Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Another long overdue review but still worth the wait.
One of the most intriguing local films to come the past few weeks was arguably "The Mistress". With anothe ultra-sensitive topic on hand, the film was poised to make headlines and create buzz along the place. "The Mistress" treads a topic that is taboo to most people specifically in a Catholic intensive country as we are. IN here we meet an unassuming character Rosario or Sari (Bea Alonzo) as she is famously known who is a persona of a great lady, a loving sister, a loving granddaughter and a hard-working employee. On top of that "Sari" is a pretty girl with great dreams and good promise. But then the story takes us to a place we never thought could be. The saintly "Sari" turns out to be a mistress, the other woman, a third party.

And we thought that was just the complication but it did not stop there. She is a mistress to a relatively old guy who is an esteemed businessman Rico (Ronaldo Valdez) who is happily(?) married to Regina (Hilda Koronel). Adding more conflict is the fact that Rico is a regular client on the shop she's working as a seamstress. If that isn't enough, then there's more. Eric or "JD" (John Lloyd Cruz) enters the scene and was bedazzled by the looks of Sari and made his moves to the young girl. Little did we know that this is starting to be chaos. As worse things could happen, JD turns out to be Rico's son (actually stepson), a produce of Regina's philandering from the past. Now that was so much of a rollercoaster.

"The Mistress" was a good acting vehicle for both John Lloyd and Bea and again proves the great acting chops of Ronaldo and Hilda. Under the great helm of director Olivia Lamasan, it was a breath of great maturity for both Lloydie and Bea. They showed that they have matured and have grown in this business that they can do a powerful portrayal as what they have gave in "The Mistress". The story and the twists were commendable. The lines were again catchy and cheesy at times but it works for the audience. What makes me like this film are the realizations between the main characters - in that mistakes do happen but the good thing is people should know to accept them and just tread for the right one moving forward. I admire how strongly the idea of a mistress was tackled in the movie and was more happy that the ending was what I expected it to be. it just goes to show that another wrong could not correct the initial wrong and that sometimes painful choices have to be made for the vast majority's betterment. This one's a winner. 5 out of 5 popcorns.

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