Thursday, October 18, 2012


I have been too busy at work that I have very few posts the past 3 weeks or so. But I would still post my movie reviews for some of the films that I have watched from that span of time and one of which is "Amorosa". Tagged as a "maindie" or mainstream-indie, this film is another one of those horror flicks that tend to move ground in the indie scene.

Amorosa looks promising in the trailers as it simply has some scenes that seems like could elicit loud screams or give shrills to the bones that could make one really afraid. Amorosa has a good premise and that is making a choice. The conflict arises when Angel Aquino, the lead character of the film had to make a life-changing choice that involves her 2 sons. I felt how difficult it was as Angel does a splendid job for the role. The conflict could have been heightened if it focused on that premise. But after that the film just simply circumnavigate the old tools and tricks of the Filipino horror family adding a few spins and tricks of the asian genre and borrowing some harrowing realities from foreign pictures. The focus on the relationship and the importance of making choices should have been a good platform for the film to delve upon but it was not thoroughly explored.

Angel Aquino was again stellar in her portrayal but her 2 sons were equally good as well (Enrique Gil and Martin Del Rosario). They provide a mix of youth and feisty nature that bodes well to the younger crowd/audience. Cinematography was also good and the music and background was commendable. Direk Topel Lee has a mild hit on this one. It scares you in some ways that you could never imagine. I felt like there were scenes that really frightened me and made me scream a bit. Not a bad film but definitely with a few tweaks here and there, could have been better. 3.5 out of 5 popcorns.

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