Tuesday, December 31, 2013


My family is not complete without the best nieces and nephews ever. Though hard-headed at times, these kids really have shown growth and I am sure they will grow up as very good individuals. Too bad, I lost my very young niece at a tender age (Gwyneth), we will still remember you from the bottom of our hearts.

Raisa, being the eldest of my pamangkins, you have surely grown to such a beautiful lady. Remember to always stay nice and remain as pretty as always. You will soon enter into a new chapter in your life as you go into college. Good luck and you know that our love will always be with you.

Gab, such a handsome young lad you have become and it is a wonder to watch you continuously grow. Be good and stay out of trouble. Any time you need me, I'll always be there for you. Utoy, study well and continue your greatness in sports.

Kat, so demure yet so intelligent. You are indeed one beautiful and bright young girl. Keep the love inside your heart and you will never fail. Ineng, stay happy and remember as always that we are right here for you despite your distance.

Gian, you may be the naughtiest of them all but deep inside I can feel your super sweetness. Make sure you stay courteous and nice and study well. Dream big and I know in the future you will develop into a fine lad. Enjoy being a child keep the love of your parents within you.

Gwyneth, I love you Ineng. Wherever you may be, I will always remember you. Bantayan mo tito jec ha. :)

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