Saturday, March 31, 2012


As I have told in the start of the year, 2012 would be my "coming of age" period. I have decided to really put focus on fitness and looking good. And I have started the year right by getting back to the gym. So far since January, I have lost 10+ kilos already and have noticed considerable changes in my body. Now I am able to wear my old pants and some of my pants are even falling off without a belt. My shirt sizes have went back to normal "medium" and even small.

It is a wonderful thing to see the changes. Aside for obvious health reasons, I am making this change to be a better me. Confidence level has certainly risen up. Couple it with my God-given talents, personality and wit and I know this would be a very wonderful year for me. This is definitely a facelift and I am up to the challenge. I am bound to change and people would be surprised of what they'll see. This is my most recent shot. :)

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