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Just a few months back, I have featured designer Ulysses King in my blog and once more let us take a look on the talent and extraordinary fashion magic of this exquisite designer.

He's truly one of the more interesting fashion designers of this generation. He has been gaining a lot of accolades and praises ever since his first appearance at the 2010 Holiday Collection of PFW. He then went on to appear on several other shows and made his return to the PFW scene last September for the Spring/Summer Collection. He has been featured in several articles in different newspapers and fashion blogs showing that he really is a star on the rise. This time around he's gonna take part in "STATUS", a UST Fashion Show this Friday. February 11, 2011.

And while waiting for that, we take a look further on Uly's designs based on the eyes of some of his models for the show. Here are some of the notes of the models:

Earvin Aquino takes particular note on how Uly focuses on structure making each design a good fit. It was mentioned by him that the designs have an added twist that makes them stand out. He believes that Uly's designs are statement designs and that he makes sure it is different. He noted that Uly may be grounded with earth tones but he loves the way Uly injects stunning colors to be part of his over-all ensemble. Brown with a spark of pink and a dash of bright shades.

Christian De Los Reyes sees the designs as simple, yet elegant and striking. He noted that most of the designs are distinct and truly Ulysses' own. He loves the way the colors are mixed and matched. He also likes the way Uly makes use of accessories to bring the entire design to life.

Wes Torrejon may be young and new in the biz but he has shown great appreciation with uly's designs. He sees Uly's collection as high fashion and not "pang-masa". He likes it a lot and notes that unlike others, Uly's designs are not boring and really something interesting.

Luis Castillo's take on Uly's design is also plain praises. He specifically like the wearability factor despite the design's uniqueness. He says that Uly may use black and brown on his designs but still make them stunning and stand-out.

Joel Leelin is all praise for Uly's designs. He says Uly is not afraid in taking risks on designs. He notes that the designs are more on the artistic values which makes them really interesting and really noteworthy of attention. He believes the clothes are not generic and really has a Uly trademark on it. He added that visual presentation is what makes Uly really good.

Dheyle Dizon shares that most of Uly's designs are really eye catchers in a very good kind of way. He thinks that Uly's designs are unique and not traditional. He confesses that he has used some of the clothes Uly designed and has grabbed just praises from people who see the designs. He believes that Uly thinks outside the box and has admired how the designer works on his designs and how each of them are presented.

Julius Abanilla says that what he likes with Uly's design is its wearability. He took note on the good fit of the clothes and how comfortable the clothes are. He says that it is definitely something people would love wearing.

All the best on the Fashion Show! I know you'll wow them all once more.

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  1. Thank you very much Jericho--nice write up and what a heart warming compliments from the people I work with...thanks for organizing their thoughts. This one , i would love to share to all models and concerned people for UST Status Fashion Show on Feb 11 and friends -- keep on writing ,you're superb!

    Ulysses King



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