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It is December season again and it means The Metro Manila Film Festival will again be in full swing this coming Christmas Day. I usually make it a point to watch all entries in support of our local film industry. This year's entries are packed with seasoned veterans of the filmfest and some fresh faces. The genre of the movies are again a mixed one to better cater to all markets. I guess for a long time only action films are amiss once more. But the 8 films really promise to make us smile this holiday season. Here's my take on all 8 and which ones I'll watch first. Don't worry I'll watch them all. I just have some preferences.

1. RPG Metanoia
From the first time I heard of this film, I was really excited since this is gonna be a first in the Philippine cinema - a 3D movie. I have seen the trailer and some of stills from the movie and I think this is really something to look forward to. The artwork seems sharp and some of the designs were off the hook. I'm sure a lot of kids would be pushing their parents to watch this one.

2. Ang Tanging Ina Mo Rin (Last Na 'To)
This is the third and as the title suggests, the last. And I would not want to miss it. I have watched the first 2 movies of the Tanging Ina series and all I could say is I really had fun with those. What makes me excited on this film is the fact that this would be a reunion of all cast except Heart. It is nice to see how each one has grown. And who could not resist the funny antics of the 2 ladies on board - Ai Ai De Las Alas and Eugene Domingo. Surely a whacked out affair.

3. Rosario
This I think would not really rake much in the box office but I believe they will lord on the awards ceremony. Not having much of the commercial appeal the rest of the entries have, what I like on this one is the big story base. Watching from the trailer, this is one good movie and Jennylyn Mercado really did extremely well. Also, from all posters of entries, I find Rosario as the most intriguing. And Albert Martinez as a director is really something.

4. Dalaw
Horror Queen of the new generation Kris Aquino is back again to make us scream. And one of my friend is working behind the scenes for this film as well. I checked on the trailer and unlike most Filipino films which gives out scares, I think the attack of Dalaw is to give us chills. And with Dondon Santos on the helm, I am expecting some breath of fresh air.

5. Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote
MMFF box office behemoths Vic Sotto and Bong Revilla in one film - WOW! This early, I believe they will lord over the box office once again. It is nice to see how the 2 worlds of Agimat and Enteng will be incorporated into one. As usual, effects and mass appeal is what will make this film stand out. And while Kristine Hermosa is out as Faye, Sam Pinto steps in.

6. Shake Rattle & Roll XII
It seems like that when MMFF hits, a Shake Rattle and Roll film is almost automatic to be one of the entries. SRR has become a part of Filipino pop culture and with its 12th edition this December I think they're not gonna stop from there. I am not getting tired of them, after all, each year, they tend to give us something to be surprised with.

7. Father Jejemon
King of Comedy Dolphy stars on this film showing that he really loves his craft and all he wants is to entertain all of us. It's interesting to see how the dynamics of the Jejemon language would be incorporated into the film specially as Pidol is on the other side of the generation.

8. Super Inday and the Golden Bibe
GMA 7 main draw Marian Rivera stars on this remake of a 1988 classic previously played by Maricel Soriano. I actually enjoy Marian more on comedies and this might just be the proof that people are waiting for since from day 1 she has been compared to the Diamond Star. A stellar support cast with Jake Cuenca, Pokwang, Vice Ganda and Jillian is also something to look forward to.

Photo Credits: Facebook Movie Pages, ABS-CBN, MMFF, GMA

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  1. Ganito rin yung blog ko, kaya lang halos walang nakasulat, puro photos and streamed videos, thanks for the montage, Merry Christmas



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