Sunday, June 12, 2011


This movie review might come in a bit late already because I was actually not able to catch this in cinemas that quick. But this warrants a review for all others who have not watched this film yet. "Priest" takes us to a different world where the church is the core of the society. People are believing them because they were able to protect them through the priests. The priests battle the vampires and have put them into place. But after seeing that the weaponry the church created is a threat, all priests were banished and just became mere parts of the society.

Conflicts arise when a new breed of vampires capture the lead priest;s daughter. Then the story just kicked into a different gear. The action sequences were wicked and Paul Bettany was convincing as the priest. Cam Cigadnet playing Hicks was also a good addition to the film showing that even ordinary people can have the courage to protect their loved ones. And with Maggie Q around, the movie just mad kicking ass much more sexy. Aside from the fight sequences, the film's cinematography is one to be praised. The effects were not superb but still commendable. The storyline might be quite familiar but still it did justice to the entire film. By the ending of the film, it seems a sequel was thought of but with a lousy box office return, this might not push through.

Still, I was entertained. A 4 out of 5 popcorns.

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