Monday, May 23, 2011


“Where do I begin.. To tell the story of how great a love can be.. The sweet love story that is older than the sea..” 

These lines from the theme song of the film just kept on playing on my mind hours and even days after I watched the movie. mind you, as of writing I have already downloaded the Gary V. version and just keeps it playing whenever I like to. "In The Name of Love", Star Cinema's 18th anniversary offering looked like an ordinary love story upfront but you will find out that you are wrong - very wrong! Aside from the wonderful music that sets it apart from other films, the cinematography was really of high quality. Star Cinema again raised the bar in terms of filmmaking. This film has all the makings of a great movie. The location from Japan up to the Philippine shooting sites were wonderful. The story telling was just superb as you would keep with the movie just not to miss a thing. It is not linear as there are plenty of flashbacks within the film. It gets you engaged and one could really feel the emotions portrayed by the cast.

What impressed me is the element of surprise the film has presented. The story is not the predictable one and there were plenty of twists one could not imagine being there. Direk Olivia Lamasan rarely does a film nowadays but she still has the magic hands that turned "In The Name of Love" into a wonderfully crafted masterpiece. Aside from that the casts were simply wonderful. Aga Muhlach once more has shown that up to now he's one of the better actors in the industry. He made me cry on the confrontation scenes as if he really feels the pain. Jake Cuenca was a revelation as he played the part of being a goody and then in just a snap could turn into evil. As for Angel Locsin, she has really come a long way since her showbiz debut. Her performance here speaks well for her growth as an actress. You can see the fun part in her in the light scenes but when she dives into the drama chops, you can really feel her agony.

"In The Name of Love" shares the story of 2 people who have met again after 7 years of not seeign each other. One would be treated to several emotions as the film try to unravel each mystery, each secret and the true events that have occured within their lives during those years. One of the best films so far this year. Dubbed as an "almost tragic love story", it has combined the elements of love and danger quite superbly resulting into a prized piece. 5 out 5 popcorns!

Photo Credits: Star Cinema

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