Monday, June 11, 2012


Well, these posts may have been a tad late but yes I still did enjoy the Holiday 2012 edition of the Philippine Fashion Week despite my rigorous schedule at work. And the first show I got to attend to was Premiere A. The show combines designers Dimple Lim, Jeffrey Rogador, Odelon Simpao, Roland Lirio and Xernan Orticio.

Before going to the analysis of the designs presented by the designers, I have to comment first on the lackluster attendance on this show. It seems the show suffered advertising combined with the difficulty in snagging tickets this year. Well, that makes room for better viewing pleasure so up to the show.

Dimple Lim starts the show with her collection which is a mix of futuristic and tribal. At first I did not see much cohesion with the entire show but I found one simple thing that strikes with most of the pieces and those are the wonderful neckpieces. As for the clothes, drapes, overlays and silhouettes were evident.  Overall, the collection was good individually but as a set it lacks cohesion.

Up next was Jeffrey Rogador who's theme for this year is "Glass of Milk". And for sure it was not just an ordinary milk as his set was filled with whites, golds and browns. Despite the simplicity of color selection by Jeffrey, his collection was overall a stand-out from the female pieces with drapes and belts up to the more adventurous male pieces which includes overlays, hoodies and even plastic made jackets. He gave us some clothes that are readily wearable yet very intriguing and different.

Odelon Simpao's set was filled with metallic embellishments adorned in free flowing dresses and gowns for the girls. While his men's collection was predominantly black and gray and is mainly filled with leather pieces.  The male pieces were a bit safe and normal but the designs for the girls made up for that as sexiness was portrayed with a bit of an edge.

Roland Lirio's pieces were cuts of elegance and chic. Filled with fur, brocade and sequins, Roland's collection played with gold and silver on top of blacks. I would have to say that the ladies' pieces were all stand outs making you visualize some high society people actually wearing them. His set was all glitter and in good ways.

As if it was saving the best for last, Xernan Orticio did exactly that. He again wowed me with his intricate designs which I know he has honed for being a regular in the Designs Fusion & Vision and Trends shows in PFW. But his striking red collection truly made the mark. His designs were fiery indeed from the cuts, overlays and symmetry and has made each of the models really sexy and gorgeous.

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