Monday, October 3, 2011


Yehey! Yup, I am getting another year older and yes I am officially 28 years old already. The past month may have been quite rocky but I am welcoming my brand new year with a smile - hoping that things would just be better. I have been through quite a lot and for sure, I'll be up for more on the years to come. I am not just gonna stop here and be contended. My life is a continuous journey and for sure, I would be only get more and more.

I have several wishes for my birthday and here they are in accordance to my desires:
1. Hope the tears would be minimized. Too tired of crying and my eyes turn bloody hell afterwards.
2. Hope for blessings to my mother. I love my mom so much as she is the only one left of me after my dad died earlier this year. Mahal na mahal kita nanay!
3. Hope for all the best for my sisters, pamangkins and bayaws. They made me cry when I called them yesterday. I love them so much and one thing's for sure - after all these storms, i will get back to all of you what you have all given unconditionally.
4. Hope for happiness with my second family - my bestfriend and his family who has been with me the past 2 years during my recovery. Love you all!
5. Hope for a more stable career. Hope I can find a really good job that would make me stay for good and make me realize my dreams which were temporarily halted after my health worries.
6. Hope for better health, not just for me but for all my loved ones.
7. Hope for reconnected ties with friends and keep growing my network as well.
8. Hope for lovelife - i have been searching for one for quite some time now. Wala pa lang talagang nagkakamali. Hehehe...
9. And of course, WORLD PEACE. Hahahaha! (Pang Miss Universe lang)

Salamat sa mga nag greet na! Sa mga hindi pa, me time pa para humabol. Pwede rin namang magbigay ng regalo. Bibigyan ko kayo ng tribute after ng araw na to. Baka kasi me mga humabol pa later. Hehehehe.

Salamat sa lahat!

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