Saturday, June 23, 2012


I have not written any movie reviews in a while but it did not necessarily mean I did not watch any films in the past few weeks. In fact I have watched quite a few - local and international titles. So let's start with "Born To Love You".

Under the helm of director Jerome Pobocan, this film is one of the few risks of Star Cinema doing a fresh pairing for a love story. The film stars Angeline Quinto and Coco Martin as the love interests. This film was not bad but not good either. The story seemed like an emotional rollercoaster wherein the romance, drama and comic relief were scattered all around for the audience to munch upon. The film lacks any great premise for a good story. Indeed it has the injections of love that most Filipinos look for but the overall story was too much of a fairytale and make-believe world. If that is what they intend to convey then they were successful.

The leads did their share in bringing their characters to life. Coco Martin was again convincing both as a bad guy and a good guy. Angeline's first foray into acting was a mixed bag. She could definitely improve but she has done quite well. What makes the film work was the good theme song which was carefully placed into most of the scenes making the moment much more "kilig".

This film is a 3 out of 5 popcorns.

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