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We all heard of Mariah's famous diva moment and stumble last September in Singapore and I just realized that after all these years, she's still in the biz. She might be a tad older than before but I still love her as an artist. Her songs are just wonderful and makes you wanna sing to them.

With that here is my Top 10 Mariah Carey songs through the years.

1. One Sweet Day (w/ Boyz II Men)
- This is really my favorite despite it being super sad. It sends the message across and straight to the heart. The song makes you value the people who have left you.  It reminds us to always say "I Love You" to the people we value that much coz we don't know when they'll be gone. Carey and Boyz II Men's collaboration was perfect as their voices match that well and truly gives me goosebumps.

2. We Belong Together
- One of the more successful songs of Mariah in the 2000s decade. This is not the ordinary ballad nor the whistling extravaganza Mariah usually does but this is a masterpiece. It show that true love will always find its way. This has a slight urban feel to it and sure adds another facet into Mariah's portfolio.

3. Whenever You Call (w/ Brian McKnight)
- A true love song. All I could say is this is haunting as it sends me shivers whenever I hear this song. 2 beautiful voices joined forces to give an endearing love song of commitment, care and respect. The song makes you believe that there is indeed true love. And that one person you love will always be there whenever you call.

4. My All
- This is perhaps one of oldest Mariah ballads to really hit me. This is simple message put into wonderful melody and sang effortlessly by Mariah. It is showing one's undying love towards a person telling that she'll do everything just to be with her special someone.

5. Honey
- I consider Honey as her best upbeat song to date. Even if it is released in the 90s you can still dance to its beat if you hear it today. She combines the urban feel and her vocal stunts to make this an extraordinary record. Truly a nice song you can never get tired of listening.

6. Vision Of Love
- It all started with this song. This is her official debut single and what a way to start a career. Her five-octave range was first showcased in here together with her trademark whistlings. When this single was released it was obvious that a star was born. The power of this song was further proven after she won a Grammy for this one.

7. Hero
- Mariah's "Hero" is one that people mostly relate to. It is a song that embodies hope and trust. When we feel distressed in our lives, we sometimes look for people who could be our heroes and save us from the troubles we're facing but this song tells us just to believe in ourselves and see the hero inside all of us.

8. Always Be My Baby
- The greatness of this song can be further attested with several versions already done by different artists. And who could blame them? This is a feel good song of one's undying affection with a person. Hmmm. I remember a friend who has this a theme song for his former loved one. Truly a wonder.

9. Angels Cry (w/ Ne-yo)
- I liked the solo version but the duet version was off the hook. Of all the songs Mariah released in her recent album, this is the best in my opinion. She got back to her roots of doing ballads and making wonderful collborations. Mariah and Ne-yo sure makes wonderful music together.

10. Through The Rain
- After constant battles in her life, Mariah released a very personal song in "Through The Rain". Everyone could relate to the message of this song. Just keep on hanging on and the storms will pass. We all have troubles in life but with faith and strength to survive, we'll all make it through the rain.

There are so many Mariah songs and I could say a lot of them are extremely beautiful but the 10 songs I have listed above are just my personal favorites and truly are masterpieces in their own ways.

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