Monday, October 10, 2011


It was one of my newest guilty pleasures in TV and I was more than excited to know that ABS-CBN has gotten the rights for the franchise of "The Voice". I hope it would be as exciting and intense as the US version. I have been a big fan of US The Voice.

The concept was really wonderful focusing more on the vocal chops of the contestants. 4 judges listen to the artists auditioning and decides whether they want that singer into their team by pressing their buttons and saying "I Want You!" to the singers. The US version of "The Voice" has 4 brilliant judge/mentors. The funny and powerful country music icon "Blake Shelton", the diva extraordinaire "Christina Aguilera", the jazz/pop chart-topper "Cee-Lo Green" and of course hottie Maroon 5 frontman "Adam Levine".

The last season saw one great talent emerge as winner - Javier. For those who may have thought of him as someone familiar, he has released one great song before - "Crazy". Well, the drama and fun of "The Voice" is truly something great! Now I wonder who will be the judges in the Philippine version. :)

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