Wednesday, June 1, 2011


There was a time when people specially in the Philippines were so addicted with Friendster and that every person maintains one account for them to get in touch with friends, families, former classmates and office mates.

Some even used Friendster to gain new friends, to find lovelife, to promote a site, to sell products and even to write notes and blogs. It wasn't until a better social networking site by the name of Facebook came out that Friendster's popularity dwindled. When I saw that FB was better, I decided to shut my Friendster account down. What I missed about it is the ever so long testimonials about one person and the fact that you coudl see who viewed you or when a person last logged in. All of those and more have been part of my life once.

But now, as the site draws its doors to a close, for sure Friendster would be missed. It was once a phenomenon but now would just be a part of history.

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