Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Do you believe in magic? I do!

Not the sorcery and witchcraft thing. But the one that spells love. It is one of the most powerful thing ever to hit one person. The magic of love is something that’s irresistible. Only the naive and the emotionless bunch would not dive into love once it presents itself. Love is a wonderful feeling. It makes one happy and truly takes out a brighter person in each one of us.

But how do we know when it’s for real? That’s when we need to believe. If we don’t believe on things, those would not happen. Likewise if we don’t have any beliefs in love, we would just be left wanting it but would never experience it. It is something that we need to instill in our hearts and minds. Only then will our eyes be opened wide for us to see its true power.

Love is strong and wonderful but it also is shy. It shows up only to those who really believe. Now, do you believe in love?

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