Sunday, June 5, 2011


The No. 1 teleserye in the Philippines just took its final bow last Friday, June 3, 2011. The remake of Mara Clara has staged its final episode with whooping remarks from people.

Yes, indeed Mara Clara was a remake but it actually equalled or even surpassed its original. What makes this new Mara Clara work is its pace. Now viewers don't have to wait for long years before its end. The scenes were all done in a sense where no one gets bored. The best thing about this teleserye is that everyone in the cast is superb from the main leads up to the support. The new Mara, Kathryn Bernardo did justice to the title role previously portrayed by Judy Ann Santos. Her effortless acting brought us to tears and really made us love her. Clara formerly played by Gladys Reyes gets a new generation funk with Julia Montes. She is one beautiful mean girl. And I really loved the way she acts. She can easily handle each scene and does not seem like she is a newbie. She shifts emotions that fast and changes characters without difficulty as she plays being bad and also plays being a crybaby with ease.

Aside from the two, the support cast was just magnificent. The best of which is Jhong Hilario who plays Gary. He is such a great actor and has really shown why he is one of the more adept thespians in the country. He puts evil to shame as he portrays his role making us believe that he really is a mean guy and that he can really spell evil. Mylene Dizon again wowed me with her role in here. She shows us again how versatile she is. She can play bitchy and at this instance played the poor and the suppressed one. Dimples Romana and Bobby Andrews were also cast perfectly as the true parents of Mara, Simple yet emotion-filled acting. Gina Pareno once more proved herself as one of the best veteran actresses in the country. Every line and reaction she does was just pure actin bliss. Kiray Celis also makes us fume mad everytime we see her and yes the diminutive actress did have a very big career ahead of her.

The first Mara Clara was a classic and this new would certainly become one in the future. Effortless acting, great script and wonderful production. For sure, it would be missed by a lot of people. To the people who recreated Mara Clara, kudos! A very nice job indeed.

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  1. hedy, nice review. anyways, here's my own take on mara clara's ending. i actually watched the series in full.

    hope you like it.



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