Monday, June 6, 2011


The 2011 NBA Finals is one of the most anticipated game events this month. And though the teams I love are out, (I love Lakers, Spurs and Bulls) the two teams that are in this year's finals are no pushovers for the title.

Dallas Mavericks are the West champions and I think everyone will agree that the Mavs are one of the more consistent teams for the past few years in NBA. I thought they will go out early specially with the Lakers on their path to the playoffs. But man they did play well as a team as they trashed LA in 4 games. One big person has actually made its presence felt with the Mavs and that is Dirk Nowitzki. But as good as he may be, the Mavericks would certainly won't win with just him doing the job. The rest of his team mates should be doing their share as well to challenge the strong line-up of the Heat.

Miami Heat was one of the stronger teams on paper when this season started and while I was rooting for Bulls to win the Eastern championship, the Heat winning it was still a good one. All eyes are now focused on Lebron James, touted by many as the best player without a Championship ring. Will he be able to take a crown this time around? The good thing is that Heat line-up is a strong and deep one with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

My money's on the Heat winning this year's championship. In 6 games!

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