Saturday, June 23, 2012


The past few weeks have been different. A lot of things have happened which have made a permanent dent on my heart and on my mind. I miss the old times when I used to smile with you. Those were the moments when we can just stare blankly into the sky without doing anything just marveling and taking awe to the beauty and majesty of the clouds.

I don't know what happened but I guess it was partly because of me and partly because of you. I am truly afraid in the past few days as I feel the unexpected could happen. I sense the coming of an apparent ending. A finish to a wonderful story we have once shared. A lot of people may not understand but what we have wasn't just simple - it was way too complex. But for what I know it was real and precious.

I miss the old times but I guess that would not happen anymore. I am now preparing to let go of the final strand I am holding on to. The time has come to live a new life - a fresh start. It does not mean I'm forgetting every single moment. Things might come to a halt and an abrupt ending but I won't dwell on the ending alone. It is far more fruitful to cherish the entire story - each wonderful moment. And though the story is coming to an end, I am wholeheartedly accepting the idea that a new story will soon unfold. Thanks for everything....

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