Monday, October 10, 2011


2011 saw a barrage of indie films make if somehow into the mainstream, thanks to big names lending their acting chops to these indies which somehow makes it a commercial success as well. One of the better indie films to be released this year is the comedy "Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington". What makes this film different is the approach. Unlike most mainstream movies, Zombadings attacks the stories in a different way. Director Jade Castro makes an ingenuine turn in making a film about homosexuality and attacking the main points of society in a funny and even horror kind of way. The message was sent across while not generally insulting or hitting those conservatives out there.

Aside for the funny side of this film, it also stands out in terms of story delivery. The cohesiveness of each scene and how each plot was carefully tied to each other was one to really appreciate. The casting choices were impeccable. Lead actor Remington played by Martin Escudero was a complete revelation. He brings the character to life combining the innocence and curiosity of a young man who is suddenly trapped into a tough decision of accepting being gay or not. His comedic timing was just brilliant as he changes characters with ease from being a man to a confused gay young guy. His acting was not forced or overdone. He was just a sight to behold and really Zombadings took out the best in him.

Aside from Martin, the support cast was just stellar. Notable ones are from John Regala, Daniel Fernando and Leandro Baldemor who portrayed machismo to a different level yet somehow showing that straight guys do have ill feelings with the 3rd sex. John Regala also was just exquisite with his last scenes in the movie showing us his versatility as an actor. Roderick Paulate is again at his best. With his stature as one of the better gay-playing actors in the biz, he has once again showed that he truly is one of the best there is. His mere screen presence elicited laughs among audiences. It is an effortless acting and wonderful portrayal of a role. Another big revelation was Kerbie Zamora who plays Remington's love interest as he try to discover himself. He delivered well in portraying a manly role with emotions and realness. And who could not remember Eugene Domingo. She was just a marvel to watch and as usual provided much of the laughters for the film. Even without saying anything and just staring at blankness, Domingo has funny written all over her.

What I do applaud in this movie is that there were several scenes that one could remember and somehow could relate. The sweetness and youthful emotions portrayed in the "tree-sitting" scene with Marting and Kerbie was just so sweet and pure. The "hagdanan" scene with these 2 were on the other hand intense yet not looking awkward. The combination of emotions in that scene relates to a lot of people who want things yet try to resist them because of several notions from the public. Eugene Domingo's scene with the roller skates was just hilarious and simply great.

Zombadings is a one-of-a-kind film. In this age where we almost automatically get the normal stories in movies, it is truly a breath of fresh air. Save for the last few scenes where the comedic content somehow dropped, it still is a great movie of realization and self-discovery. It also attacks social awareness and acceptance in a subtle yet compelling way. Definitely a 5 out of 5 popcorns.

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