely missed something. Now isn't too late. And did I say there's a Michael Jackson looking zombie in there?

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