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In an earlier feature, I have laid down my Top 10 anticipated prequels, sequels and spin-offs for 2011. But aside from these wondeful movies, a lot of new titles are up for showing in 2011. From drama, thriller, love story, suspense and action. 2011 may be off to a slow start bu there are plenty to watch out for in the coming months. Here are the ten films I am looking forward to.

1. I Am Number Four
- Aliens never looked this hot. Pitticus Lore's book has finally been made into a film. Though the premise of this film is much more akin to that of the "Twilight" series, there's something in this film that makes me wanna see it. Based on the trailers, there are lots of butt kicking scenes and stunts and gorgeous bodies as well. Starring a hunky Alex Pettyfer and Glee's Dianna Agron, I am sure not gonna miss this one.

2. Sucker Punch
- Ladies galore! Yup. This is one of the selling points of this film. A hard core action flick which stars an all-girl cast who's ready for hot action. Graphic novels have been received well in the past (300, Watchmen) and I don't see why Sucker Punch would be an exception. The trailers were hot so as with the girls. Emily Browning and Vanessa Hudgens star on this high-octane film.

3. Black Swan
- Though this film has been shown in 2010 in the US, it is only now in 2011 that Black Swan has been released in the Philippines. This thriller is one of the must watch films in my list. A psycho thriller about a ballerina played by Natalie Portman and her battles on the stage and with herself, this sure is one interesting film. Another hottie Mila Kunis also stars.

4. Green Lantern
- Ryan Reynolds on tights, what more could I say? Yup, that dude is really hot and extremely gorgeous. That's one reason why this film is one to watch. But aside from that, it is interesting to see how this film will do well in the box-office. This is a daring move as this is one of the DC inspired films outside of Batman and Superman. Based on the trailer, this is not gonna be as serious as the two as this film might bring in some comedic lines on board.

5. Red Riding Hood
- Another thriller up for good showing in 2011. Amanda Seyfried stars on this modern retelling of the classic tale. Darker and edgier than the well-loved children's story, this film has a "Twilight" feel in it as well which makes it quite interesting.

6. Cowboys Vs. Aliens
- Comic book adaptations are also alive in 2011 and one of the films that really grabbed my attention is "Cowboys and Aliens". Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford will topbill this sci-fi action thriller. I am eager to watch this one. This looks like it's gonna be power packed with action. Yeah, man! Cowboys with high-tech guns!

7. The Adjustment Bureau
- Matt Damon stars in this psychological thriller which will keep you guessing. Based on the foundation of love, this film is a roller coaster mind boggler as Matt tries to fight for his love amidst all the men trying to separate them. Emily Blunt (Devil Wears Prada) stars as the love interest. The trailers are nice and I would definitely watch this.

8. Real Steel
- For those who miss Hugh Jackman, prepare to smile this 2011. He's back as one of the leads in the action film "Real Steel". This film has a lot of robots in it to the delight of kids and young adults but not as big as the Transformers. Aside from that, this has a feeling of a video game in it. Something to watch.

9. Beastly
- Another book adaptation hits the screen. And you'll see familiar people in it. Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four) will star on this modern retelling of "Beauty and the Beast". This love story drama is poised to touch hearts and make us shed a tear or two. Let's see if this can live up to its hype.

10. Thor
- Two Avengers will have their film debuts this year but I am hesitant to watch "Captain America". But for "Thor", I am gonna make some risks. High swinging action is promised by the looks of the trailers and that is something to look forward to. Plus, Natalie Portman is there to provide love interest.

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