Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yes, there's a new Rihanna track busting the radios and television - and I love it. After several tracks focused on agony, anger, sadness and angst like "Russian Roulette", "Hard", "Te Amo" and "Rockstar 101"Rihanna has finally ventured back to the fun and dance hip hop/pop genre with her latest single "Who's That Chick?"

There's a lot of criticisms again from people. They say that there's no originality with Rihanna anymore as she just copies concepts from videos - notably Beyonce, Lady Gaga and now Katy Perry with her latest video. But I don't see anything wrong with that. Plus, what's more important is Rihanna is giving us music and a hot dance track that is. The video was wonderful as well. It's so colorful and fun - the way Rihanna used to and the way I want her to be. I expect this track to hit the dance floors of any bar or club and will certainly make people groove.

Who's that chick? Well, it's definitely Rihanna. She's destined to stay!

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