Monday, July 11, 2011


Me and the Autobots Logo

Me and the Decepticons Logo
Last July 2 and 3, the SM Mall of Asia Main Atrium was invaded! Yes, and the robot invasion in the country has officially arrived. Me, my bestfriend and his young brother joined the bandwagon as we also checked the happenings in MOA. And yes there were robots.

Chris, Tope and Optimus Prime

Tope and Bumblebee

Me, Tope and Vehicle Mode Optimus Prime
Tope with a lot of toys on display
A lot of toys were on display for the Transformers event to usher in the 3rd installment to the robot franchise, "Dark of The Moon". The Autobots and Decepticons were in full force as a lot of people in robot costumes were present during the 2-day spectacle. And we will never be left to just being spectators so we pulled out our cam and then shoot, shoot and pose. It was a rainy weekend but we still had loads of fun.

Chris, Tope and Optimus Prime

Me, Tope and Starscream
Chris, Tope and the huge Optimus Prime

Me and Optimus Prime

Tope and Sentinel Prime
Aside from the robots from the movie, there were robot figures from the TV cartoons (old and new) and some from the original Transformers. Here are some of the pics we have during the day. Have fun. Time to transform!

Tope with all the other robots on display

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