Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The triumvirate of Kristoff, Visam and Kerwin more commonly known as VFort has soared their way to new heights after their "Take Off - The Rev Up Concert last October 6 proving that they are one of the hottest new artists for the year. After the release of their debut album "The Love Concert" with Viva Entertainment last April 2012 they have been on an upward climb already with their career.

This concert proved a lot of things and they have really unveiled a fiercer Vfort. First of all, the trio has a different bond with each other. You can see that they do not only have the working relationship established but also their friendship level up. It was actually a marvel to see three different personalities wrapped into one group and jiving really well. Visam seems to be the most free-spirited one and has "FUN" spelled over him which is really nice to watch. There is some mysteriousness with Kristoff that you want to get to know him more as there seems to be depth in his silence. And then you see Kerwin which does not only personify the hunk performer but also someone who is super dedicated on his craft. Collectively they form a good company.

The show was filled with a lot of numbers that showed their influences from Usher to Justin Timberlake to Neyo and Eminem to name a few. Each member did their memorable solos where they showed their vocal prowess and abilities. Kristoff showed off a cool and sassy dapper like image in his performance.Visam was again fun and energetic. Kerwin rewrote all meanings of sexy while providing great music and showing his rapping skills. One of the highlights for me in the show was their rendition of "Kahit Kailan" which brought goosebumps all over SM Center Stage. It was a heartfelt rendition and has shown that Vfort is not just a hot group but indeed a vocally talented one. Their dance remix of their hit "Prinsesa" was also a winner and they have constantly reminded us that they are also good dancers same as they are good singers. Their funny video sample of "Gangnam Style" was just plainly hilarious and was well applauded by their fans.

But i guess their coming of age and growth to the next level was best shown with their newest single, a cover of Pink's "Just Like A Pill". The song showed the vocal range of the guys and it was indeed a well done cover. Plus of course as their teasers have promised, the show really showcased a new Vfort - hotter, edgier, fiercer and of course sexier. Well, avid VFFs already know that they are. To VFort, more success and we your friends will continue supporting.

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