Friday, January 20, 2017


With the glam shots released in the Miss Universe website and some of the activities done in different places like Boracay & Vigan plus the swimwear presentation of candidates in their Yamamay suits, I have enlisted my newest Top 20 with how well the ladies performed during the past few days.

1. Maxine Medina (Philippines)
Despite having some concerns on her communications skills, I have still put Maxine on top my picks. Her beauty just shines through showing that she is one to beat. And with strong performances in the Yamamay presentation and the stunning Glam Shot she has, I believe she should continue pushing for more as the competition is slowly inching closer.

2. Mariam Habach (Venezuela)
Many netizens believe she looks a bit old in some pics but after good rounds in the recent fashion events and a strong glam shot to boot, I have vaulted her from No. 9 to No. 2. Her preliminary performance is something to watch for. I think Mariam is one of the ladies that is determined to win the crown.

3. Raissa Santana (Brazil)
Her big curls and great persona carries Raissa all well. She did well in some of the events this week and surely this glam shot of hers is one great pic of hers. But I think she needs to go outside the box and experiment more. I think she has more in store and we could be of to some surprises in the next few days. But until that day comes, I'll have to bump her off to No. 3.

4. Zoey Ivory (Netherlands)
I will always keep Zoey as one of the prettier faces in the competition. And the only thing that keeps me from putting her higher on my list is that certain aura of fierceness which somehow she lacks. But after good rounds of pics topped by this glam shot, she vaults her way up from No. 15 the last time.

5. Stephanie Geldhof (Belgium)
It seems Stephanie's brilliance is slowly fading as the days pass. For me she seems to be just the pretty face everyone loves. But other than that, she seems to lack interest. This lady is pretty and has good body structure and she should use is well for her advantage. If she can put her acts together, she can be a serious contender.

6. Andrea Tovar (Colombia)
Despite a lot of pageant analysts criticizing Andrea and her looks and frame, I still put her in strong position to place well in the competitions. She can carry herself well and that can help her in her quest for the crown. What she needs to do is to refocus and show people that she is here to take it all.

7. Marina Jacoby (Nicaragua)
Consistency is the key to Marina's performance. Solid yet not yet up there with the frontrunners. I think she can perform way much better. And despite a safe performance along the week and a good glamshot, with competition stepping up the game, she falls down 3 spots to No. 7.

8. Chalita Suansane (Thailand)
Her glam shot is a welcome improvement from her safe headshot from a week ago and without any exemplary performance so far that makes her stand out, she falls down a bit on our rankings to No.8. But fans are flocking to her rescue as netizens seem poise to notch him the victory in votations which could lead her straight to the semifinals.

9. Sal Garcia (Dominican Republic)
Powering her way into the rankings this week is Miss Dominican Republic. Her performance in the Yamamay swimsuit is commendable and she really did a great shot with her glam shot. Unlike in previous weeks, where she seems to be satisfied being on the background, she now looks like a serious contender.

10. Caris Tiivel (Australia)
This Aussie beauty keeps getting more attention as come nearer the actual coronation night. She has a pretty face and a great body. And with proper choices of gowns and more media eyes on her, she has put herself in serious contention for the crown.

11. Hawa Kamara (Sierra Leone)
Outside of the favorite and consistent nations, Sierra Leone has become one crowd pleaser and her solid performances in the events this week has kept her safely into the Top 15 moving up a notch and closer to a potential Top 10. She is different and sometimes in difference judges see beauty.

12. Brenda Jimenez (Puerto Rico)
Despite strong first few events, Brenda somehow failed to impress in the media coverages sometimes lacking gusto and seems like losing a bit of interest. But you can never take away the fact that Puerto Rico is still a solid candidate and just needs to refocus her game. Down from No. 6 last time.

13. Iris Mittenaere (France)
France was one of the few favorites at the start of the MU season but as soon as other nations announce their winners in their national pageants, somehow she was overshadowed. Good thing is that she has sprung back to life with a great showing in the swimsuits and her media presence being back once more.

14. Kristal Silva (Mexico)
Too safe. I think she failed to capitalize on the fact that she has been here in the country before for Miss Earth and that she can use that knowledge for her to make sure she'll get media frenzy and attention. But her glam shot is really one of the best ones and with that she moved back inside the Top 15.

15. Kezia Warouw (Indonesia)
Kezia is pretty and possesses a good body she sometimes is a hit or miss. If she hits it with her stride, she can definitely go high but for the past week, she lacked confidence and settled for a safe performance in the events.

Bubbling Under:
16. Deshauna Barber (USA)
17. Keity Drennan (Panama)
18. Valeria Piazza (Peru)
19. Estefania Bernal (Argentina)
20. Kiran Jassal (Malaysia)

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