Sunday, May 22, 2011


As again two of my designer friends (Ulysses King and Nico Agustin) have graciously invited me to watch them as they showcase their designs together with 10 other designers as part of the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 Men's Wear Collection. The collections were a bit toned down as compared to the Spring/Summer 2010 pieces but still all the clothes are realy worth the watch. The intricately woven designs and carefully crafted linens are evident on all the clothes each designer presented. Notable models who walked the ramp were Ram Sagad, Luke Jickain, Heydar Hosseini, Miguel Masigan, James Zablan and Enrique Gil. My personal favorites were the set from Ulysses King, Bang Pineda, Dodjie Batu, Zxander Tan, Drei Soriano and Nico Agustin. Here are my top choices for each designer. (alphabetical order)

Anthony Nocom

Bang Pineda

Dodjie Batu

Drei Soriano

Frederick Policarpio

Jesson Capuchino

Jinggo Inoncillo

Melchor Guinto

Nico Agustin

Odelon Simpao

Ulysses King

Zxander Tan

I also have some pics with an aspiring model Sebastian Piatti and the finale of the show which features the guys in theis black clothes and outrageous head accessories.

Photo Credits: Paul Cortes Photography, Michael Franks Photography and Bloggers Own

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